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    Partiet Nyansism is the Statist, Culturally Variable and Muslim oriented ideology of the Swedish political party Partiet Nyans.

    The party's main focus is that of muslims' rights. It utilizes Pop.png Populist tactics to gain a following in the islamic community and paints the swedish government as a fundamentally RacismIcon.png Racist, Islamophobia icon.png Islamophobic and Fash.png Fascist organisation. It especially hates the Swedish social service as the party believes that it kidnaps islamic children.

    It wants to appear as a Multicult.png Multiculturalist party which wants islamic culture to coexist with swedish culture, but this stance is debatable. It can be hard to see it as accepting of swedish culture since the party has been critical of Sweden and its values.

    The party could be considered rather Sec.png Authoritarian as it wants to make it harder to criticise islam and muslims. Some laws to prevent this include making it illegal to burn the quran and to make fun of Muhammad. Just like Blm.png Black Lives Matter in America it wants to remove "problematic" statues, especially those of Lars Vilks.

    Muslims are also to become a recognized minority in Sweden with extra protection. They support race-based affirmative action, too.




    • Mach.png Machiavellianism - Me? An opportunist? No no no...
    • Islamfash.png Islamic Fascism - Bad optics, but otherwise a good friend.
    • GreenPartyicon.png Green Party - Many islamic radicals have joined your party. Too liberal, though.
    • Authprog.png Authoritarian Progressivism - Enforcing pro-immigrant and pro-tolerance policies through a big state sounds AWESOME! Although, I'm a bit sceptical of your anti-religious attitude...


    Further Information

    Nuance Party

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