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    Perikovism is an Center-Left ideology that believes in the thoughts of Nikolav Perikov, an important character for the story of Pertvalia, a fictionary country that localizes close to Sweden, his concepts was about being equal without a strong state, more valorizaton of the working class, and more decision for its people.

    Perikovism is basically a more radical version of Social Democracy but less radical than socialism.


    We go back to 1498, in actual Pertvalia, in the City of Kalsik, in the northeast of the country, the King Ferk the III was making a trip to that city in the day of 09/16/1498, but just explain how the king was, he was an egoist-kleptocratic-monarchist, stoling the money of the state and the people and buying luxury things, all for his own ego. Now we need to know who is the main character, Nikolav Perikov wasn't born in Pertvalia but always liked that country, he started to live in the country with only 2 years old, at 13, he started to like politics, at 16, he joined the RPP (Revolutionary Party of Pertvalia), and at 20 was one of the highest members of the group. Back to the story, the King was travelling around the town, until he get shot in the chest, who killed it? the own Nikolav, but, even alot celebrated, they was worried about what would happend in the next months. 10/19/1498, in the capital, Svälko, the interin leader Kols Sweiss was making an interview, and far away from that place,Nikolav and his friend, Pictrov, made a challenge: One of them will ask something to Kols, so, Nikolav screamed: When Pertvalia will be free? (because Pertvalia was in the Swedish rule), Kols listen other thing and he says: Today. The funniest part that 5 hours later, the revolution happens and after 3 months, in 12/16/1498, Nikolav assumes the power and in 12/18/1498, Nikolav became de facto the leader, and he stayed until he's death in 1538.


    In the economic catgory, Perikovism do something different, he doesn't like the free-market idea, but, doesn't control 100% the markets, the same thing as property, people can have their own property, but, it needs to contribute with the state.


    In the Civil category, he isn't statist at all, because, supports freedom of speech, doesn't support censorship of books and (almost) other political opinions.


    In the Diplomatic category, he is open to (almost) every country, and that's what happend in the 1880s, they did a kinda "great leap foward", but modifying A LOT of stuff, like industrialization and life expectancy, and opening the borders was a big step in the proccess cause it bringed: Knowledge, products, and another country's workers, and starting to achieve another objective: Multiculturalism.


    In the Social category, Perikovism is about progress, the movement about going foward is one of the most objectives of him, they keep some traditions, but, the one of the most principal things is progress.


    In the Religion category, Perikovism isn't athiest, but, doesn't want to the religion mixtures to the government because he thinks that Religion and Politics wouldn't be good if they are mixtured


     Perikovism has a new version of him, but i will not create another page, because is basically the same thing as the original one, the only difference is that believes in democracy, not autocracy, because in the original Perikovian government, who leaders the country was Nikolav Perikov, but he obviously died, and now they (the Perikovians) support democracy.


    He is just calm and doesn't interfere in the most conflicts, but he will interfere if it feel treatned, he doesn't like   Monarchists cause... 1498 and he always critize how brutal was the King Ferk the III reign next to some.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Perikovism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it up with red.
    3. Draw a strip diagonally in the center of the ball.
    4. In the Top Left corner, draw a yellow star.
    5. Make the eyes and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Red 214,22,8 #D61608
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Yellow 255,203,33 #FFCB21



     Patriotism - Yeah! Pertvalia stronk!
     Socialism - More Equality for all, and more recognizement of the working class!
     Social Democracy - Let's don't be too extreme, cause... it didn't work really well in certain places.
     Republicanism - Anti-Monarchist and Leftist? JUST BASED


     Marxism-Leninism - Uhhh... Cool idea but why the strong state?
     Stalinism - Same as above
     Monarcho-Socialism - I liked you are socialist, but mon*rchist? Seriously?


     Monarchism - Remember 1498? HAHA, STUPID IDIOT

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