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    Peronist Animeism, also known as Weeb Peronism, is a Totalitarian.png totalitarian, Trad.png culturally far-right, and economically third position ideology which is similar to weeb fascism, only in this case, this ideology vindicates classic Peronism and seeks to expand the influence of anime in Peronism.

    Furthermore, this ideology rejects Kirchnerism, Menemism, libertarian Peronism, the revolutionary tendency and Macrism because according to him they are false Peronists and only accepts classic Peronism,Esoteric Peronism and Biondinism.


    Peronist animeism he would be portrayed as an obsessed anime watcher, constantly talking about anime and hentai. He can also be portrayed as a fan of Juan Perón and Peronism to the point of seeing him as a great and powerful person and compared to God, he also gets angry very easily when someone insults anime, Japan or Perón.

    Stylistic Notes

    He speaks Spanish, and sometimes in Japanese.




    • AnimeMarx.png Marxism-Animeism - I like that you like anime but why the hell are you a communist?
    • Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - I'm Catholic but why don't you like anime and you collaborated in favor of the overthrow of Perón in 1955?


    • Kirch.png Kirchnerism - False Peronist, degenerate!
    • Videla.png Videlaism - Degenerate that ended with Peronism, You are the worst!
    • Antijap.png Anti-Japaneseism - abomination!
    • Apolit.png Apoliticism - You don't plan to vote for Peronism, nor do you wear Girls und Panzer and K-on? Then you're just an ignorant degenerate!



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