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    Patriarchal Clothed Female Nude Male or PatCFNM is a variant of CFNMism in which, while the girls still stay clothed, and the boys are still are expected to be nude, it changes the gender dynamic of the original from a matriarchal one, to a patriarchal one, in which the men, even if nude, are the dominant gender.

    Within this context, nudity could be seen as a right exclusive to males, while the girls are forced to wear heavy body-covering clothing, similar to muslim societies, but it could also be that nudity is used as a way of sexual intimidation to keep the girls on check, or just as a sexual fetish.



    In classical antiquity male nudity was both common and celebrated. The Olympic games featured nude men competing in front of both clothed men and women. The nude male form was exemplified in ancient art with the vast majority of Greek and Roman nudes being of men. In this instance naturism may be seen as a privilege enjoyed by men but not women. Female sexuality was often seen as a tool of seduction and suppressed.

    In more modern times, Patriarchal CFNM may be observed in South and Southeast Asia where rigid standards regarding female modesty are enforced. At the same time, lax social standards involving male nudity are often common with many religious and public events involving male nudity. On the other hand, although Patriarchal CFNM as such may no longer be observed in the Mediterranean, European science has discovered a theory that naturism is less voluntary for women than it is for men due to women being more sensitive to negative emotions like shame and disgust.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw two balls, one stacked atop each other.
    2. Fill the top ball with Blue and the bottom one with White.
    3. In the bottom ball, draw a Pink Venus symbol in the center, and add a Pink bow atop it's head.
    4. In the top ball, draw a large white triangle dividing the ball into three, and add a Green Mars symbol on it.
    5. In the lower parts of the top ball, draw a Green fig leaf.
    6. Add in the eyes (With the bottom one having eyelashes), and you're done.



    • Patriarchy - Men are the natural dominant gender, even when nude.
    • Athenian Democracy - Athletic Nude Men and Submissive Veiled Women ?, Based.
    • Roman Republicanism - An entire holiday dedicated to nude men whipping women in public ?, sign me in!!
    • Masochism - You really like getting covered in latex, don't you ?


    • CFNMism - While we both agree on who should be clothed and who not, i believe that men should still be dominant, not women.
    • CMNFism - Based gender dynamics, but you got the clothing codes mixed up.
    • Naturist Feminism - While naked women are more vulnerable than clothed ones, i believe they should best kept dressed.


    • Simpism - LMAO, imagine disrobing yourself to please women and not to assert your dominance over them!
    • Matriarchal CMNFism - My opposite, Men should not only be nude, but dominant over women, not the other way around!


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