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    The populist party is a party running in the r/PCBA elections. It is a non-aligned centrist party that seeks to end the elites and give the power of decision to the folk and establish a wealth distribution system.





    • Popular Front - coalition between the ULC and the Catholic Party does not make any sense, if this coalition takes place it would only be an alliance between liberal left ideologies and third position without any sense. Furthermore, it would be very hypocritical to accuse the PP of being fascist for being distributist and then make a coalition with the CP, which is ntional distributist.
      • - Ignore this, we abandoned the idea of CP-ULF
    • United Leftist Coalition Party - We could’ve been great together but then you rejected us.
    • Elitism - shit
    • Pedophiles - The one above when you take off his mask
    • Neoliberalism - Dirty imperialist who wants to make foreign elites dominate our country


    • CHROMATISM - Dam, if I wasn't banned I totally would've made an ARTSOC party.
      • can you create a new account? And join us. C
        • - I'm permabanned, if I make a new account I'll just get banned again for ban evasion.
          • - why the hell did they ban you?
            • - Drew Jesus X pedophile Hitler .
    • - You guys should totally do an ARTSOC party.
    • Caressism - woa omg talk about history repeating itself, PP/Populist Party from 3 years ago reference woot wooot, whew, PCBD! polcompball democracy wiki, sure was an interesting time
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