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    Peritocracy is a non-quadrant government ideology, similar to the ideas of Technocracy . It runs on the backs of educated workers separated into the categories of Scientists, Engineers, Architects/Constructors, Educators, and Agriculturalists (Model Proposed by AI FOX ). It may also include Medics, Economicsts, and Philosophers (Model Proposed by Armando ). The Government has a selection system similar to Noocracy and Meritocracy in the sense that the only ones who make it into government positions are educated people, usually, those who have some form of high degree in education like a college degree. Finally, the government is usually Federalistic, advocating for some form of separation of power.


    The Sectors are made to prevent unneeded people from getting into the government. The idea is that, a position that that doesn't have a large impact on society shouldn't be one to consider running the government. For example, A beekeeper, though providing honey and healthy pollination, isn't someone who should run for the government as their work does not make a large impact on the society around them. On the other hand, An Architect who designs the buildings within the society they live in has a larger impact on its society and is considered more suitable to run in the government than the beekeeper.


    The Federalist ideas can range from basic democratic voting to as far as a multi-branch system. The reason Peritocracy is big on Federalism is the idea that too much power of an educated group could lead to massive problems such as unnecessary censorship, corruption, and loopholes. Peritocracy could work in a totalitarian system, but that's not what peritocracy was meant for. It is better for it to function in a federalized system to prevent ethical and efficacy issues.

    Education Requirements

    All government workers are required to have a substantial form of education. What this means is that they have to be educated beyond basic education (Like High School) such as attending and graduating from college/university. This can mostly guarantee a competent group of intelligent individuals, trusted to run the government. This also requires a decent education system, if the systems of education cannot provide good education, the system of Peritocracy will fail in the government. It is very important that the education system is efficient and useful to its population to train individuals to be more intelligent.

    AI FOX's Personal Ideas


    In my ideas, I believe a strong selection process should be made before someone gains a position within the government. I say this because some occupations may not be fit for government leadership and a selection process may be required to prevent unfit specialists from entering government positions they may not be able to handle. This may be done by evaluating the value and complication of that occupation and the requirements needed to get that occupation (Mainly the required skills, classes, and degree needed to gain the occupation). Then take the information gained from the evaluation and contrast it with the Value and complication of the government position they are trying to gain. This could be updated and refined even more by future participants. Still, in my eyes, this is a solid blueprint for the selection system needed to prevent unfit occupations from gaining unfit power.

    Armando's Personal Ideas

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