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    Pantheonism is a Leftist, culturally variable, statist Ideology. It is the self-Insert ideology of the Wiki user Pantheon.

    Pantheonism seeks to unite humanity within a federal gouvernment with a Social Distributist and Guild Socialist Economy, under one crown (well technically many) and banner in order to explore and conquer the stars and to end violent conflicts on earth.


    Through the vast and dark depths of the Cosmos, there is no life known except one one planet, known as earth where a civilisation known as humanity emerged.


    Ideological summary



    • Monarcho-Socialism
    • Guildsoc.pngGuild Socialism
    • Marketsoc.pngMarket Socialism
    • Union.pngSyndicalism


    • Social Distributism
    • MonDist2.pngMonarcho-Distributism


    • Social Corporatism
      • Tripartism.pngTripartism
    • Socialist Corporatism
      • Guildsoc.pngGuild Socialism


    • World.pngGlobalism
      • Globnat.pngAlter-Globalisation
      • Cosmocracy.pngCosmocracy
        • Cosmocracy.pngAlter-Cosmocracy
        • Perphistocracy
          • Alter-Perphistocracy
      • World Federalism
        • Galactic Federalism
          • Omni Federalism


    • Constitutional Monarchism
    • Social Monarchism
    • Unimon.pngUniversal Monarchism


    • Archeofuturism

    Nationalism (kinda)

    • Modnat.pngPatriotism
    • Pan-Nationalism.pngPan-Nationalism
      • Humanismpix.pngPan-Humanism
      • Euronaticon.pngPan-Europeanism
        • European Federalism.pngEuropean Federalism
      • PanGerman.pngPan-Germanism (somewhat)
        • Pan-Nordism
      • PanAsian.pngPan-Asianism
      • Pan-Africanism
    • Indigenism


    • Progressive Conservatism
    • Civil Libertarianism


    • Progressive Conservatism


    Socialism and Marxism

    I am for Socialism because I am against Capitalism.
    Why am I against Capitalism?
    Well, a system built on infinite growth and profit cannot work in a limited world and profit alone shouldn´t be the driving factor of economics.
    Why do I reject Marxism?
    While I do recognize Marx as a great philosopher and economist I don´t identify myself as a Marxist because of several reasons:
    1. Not even Marx himself called him a Marxist, he either called himself a Scientific Socialist or a Communist.
    2. I don´t think a large scale stable moneyless and stateless society in the modern world is realistic or even desirable since a State can benefit the people through Welfare and Public works, as history has shown attempts at Anarchism/Communism usually got crushed in a few years, however there were some exeptions of such societies that had one thing in common, they were all protected by states in some way examples:
    Zapatista ("protected" by Mexico)
    Rojava (America/Syria)
    Freetown Christiania (Denmark) and many others.
    3. Marx opposed religion and thought that families will become obsolete. He also said that the workers have no fatherland, since I consider myself a patriot (but not a nationalist) I don´t agree with that and also many workers associate themselves with their home country.
    4. Inviteablity of monopolsation. While it´s true that it´s a natural tendency of Capitalism Marx seemed to see it as invitable and under Socialism the monopoly wouldn´t be abolished but simply controlled by the workers and any resistance against this monopolisation would be reactionary and he classified Petit Bourgeois Socialism as a part of reactionary Socialism in the Communist Manifesto (you could consider me as a Petit Bourgeois Socialist). That´s at least what I understood from the Communist Manifesto.
    5. Violent Revolution. Marx seemed to see a violent revolution as invitable and maybe even desirable, but I think violence should always be the last resort. Many may argue that the ruling class will never volunarily give up their power but it actually often happened in history that bloodless revolutions against a elite or a autocrat succeded if it was popular enough. I somewhat agree with the quote of J. F. K. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution invitable" though.

    My Economics

    My Economics are a mix of Social Distributism, Corporatism, Guild Socialism, Market Socialism, Georgism with elements of a Gift Economy.

    Natural resources (like Air, Land, Oil, Water, Natural gas, Minerals), infrastructure and key industries should be owned by state-owned worker-controlled guilds. Large Companies should be broken up into smaller and local ones, also every company over 50 employees (including state owned ones) should have a works council which will be elected by the Workers and represent them. Regulations should be only done if they're neccesary to protect consumers, the environment, the workers ect. These Regulations as well as some Economic planning shall be made in a process I call Coordination, it consists of agreements between multiple companies or co-ops organized into economic sectors called Corporations (by the Corporatist definitions) or Guilds with the Gouvernment and Worker/Trade Unions. Also co-ops should be encouraged. For the Gift Economy part, local Communities should practise mutual aid.

