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    Patrick thought is a page that represents the views of A dude on this place. He does not see himself as having idealistic goals and aims. As see politics as just being there to enforce Orth.png Christian morality and anything which meets that end goal to be good. For example, I would consider a Monarch.png Monarchy to be the ideal form of government, but if I could live in America with 99% Orth.png Orthodox and it was a Republicanismpix.png Republic. I would take the Republicanismpix.png Republic every time because religion matters more than the form of government. Now because my primary goal is to enforce Orth.png Christian morality, I also believe morality applies to economics just as it applies to anything else. Because of this, I see that exploitation is wrong. And price gouging is evil. The international corporation being able to destroy the local community that has existed for Centuries, and destroyed the family unit is evil. And I have no problem using the state to stop it. When it comes to an actual economics model, I find it suitable. I would say that the Nordmodel.png Nordic Model has been pretty successful. That is not to say that every moral ill in economics will be solved, because that will never exist because we live in a fallen world. When it comes to government, I believe that the rule of one to the best form of government, Because of a connection to Orth.png Orthodox Christianity and its sacraments. I would also say that Dem.png Democracy is just moral relativism applied to politics, and Republics usually follow closely behind it. Some of my general views are this I am Tradcon.png Conservative, I am Monarchist, and I like Patcon.png worker right and some welfare.

    My view



    Social Views


    What I believe United States foreign policy should be.




    Personality and Behavior


    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a light cyan inverted triangle in the center
    3. Fill the two sides with black
    4. Draw a white rose in the center
    5. Add a crown
    6. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Flag of Patrick thought
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Cyan #00B0EF 0, 176, 239
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255




    • NNGM.png New North German Model - I have nothing interesting to say.
    • Panth.png Pantheonism - Similar views on a few things just become more socially right-wing.
    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought - Your okay, but democracy never helps people just a way for the merchant class to have power over all of society.


    • TBA

    Pretty Good

    • TBA


    • TBA


    • TBA



    Test Results


    • Bernie.png File:Bernie.png
    • WWWW.png File:WWWW.png
    • EgoPatrick.png File:EgoPatrick.png
    • IllionisMon.png File:IllionisMon.png
    • H king.png File:H king.png
    • JabotiteFemale.png File:JabotiteFemale.png
    • TublerHouse.png File:TublerHouse.png
    • Postmoderntraditionalism.png File:Postmoderntraditionalism.png
    • DeprRUSEMP.png File:DeprRUSEMP.png
    • Pobedonostsev.png Pobedonostsev.png
    • Thaibrat.png File:Thaibrat.png
    • TriadismIcon.png File:TriadismIcon.png
    • PatOrth.png File:PatOrth.png
    • PatrickSoc.png file:PatrickSoc.png
    • PatrickPirate2.png File:PatrickPirate2.png
    • HuaGuo.png File:HuaGuo.png
    • Aristomon.png File:Aristomon.png
    • ConTradeUnion.png File:ConTradeUnion.png
    • ConTradeUnionTwo.png File:ConTradeUnionTwo.png
    • Sensible centerism.png File:Sensible centerism.png
    • OrthoTradcon.png



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