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    Parallelism is the political philosophy of Fandom user Gfox2638. It is culturally far left, socially anarchist and economically far left. It advocates for forming dual power structures in contrast and conflict with state, as opposed to believing that an armed revolution is possible in current society. Some variants of Parallelism argue the Anarcho-Pacifist point that a revolution only places the revolutionaries at the top of a newly-created hierarchy, no matter how anarchist they might be. However, most forms of Parallelism simply do not believe a successful anarchist revolution is possible, for a variety of reasons: The State and capitalism are too powerful, an anarchist society cannot work on a global scale because including everyone in a system of communes is forceful, an anarchist society couldn't sustain itself because most people are habituated to living in a hierarchical system, and will thus use anarchy as a means to their own ends, etc...

    I changed my mind about flags. They can be used in a non-divisive context



    • Anarcho-Communism - Despite your frankly utopian view that anarchic revolution is possible, your economic and cultural opinions are the main inspirations for mine.
    • Anarchism - Death to the State!
    • Anarcha-Feminism - In any dual power structure, equality amongst the sexes must be respected.
    • Queer Anarchism - If we are to call ourselves anarchist, we cannot disregard the challenges that members of the GRSM community face, and so we must seek to create structures that include our queer comrades as much as possible.
    • Environmentalists - Our most immediate concern is to survive the imminent climate apocalypse brought upon by Capitalism.
    • Social Anarchism - Mutual Aid is the most important founding principle of dual power structures.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Too moderate and revolutionary-oriented but also hates the state and capitalism, so based.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Death to the oppressors!
    • Anationalism - Nationalism is one of the greatest societal evils besides Capitalism and the state.
    • Anarkata - The liberation of black people through revolution may never be possible, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to create structures that reject institutional racism that is inherent in the State.
    • EZLN and Rojava - This almost makes me believe revolution is possible. Almost.
    • Communalism - Based as fuck
    • Neo-Airisuism - Very based


    • Platformism - Intersting way of organizing, however you won't admit that revolution is impossible.
    • Antifa - You are only focused on the immediate goal of combatting fascism, I like that, but you also make the Left look bad.
    • Anarcho-Pacifism - You too dislike revolutionary rhetoric and practice, but violence is sometimes necessary in weakening the State
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Based progressivism, cringe authoritarianism
    • Indigenism - Indigenous liberation is important, but we need a world with no borders, and that means NO NATIONALISM. Also, I don't like how you sometimes use fascistic rhetoric.


    • Serbian Radicalism - *grabs Molotov cocktail with malicious intent*
    • Statism - Do I even have to explain?
    • Fascism - Bash the fash
    • Capitalism - Exploitative fuck
    • Technocracy - Kleptocracy with extra steps.
    • Nationalists - A clever distraction for the bourgeois to turn the proletariat against itself.
    • Marxist-Leninists - We will never align ourselves with the oppressive reactionaries that appropriated the red flag, we will only ever align ourselves with the people.
    • "Anarcho"-Capitalism - Privatized oppression is still oppression, maybe even more so than other forms.

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