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    Take this page with a grain of Salt as although I still argue for the core parts of this ideology with some differences like how I now argue for a mixed economy (not the third way bs, but like a decentralised version Corporatist/Third Positionist Syndicalism with the addition of a mutual aid market akin to either mutualism or left rothbardism)


    Rejection of Capitalism and Socialism

    Corporatism for the People, Not The State

    This is an Explanation of my form of Corporatism, which has heavy Overlap with Syndicalism and takes elements of Guild Socialism and Neocameralism, though not necessarily Socialist or Capitalist. It's different from Corporate Statism, The Nordic Model, Social Corporatism or others. It argues that the State (Central Authority) isn't a requirement for Class Collaboration, advocating for a Decentraly Planned Economy similar to Libertarian Socialism, but it also incorporates elements of Laiserr Fairre as well by allowing a stronger private sector alongside a more neuanced view of Private and Public Property, stating that an economy based on Heavy Unionisation, Christian Social Teachings, Local Economy, Tribal-like Organisation and essentially Economic Affinity groups is a good and efficient alternative to Capitalism and/or Socialism.

    Social Neocameralism?

    This is a joke term someone else made that was used to describe my beliefs of Patchwork and Corporations. However, the Corporations I ment are in the Corporatist sense, rather than a Capitalist/Corporatocratic sense unlike actual Neocameralism. I believe in heavy Unionisation alongside Distributism and encouragement to form privately owned corporations that collaborate with Unions.


    Rejection of Democracy

    I personally reject democracy as something that's pretty much a tyranny of the majority and can't represent the people on the national scale. That said, I take influence from National Integralism from the idea of allowing democracy on the local level just not at the national level, as I believe that worker and local democracy should still exist as small communities can manage themselves on direct democratic principles, I would also like to add that polls should exist to voice opinions and inform experts and voice concerns to make the technate function.

    A Non-Authoritarian Alternative to Democracy

    I'm personally not an Anarchist, but I take heavy influence from National Anarchism and Post-Civ, I believe that Centralisation should only be a way of unification, not government. And Thus, I believe in free association and Tribalism. I don't fully oppose democracy, democracy after all was created as a system for city states and political patches(Ie: Patchwork), but at a national level a Technocracy is a good alternative to a monarchy/autocracy or a democracy at a national scale, as it allows a pragmatic, non-partisan system that doesn't become a cult of personality.

    Cyberocracy for the Future

    Minimal Government Intervention









    • BasedSnowFlakeism and - Two of the most based and similar Self Insert Ideologies on this site, with the former even making me have a bit more nuance on Class Collaboration.
    • Gualguaiapathy - only good Neoliberal! Only believes in it because it's the status quo and thus it's just the way it is. I may disagree a bit with you, but I respect your philosophy.
    •  Bread and Circuses Thought - I love me some Political Satire
    • Neo-Folkarchy - pretty based and agreeable.
    • Lycanthropy - Interesting Post-postie.


    • Humanitarian Socialism - we share a good amount of things in common. But You're democratic and world federalist. So we don't agree on everything.
    • Theoanarchism - I don't know if you actually changed or not. You still act like an Inbred Racialist, but I'd say you have some good points despite having a lot of trash ones.
    • Altemism - You have pretty good takes and ones that are bellow good. I for one actually sympathise for your idea of Local Majoritarianism as it's probably the most effective form of democracy as instead of having to deal with results because a Chinese company lobbied, instead it's the locals deciding local things. Isolationism is also decent. Though I have a gripe with Religious Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - You're Alright.
    •  Niiloism - At least it's Satire, plus the YouTuber who Inspired this Ideology is Really Funny. But the Ideology itself is unironic Red Himmlerism
    •  Jadedism - Syncretism, Anti-Neoliberalism and Non-interventionism are good. But I disagree with your Russophilia and more State Driven System.
    • Ilunaticism - SocDem, but kinda cooler also this ideology name sounds like Illuminatism, which is based and MLGpilled


    • Brazilian Liberalism - Neolibtard №68420. You're Culturally quite decent and i respect your takes on it. But Authoritarian Democracy is literally my opposite, as it's both inefficient and coercive compared to a Technocracy/Cyberocracy that only serves the purpose of Stability.
    • Terekhofism - Wow, thant's the weirdest ML I have ever seen in my life... BUT REACTIONARY PROGRESSIVE GANG, URAAAAAAAAAAAA
    • Danielism - Cool guy, just I think that your beliefs are kinda scary.
    • Quarkism - What is here to say, not only you're completely insufferable, but you can't tolerate any beliefs that isn't ThEsToRyGoEsLiKeThIsEaRtHiScApTuReDbYaTeChNoCaPiTaLsInGuLaRiTyBlAhBlAhBlAhism. Also you're somehow a degenerate despite claiming to be AroAce.
    • Vichy-Germanism - That's Something.
    • Midwestern Ba'athism - Only in Ohio (but literally) 💀
    • Esaism -

    But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.