    Divide et impera in the Class war: A theory of limited Class Collaboration

    As most Socialists already know the owning class, known as the Bourgeoisie often tries to divide the Working class, usually by factors like race, nationality, income, cultural views, political opinions and gender. What many however don't seem to realize is that the Bourgeoisie is internally divided just as much. Under the Capitalist market economy the Bourgeoisie constantly has to compete with other members of their own class, both domestic as international. And here's the thing: When the Working class starts a violent revolution on their own against the owning class in it's entirity it causes them to rally together against a common enemy in an effort to preserve their wealth, property and even life and causes them to abandon their usual rivalities, then they ally with members of the working class, militant groups, foreign powers and institutions that are still loyal to them and attempt to crush the Revolution by any means neccesary. By this approach the counterrrevolutionary forces will be likely to organize a much more stable defense and be much more likely to win in open combat. Since the Bourgeoisie is usually divided, if they didn't already monopolize and cartelize the economy as a whole, why not exploit this division in favour of the Working class? I advocate for an alliace not only between the working people but also with the Petite Bourgeoisie and some of the National Bourgeoisie against the top 1%. Although allies should be picked carefully, they could try to exploit this collaboration in their favour and betray the workers when it suits them. Therefore this movement should be organized along three groups:
    Worker Organisations (like Trade Unions, Tenant Unions, Communes, Cooperatives, Parties, Worker's Guilds etc.) in which the Working class is already in control. this should be the core and leading bloc of the movement. Division is to be avoided, remember, unity is strengh.
    The Petit Bourgeoisie (small businesses, small landowners and family businesses) also known as the middle class makes up a significant part of the population in most European countries but exists in others as well. These members of Bourgeoisie often work at their own business instead of letting it be run by managers. They often have trouble competing against the High bourgeoisie. They can be good or bad allies but they're far more reliant on individual workers than the High Bourgeoisie can therefore can be influenced far more easily.
    Allied members of the Bourgeoisie (those of the Bourgeoisie with big businesses but treat their workers relatively well). Alliances with them should be only made in the short term to achieve a certain economic goal, resist a foreign invader, or drive out foreign competition. However they are the most likely to betray the working class but they can be useful in the short term.



    Views on Nationalism

    Nationalism is a double-edged sword, on one hand it can unite and liberate people, on the other it can oppress and divide them. Both on the basis of nationality. I view Culture and Language both as the defining factors of nationality in contrast to ethnicity, race and citizenship alone since Racial "science" is outdated, ethnicity is too exclusive to outsiders and can lead to disastrous events (for an example the Yugoslav wars), Citizenship is a good basis for nationality if it involves integrating into the native culture of the land, since an identity card alone doesn't automatically create a shared identity, which is neccesary for any kind of nation. I am also sceptical about the concept of souvereignity since it is often used by Autocratic leaders as an excuse to justify their human rights violations or by Anti-Environmentalists that want to harm nature. Seperatists are often hypocrites that want their nation to be independent but at the same time they usually deny independence to national identities within their land and also often ally with countries that supress certain independence movements.

    How to achieve World Federalism

    I suggest World Federalism shall be done in a gradual approach, it begins with supporting Pan-Nationalist movements (Pan-Africanism, Pan-Europeanism, Pan-Asianism and Pan-Americanism for an example) that seek to unite with their neighbors, so that there are less and less states to the point where all countries unite, of course there would be some countries that likely wouldn't be willing to unite but they should be left alone for the most part. Also meanwhile a World Parliament should be established within the United Nations Organisation which would be granted more and more power over it. Also the Security Council should be abolished (a veto either for everyone or no one).


    Cellular Democracy

    My ideal government structure is a Cellular Democracy in which society would be organised bottom-up by a decentralized council/assembly structure. The Councils will need the consent of their respective Parliament to implement a law.

    Communal Council

    The Communal assembly is responsible for adminstrating the Commune and they elect a delegate to the District council or the Village consort depending if you live in a urban or a rual area.

