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    Pegasus Nationalism was a ideology that is based on My Little Pony : Friendship Of Magic before even Equestria was made so there is a tribe nation called Pegasopolis and it was ruled by a militarist named Commander Hurricane who has a subordinate female named Private Pansy.

    Pegasus Nationalism in the early years have Pegasus needed the food by earth ponies so they can make the sky perfect along and also Unicorn Nationalists wanted the skies to clear with the Unicorns that wanted food by the earth ponies as well but a blizzard by The Windigos have united the three tribes into a country called Equestria.

    Pegasus in modern day Equestria they are the racial middle class of society even in The Crystal Empire but they have focused their life on the clouds that they have walked on but not the Earth-Ponies & Unicorns and there is a special unit of Pegasus sky soldiers called The Wonderbots even that has a Earth-Pony in it along with the unofficial Washouts well not only that but also the Pegasus have weather factory or maybe a rainbow factory.

    There are political ideologies that are based on characters from My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic like Flash Sentry (Brony Polandism), Queen Haven (Pegasus Monarchism), Rainbow Dash (Brony Libertarianism), Rumble (Anti Cutie Markism) and many more of them.



    • Caesarism- I like wearing Roman military uniforms when ruling my tribe.
    • Harmoist Theocracy - Princess Celestia is the first Pegasus who is a type swan.
    • Equestrian Nationalism - You have created birdbaths for us after I have created you.
    • Brony Polandism - Let's do a fly by pooping on Sh!tler.
    • Stratocracy- I have watch pigeons pooping and it just likes planes dropping the bombs on their targets.
    • Feudalism- You don't need a fancy house instead you can build a nest out of sticks and mud.
    • Bronyism - My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic will give you wings but not red bull.


    • Tribalism- I like streamlined planes, streamlined trains and streamlined cars even you can search it up on the internet.
    • Ethnocracy- The Earth-Ponies & Unicorns will not put me into a bird cage unless you are trolls.


    • Harmophobia - Please don't make The Twister Movie real otherwise pain.

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