    Favourite Quotes

    • "I am an anarch – not because I despise authority, but because I need it. Likewise, I am not a nonbeliever, but a man who demands something worth believing in." - Ernst Jünger
    • "Here we should also caution against the opposite idea—that is, of starting with the danger. Aiming simply to become more dangerous than one’s feared opponent leads to no solution—this is the classic relationship between reds and whites, reds and reds, and tomorrow perhaps between whites and non-whites. Terror is a fire that wants to consume the whole world. All the while the fears multiply and diversify. The ruler by calling proves himself such by ending the terror. It is the person who has first conquered his own fear." - Ernst Jünger
    • "As I see it, there are two ways you can believe in democracy. One, you can believe in democracy as an end—that is, as a goal which is good in and of itself. Two, you can believe in democracy as a mechanism by which some other goal can be achieved.
    • If you believe in democracy as an end in itself, I really cannot help you. You might as well believe in, say, water polo, as an end in itself. It is impossible to reason about ethical axioms.
    • I think most sensible people who believe in democracy see it as a mechanism. Or more precisely, as a remedy." - Curtis Yarvin aka "Mencius Moldbug


    • Yo it’s me BasedSnowFlake, do you have Reddit?
      • - no, but thanks for asking.
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - can you add me?
      • - ok
    • BasedSnowFlakeism add me!
    • Humanitarian Socialism — Hello. I am sorry for so rudely editing your page and adding comments sections, but I just couldn't find the way to contact you (I couldn't add you in Discord, for some reason). I wanted to ask if I could rewrite the page you created, Democratic Feudalism. Again, sorry if I may seem rude for editing your page. (Also, would like to contact you somewhere else).
    • Terekhofism add me pleace to relationships. I will add you back.
      • - ogey
    • Theoanarchism - Add
      • - kkk
    • Altemism - Add
      • - k
    • Theoanarchism - holy shit that was the most schizophrenic thing i ever read. post-mutualism? are you well? market anarchism has been a thing for like centuries dude stop calling things shitty ideologies made up by pcb posties. i'm gonna ignore most of this except for:

    A. there is little to no evidence supporting the black egyptian thing, it's like calling the roman emperor Severus black because he was born in africa.

    • - Ok, that's a fair point and yes, it's stupid and somewhat racist to say that African = black, but still my point stands, because Egyptians are non-white, even if non-white ≠ black.

    B. I never said shit about the Chinese.

    • - I know.

    C. "Racial indigenous" is not a term used by anybody. Indigenous means people native to their soil.

    • - I was specifically Reffering to Native Americans

    D. Turks aren't white, they're... turkic, it's pretty simple dude. "Caucasus" isn't a race, the region is inhabited by people of various racial groups. Berbers didn't stop being considered white, afrocentrists just like to spin that north africa is black/arab only.

    • - I know that Caucasus is a region rather than a race, but Caucasoid is a race(y'know Europeans/Whites), and yes Not all Africans are black or middle eastern, because that is like saying all Asians are yellow or Central Asian, I know Malagasies are South East Asian and White South Africans are well White, and that's ok, but besides how can you shit on Arabs but then consider Berbers white? Oh, I also forgot about the bit that when I said Turks I meant Turkish, not Turkic

    E. I never opposed manifest destiny or claimed to oppose it. I'm a fucking Frontierist dumbass.

    • - I remember that when I asked you, do you support Manifest Destiny and you said no.

    F. To be clear I think more than Anglos came from Israel, that includes the Nordic peoples.

    • - I very much disagree with that, White People themselves are from the Western/European part of the Eurasian Steppe. And saying some Schitzo deal on how whites are gods chosen people isn't at all different from saying that Whites are tiny little shits created by Yakub after he got bullied by Historically Inaccurate Netflix Adaptation Egyptians for having a massive head.

    G. Also you are actually mentally deficient if you think "SJW" applies to me. I don't give a shit about social justice or equality and i equally don't give a shit about "we must conserve da traditions..." (a meaningless statement). I care about my race first and foremost, not petty cultural infighting

    • - TBH, the term SJW is meaningless and can mean everything from a twitter radlib, to a "progressive" tankie to a manager of a company on June. But that's beside the point, you're pretty much a Pink Dobrovolskist with slightly different economics and views on religion
    • Please add me
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    •  Niiloism - Add?
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    •  Bread and Circuses Thought - Add me?
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    •  Jadedism - Hey there, I added you to my page a while back, mind adding me to yours?
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    • Vichy-Germanism - Add me
      • - alright.
        • Vichy-Germanism What is "That's Something" Supposed to mean?😭
          • - The Ideology is unique even if definitely not agreeable Besides, it's better than making a joke about Gypsies
    • Neo-Folkarchy - add me
      • - sure.
    • ILunaticism - add me
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    • Lycanthropy - Add me.
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    • Esaism - Add me pls.
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