    District Council/Village Consort

    The district council will administer the district and elect a delegate for the Senate of the Muncipality. While the Village Consort will do the same in a village.

    Municipal Senate

    The Municipal Senate is responsible for administrating the City, the Senate will elect a delegate for the provincial/regional gouvernment.

    Regional Gouvernment

    The Regional Gouvernment will take care of regional affairs and elect a delegate for the National gouvernment.

    National Gouvernment

    The National Gouvernment is responsible for national issues and will elect a delegate for the Supreme Senate

    Supreme Senate

    The Supreme Senate serves as the middle Chamber of the World Gouvernment.


    Now this might bring the problem that at a certain level the averange person wouldn't have any say in decisions and would be gouverned by representatives of representatives of representatives etc. which is why the should be a muncipal, regional, national and global parliament which would be elected by the people in a representative manner, with the Parliaments needing to approve decisions of the councils and the Parliament has the ability to veto decisions of the executive with a 2/3 majority.

    Prime Minister/Chancellor

    The Prime Minister, who is nominated by the Parliament and formally appointed by the Monarch acts as the head of Gouvernment and therefore also the Parliament. He is responsible for leading the day-to-day buissness in the Gouvernment.

    Guild Chambers

    I propose adding a third layer of legislature which consists of Chambers, made up of professional associations called Guilds which are meant to make sure that the decisions of councils and parliament are based on expertise, merit and consensus of those affected, therefore they have the power to veto the decisions of both. But generally the chambers are meant to deal with their respective affairs. These Chambers would include:

    • Chamber of Agricultural Workmen
    • Chamber of Small Landowners
    • Chamber of Agriculture
    • Chamber of Agronomes
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Chamber of Industry
    • Chamber of Co-operation
    • Chamber of Dairy-masters
    • Chamber of Engineering
    • Chamber of Fishery
    • Chamber of Handicraft
    • Chamber of Household
    • Chamber of Pharmacists
    • Chamber of Physicians
    • Chamber of Teachers
    • Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons
    • Chamber of Navigation
    • Chamber of Knowledge
    • Spacing Guild

    And many more...

    Imperative Mandate

    Furthermore all representatives and delegates should be subject to an imperative mandate mandate which means they can be recalled by those that elected them.



    My most controversial opinion on this matter is my support for Constitutional Monarchy because I believe that a ruler who was raised from birth to rule and rules for lifetime or until abdication could be beneficial in certain limits, set by the constitution and ideally serve as an unifing figure for the people, however, I wouldn't necessarily mandate a Monarchy for all member states of the Global Federation.

    Universal Monarchy

    The ruler of my ideal society shall be known as "the ruler over everything and nothing". Everything because he is nominally the souvereign of the entire Universe and nothing because almost all decisions are delegated to local authorities For the Supreme Emperor I propose an elective Monarchy in which the candidate, who is nominated by the Nobility for the office of the Supreme Emperor needs to be approved first by the majority of the Supreme Senatorial Council (the highest organ of the Cellular Council Democracy), and by a majority of the Global Parliament (aka. Planetary assembly) (if they fail to agree on a candidate within a month they won't get payed anymore.)

    The powers and responsibilites of the Monarch

    The monarch’s core constitutional powers and duties should include: Appointment of the prime minister and ministers Calling and dissolution of parliament; calling new elections Promulgation of laws (including the right to veto) Be commander in chief of the armed forces Lead coalition negotiations as a neutral arbiter Hold weekly meetings with the government and/or prime minister Formally appoint officers, high ranking civil servants and judges Act as a general moderator of the state institutions and government Be the nation’s chief diplomat and symbol abroad Be a unifying and neutral symbol at home, a representation of the nation.

    What if the Monarch is rubbish?

    If a Monarch is not able or not willing to fullfill his duties his power can be limited up to the point of a purely ceremonial figure. If the Monarch truly acts in a tyrannical manner, the people should have the right to depose him and replace him with someone they see more fit to rule. On the other hand it's important to make sure that not some demagogic revolutionary tyrant comes to power with even more opression than the former ruler. Therefore it's important to teach the people the value of liberty and implement a defensive Democracy.


    The International Court of Justice would act as the World court also and be responsible for interpreting if laws are constitutional or not.

    Auditory Commission

    Civil Examination Commission





    Land Tax

    There should be a progressive tithe tax on land (minimum 0.1%, maximum 5%). The tax incomes will be used to fund local gouvernments, housing and infrastructure construction, as well as certain welfare programms.

