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    Peronist Transhumanism It is a culturally variable and economically third position ideology, combining an autocratic democratic totalitarian state with transhumanist technology. This ideology wants to turn everyone into powerful cyborgs and thus be able to form a futuristic justicialist state.

    Personality and Behavior

    Peronist transhumanism is shown as very authoritarian and strict. He likes to lead people and reinforce the army of cyborgs and also likes to shoot with his laser or shoot anyone who disobeys with his futuristic weapon.

    How to draw

    Flag of Peronist Transhumanism
    1. Draw a ball and Draw a blue line and fill the right part with the same color and the left part with white.
    2. Draw the Justicialist shield but make lines on each side of it and make it gray and add red for the watchful eye of the people and change the color of the hands to gray with lines and change the color from light blue to blue inside the shield
    3. Add a visor and set the color of the visor to orange or make a red cyborg eye with wires connecting to the right and you're done.
    4. add the characteristic cap worn by peron (optional)



    • Authoritarian Transhumanism - authoritarian+transhumanist=Based!
    • Fascist Transhumanism - You inspired me in many of my points of view and you are also a transhumanist and a good leader
    • Peronism - very good form of government and system, also my great inspiration, but you should look more towards the future and pay more attention to spending resources on technology


    • Zero Accelerationism - You are influenced by accelerationism but why are you so lazy and you don't believe that there can be a good future for humanity, besides what is that about extinction?
    • File:EsotericPeron.png Esoteric Peronism - good way to take care of the people of the degenerate guerrillas and fight them but, why do you think about the past and don't look towards the better future?


    • Luddism - disgusting regressive who hates the future, you deserve to be shot by my lazer!
    • Decelerationism - Accelerationism>Decelerationism


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