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    "People can really believe anything these days!" - Ismism
    This page is meant to represent ImperiousViktus's political views. Please do not make any major edits without their permission.

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    Sometimes democracy must be bathed in blood.
    -Augusto Pinochet

    For other uses, see Exterminationism.

    Petrovianism, also known as the Petrovian System is a culturally far-right, Authoritarian, Semi-Spiritualistic, Ultranationalist ideology that idolizes (Occasionally worships) Pinochet.pngAugusto Pinochet. Petrovianism usually practices Christianity and pictures Leftists (mostly Ormarxf.png Marxists) as demonic and finds enjoyment in their suffering and torment; occasionally preaching genocide, and believes that the more Marxists are killed, tortured, sent into perpetual slavery, the higher they get to divine wisdom. They believe Pinochet to be a servant of God, and that once they reach heaven, they will be judged by their loyalty to the ideals of Ultranationalism. While Petrovianism does not like the fact Pinochet was not of American Ancestry, an exception is made due to the American Government supporting his coup.

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    Petrovianism prides itself on its devotion to anti-communism, believing itself to be a near-impossible solution to a growing problem; even Petrovianism itself accepts it is almost impossible for Petrovianism to thrive, however, the goal of Petrovianism is not to become a political center, the goal of Petrovianism is to attempt to inflict as much damage on communist ideals as it can and see some ideas adapt aspects of Petrovian theory. Petrovianism in its simplest is extreme Anti-Communism, to an almost religious level.


    Petrovianism follows strict Authoritarian Capitalism, the reason for this is to assure that Socialist ideals or Leftist influence are able to stay out of its market.


    A Petrovian Government would follow an Authoritarian Quasi-Autocracy, meaning that the leading individual's decisions are unmatched, but still has an internal council that assists in day-to-day administration.

    Nationalist Views

    Petrovianism calls itself a follower of Divine Nationalism, an ideal summarized to the idea that America is the divine nation, and it should be treated as the chosen nation of god, the holiest of holy lands. Furthermore, Petrovianism believes that America is the divines 2nd attempt at world perfection, and to act against America is to act against the divine. Petrovianism defies the Nationalist system, being extremely Hypernationalist and Chauvinist.

    Petrovianism and Korea

    Petrovianism is a major supporter of South Korea, admiring its former presidents Park Chung-Hee and Syngman Rhee. Petrovianism hopes its idea can spread to to South Korea if America persecutes Nationalism, and no revolt can take place.

    The Replacement

    Petrovianism believes a nation should be void of as many of its enemies as it can purge. The Replacement is such an idea; The Replacement entails the killing or forced slavery of Communists, segregation of queer individuals into housing complexes, and the overthrow of Communists in power.

    The National Order (NOPAT)

    National Order for the Preservation of American Tradition, abbreviated NOPAT, is the blanket group for all Petrovian sub-groups, it is meant to represent all Petrovian Groups.

    Petrovian Sub-Theories

    Petrovianism openly allows any individual to nitpick its ideals and use them within other ideals. It does not wish, however, to be used in any left wing ideology, as it breaks its own ideology to use it in such a way.

    International Petrovianism

    Petrovianist Rejection of National Sovereignty, also known as International Petrovianism, rejects the idea of a Sovereign nation, believing Petrovianism, and its idea of the new Capitalist world, is a natural causality of evolution and should not be concentrated to a country, but instead be spread throughout the world, this, however, is only meant to be a theory for a Phase One Petrovian Government.

    Petrovian Impasse Theory

    Petrovian Theory of Ideological Impasse theorizes that Petrovianism will reach an Impasse due do its competition with Libertarian Ideologies; to solve this, the theory suggests to create Libertarian Right ideologies similar to Petrovianism to unionize Right Wing Hypernationalism. This theory, however, violates the Five Foundations of Petrovianism.

    Impracticable Theory for Infinite Petrovianism

    Infinite Petrovianism is a theory stating that Petrovianism, especially the Capitalist ideals, are in themselves a natural state of mind and are built into humanity already; furthermore, the theory suggests the political and economical ideas proposed by Petrovianism are flexible and can be changed at any point in time. This theory ties in with Heizerism's Impasse theory and Warp Petrovianism.

    Warp Petrovianism

    Warp Petrovianism is a theory proposing Transhumanist ideas to be implemented within Petrovianist Thought; the theory also suggests that Petrovianism should warp its qualities into more of a scientific theory rather than political. This theory has been disgraced.

    Petrovianist Accelerationism

    Petrovianist Accelerationism examines Authoritarianism and suggests that a Petrovianist state should study civilians and give them jobs that would not only make them most productive but would rapidly accelerate technology. This theory has been molded into Esoteric-Petrovianism to become the main foundation for Petrovian-Secratism.

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