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    "Help" - Still-Being-Drawnism
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    Pediarchy is the rule of children over or rather than grownups. Support for this ideology mostly comes from children (big surprise) that hate adult authority and wish to replace their age group as the dominant authority in society.


    Pediarchy likes playing football, playing video games and to fight. It also likes dolls, taking care of animals and being polite. It does not like parents and teachers. It hates going to school. And having to eat vegetables. It would rather eat dessert. It's scared of monsters. It hates going to bed and the scariness that comes with it. It does not like to listen to parents or teachers.

    How to Draw

    File:Pediarchy flag.png
    Flag of Pediarchy

    Drawing it is simple:

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with dark cyan.
    3. Using lighter cyan, create a child silhouette holding the hand of an adult silhouette.
    4. Add a green plus (+) in the child's head and a green minus (-) in the adult's head.

    You're done.

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Darker Cyan 40, 166, 198 #28A6C6
    Lighter Cyan 124, 207, 228 #7CCFE4
    Green 8, 171, 11 #08AB0B




    • Gero.png Gerontocracy - Grandpa and Grandma!!!! Let's make food and have fun together for christmas; i've missed you. But why do you limit my rights???
    • Ageism.png Ageism - 50/50
    • Abort.png Abortionism - Stop killing me!!! But you also give me rights.


    • Adult.png Adultism - GIVE ME MY FREEDOM BACK!!!!!!
    • Parent.png Parentism - Evil dictators worse than Hitler and Stalin.


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