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    Phanpite Corruptionism

    Phanpite Corruptionism is on the Satire-Staticness side of the File:ExistentialistCompassIcon.png Existentialist Compass, also known as Post-Irony. Once a normal File:Moncom.png Monarcho-Socialist, after extensively memeing Stirner and Egoism.png Egoism he has landed on himself a curse. While he currently distances himself from egoism by memeing, the Egoism is slowly taking him over, when the take over reaches 100%, his ego is replaced by that of Max Stirner, who wants to rid the worlds of all spooks in anyway possible, even the annihalition of the universe.

    Phanpite Corruptionism is considered Satire-Staticness/Post-Ironic in two different ways:

    • He follows an ideology, Monarcho-Socialism, which most people consider a joke, unironically
    • He jokes about egoist principles, which are slowly but surely becoming less and less ironic

    As of now, Stirner has already taken over the ego of one individual, this is confirmed by this tweet from their twitter account, during the time Max Stirner has actually changed the name and avatar of the account. Though now everything has changed back to normalcy. It is considered a minor-tumor-event by the Foundation, further investigation is underway.

    How to draw

    1. Draw Monsocball
    2. Slowly consume it with Egoism
    3. Done!


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