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    Patrianovism is Trad.png Culturally Right, corporativist, Monarch.pngmonarchist , Nation.pngnationalist and Theocrat.pngreligious ideology , strongly influenced by Integral Nationalism.pngFrench and Integralismf.pngBrazilian Integralism. It is featured in monarchist brazil in the kaiserreich universe.

    They propose the idea of an Organic Empire, based of a tradional monarchy, where the monarch reigns only alongside Assemblies. It proposes a corporativist monarchist catholic state. Not be confused with Abmon.png Absolute Monarchism.


    In 1928, a group of young catholics, led by Arlindo Veiga dos Santos, fouded the Monarquist Center of Social Culture and Pátria-Nova. This group was defined by corporartivist and antiliberal monarchist thought.

    Many of this group joined the Brazilian Integralist Action, the AIB, including Arlindo Veiga. They went along with the integralists, until the republican characteristic of the Integral State. Another reason they separated , was due to the refusal of the integralists to support the Confessional State, where the State woulçd have a religion.

    In 1935, the groups name changed from Pátria-Nova, to Ação Imperial Patrianovista Brasileira. The "Imperial" shows that the movement was supported by the members of the Imperial Family.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a black ball
    2. Draw a green burgudian cross
    3. Add the Ação Orleanista Coat of arms
    4. You are done





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