    Wealth Tax

    There should be wealth tax of an annual 1% of total wealth of persons that have more than 1055450 US Dollar (I am using this amount because that's 1000000 Euros and I live in Europe). This would be used to fund an Universal Basic Income.



    Ideally every single town should not only be self-gouverning but also self-sufficent so they don't have to be dependent on others and can survive crisises much more easy.


    Usually a calm and friendly guy, although sometimes he can provoke others or get triggered because of things he doesn't likes. He's a devout Pagan but doesn't tries to enforce his religion on others but gets very mad when others want to force their religion on him. He often calls Fascists bundles of sticks. And is a secret Estonian Chauvinist.




    • SocDist.pngSocial Distributism - Based Economics!
    • Neotribe.pngNeotribalism - I agree with you that Tribal communities are generally better than mass society, but I am not the biggest fan of Neo-modernism
    • Space.pngGalacticism - I like your spirit.
    • Tau'vaicon.png Tau'va - FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
    • Col.png Collectivism - He gets it. You scare me sometimes...
    • CultComm.png Cult Communalism - W E A R E T H E P U R E O N E S
    • Zelensky.png Zelenskyism - Слава Україні!
    • Icon6.png Monarcho-Technocracy - Not bad, not bad...
    • Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism - Biji Rojava! I heard you did some war crimes though
    • World Federalism2.png World Federalism - United we stand, divided we fall!
    • Globnat.png Alter-Globalization - This is what I call true International Solidarity!
    • Humanismpix.png Humanism - HUMAN PRIDE WORLDWIDE!
    • Prout.png Proutism - You're really close to my ideas!
    • Social corpratism.pngSocial Corporatism - Konzertierte Aktion goes brrrr.
    • Guildsoc.pngGuild Socialism - Bring back the Guilds! Stop hating on worker's Councils and Unions though
    • Marketsoc.pngMarket Socialism - I love Co-ops! Also a market economy can be quite efficent.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - Soooolidarity forever, for the Union makes us strong!
    • GeoSynd.png Geosyndicalism - Tenant Unions are BASED! But why do you hate Monarchism so much?
    • Georgist.png Georgism - Tax Land! But Capitalism is Cringe... you're one of the most tolerable Capitalists though. But are you really sure about unrestricted trade? Why do I even call myself a Georgist?
    • Orlib.png Ordoliberalism - You might be a Neoliberal but German Neoliberalism is best Neoliberalism!
    • Socliber.png Social Libertarianism - You may be Capitalist, but you're pretty based most of the time.
    • Monarch.pngMonarchism - Wir wolln' unsren alten Kaiser Wilhelm wiederham, wir wollen unsren alten Kaiser Wilhelm wiederham, aber den mit dem Bart, mit dem langen Bart.
    • Conmon.pngConstitutional Monarchism - A proper mixed form of Gouvernment.
    • Monsoc.pngMonarcho-Socialism - Workers of the World, embrace Monarchy!
    • Intercult.pngInterculturalism - Integrating Immigrants into our culture is BASED! But we should put effort into preserving cultures that are native to our lands though.
    • Native.pngIndigenism - Native Rights are Human Rights!
    • Populare.png Populareism - Land to the poor and civilisation to barbarians!
    • Protect.png Protectionism - Buy local, becuz ya gotta P R O T E C C but some trade wouldn't hurt, don't you think?
    • Bernst.pngReformist Marxism - I think you're my favorite Marxist and I agree with you on a lot, the Communist Party of Japan seems to be pretty based too! I also share Bernstein's opinion on Imperialism.
    • Afrsoc.pngAfrican Socialism - It's a shame how many of you ended up.
    • Agsoc.png Agrarian Socialism - Farmers rise up! The peasantry is just as important for a country as the industrial workers.
    • Minsocf.png Minarcho-Socialism - Pretty good.
    • Progress.png Progressivism - You're pretty chill most of the time, just stay away from SJW.pngTwittard.pngUltraprogressivism.pngMao.pngStatlib.pngPinkcap.pngJacobin.pngthese people


    • Rural.png Ruralism - I don't mind you but Cities are important, y'know?
    • Pahlavi.png Pahlavism - While I see you as a net positive you still were too Authoritarian and did you really have to support Pakistan back then in 1971? Anyways you're still way more preferable to the current Reactionary Republic and I hope Reza Pahlavi will reclaim his throne someday, Javid Shah!




