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    Parasitism is an ideology believing in benefitting one individual or group at the expense of another.

    Due to having no views on the state, economics, or culture. Parasitism can be considered non-quadrant.


    Draw pale pink ball.

    Draw small crater-like structures where eyes would normally be.

    Social-Tutovism (Социал-Тутовизм)

    Ideology was created by Russian neo-Nazi activist |Maxim "Cleaver" (Тесак) Martsinkevich

    1. You shouldn't work.
    2. You shouldn't help people around.
    3. You can live only by creative, science and criminal income.
    4. You should be awake when others are sleep and reverse.
    5. You should constantly commit acts anti-society actions.
    6. You mustn't have bad habits, nothing should make you weak.
    7. You should be romantic person and live only for ideas about destruction of society.


    Parasitism is a parasite, both figuratively and literally.

    He can also be seen glomping onto other balls.


    I learn something from them

    I can live with them

    • Egoism - I like how you're focused on yourself above all else; but if you're not actively hurting others, than what's the point?
    • Communalism - Hate you on paper but love you in practice
    • Capitalism - They think I with them.
    • Communism - They think I with them.
    • Welfarism - Em... what? You don't even try to get rid of me.

    They are disturbing me

    External Links

    Parasitism: https://www.britannica.com/science/parasitism
    Lection about Social-Tutuvism (in russian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PAxfFFgaAE

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