    • Tomassciism-icon.png Tomassciism - Ayyy, fellow Pagan leftie! We actually have lot in common and you even somewhat influenced me a few years ago, when I first visited the Anarchy Wiki.
    • Saoirseism - Another one! I like you (but I am sceptical about Theocracy).
    • Addycakesball Thought - Somehow this seems like a strawman of my Ideology... But it seems we agree on a lot of things. But why do you hate Penguins? And why are you Absolutist?
      • Addycakesball Thought: Reddit was brainwashing me into hating them...
        • Panth.pngPantheonism - lul wut XD. Anyways could you add me to your relations?
          • Addycakesball Thought: Yes, plus I don't hate penguins anymore. XD
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - Overall based Economics, Anarchism is meh and hating on Orwell for snitching on Stalinists is cringe what do you mean he also put Civil rights activists and Homosexuals on his list?. But you're generally a good person, so you end up here.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - We agree on almost everything.
    • Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism - Based Guild Socialism and Progressive Conservatism, but I think you hate Reformists too much.
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe - I agree with many of your ideas but I am not interested in abolishing inheiritance. And invading Israel is a really stupid idea.
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - He's a guy who I get along well and we share some ideas.
    • Silasicon.png Sílas Carrasco Thought - Mmmm, not bad. I agree with a lot of your ideas but you're a tad too Fundamentalist to me.
    • Profectism - Interesting.
    • BasedMan.png BasedManism - Not a fan of Egoism but I respect your Esotericism and your vast knowledge on Philosophy.
    • CoMiIcon.png Council Minarchism - I do wonder how you can be a Capitalist and a Socialist at the same time.
    • File:Celfloskyism.png Celfloskyism - Very based.


    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - I disagree with some of your ideas (Anti-Zionism, children at pride etc.) but I can see that you're a true American Patriot.
    • Syntridem2.png Applethesky2021 - While there's not too much bad stuff in your Ideology you're still a bit too Authoritarian to me and you're a staunch Natioanlist also Biji Rojava, Biji Kurdistan! Ey, Reqîp! Her mawe qewmî kurdziman, naysikênê danerî topî zeman.
    • Ethwelball.png Ethnic Welfarism - A lot of your ideas are nice but Ethnostates are cringe.
    • Xirlan-alt.png - Some ideas of yours are quite well, but you're still to Capitalist for me and too Reactionary.
    • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - You might be a fellow Technoprimitivist and Socialist but Egoism and especially being against Civilisation as a whole is cringe.
    • Vermaatism2.png
      - Egh, I don't exactly know what to think of you but you seem somewhat cringe unfortunally.
    • Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought - The Seperatism is pretty much the worst part of your ideology imo. Don't you realize that unity is a good thing, which creates peace and prosperity? But your economics and cultural takes are overall based.
    • Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism I dislike Egoism and Ultraprogressivism, but you're a fellow Vaush enjoyer.
    • File:Neo-ArctoismIcon.png Neo-Arctoism - Your Ideology is overall a mixed bag in my eyes and I think you were better when you still were a leftist. But you still have some based ideas.


    • Casagonism2.png
      - Despite a few based views you're still a Reactionary Fascist.
    • Pixil-frame-0(16).png Reactionary-Cheesenism - An Islamic Unitarist Fascist? Oh no...
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - You have some based opinions but I just realized you're a literal Nazi and as a German I can't tolerate such shit.
    • Cantonjack.png Cantonese Montagnardism Cantonsam.png - Totalitarian freak! Ugh, I am not someone who usually advocates for violence but you make me think that the Thermidorians didn't go far enough...
      • Cantonese Montagnardism: Lmao cope and seethe monarkiddie, also I may be turning egoist and I'm not too deeply into the guillotine stuff lol. think of it as a Gorbachev life-stage
        • Panth.png Pantheonism - You'll fall victim to the Great Replacement as well? WHEN DOES THE TERROR END?
    • Implianium - Tyrannical Degeneracy. You're mad!
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - You claim to support Pan-Asianism yet you also support Sinophobia, curious.
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - I am not crazy! I know he stole those coconuts. I knew it was Fat Ian. Coercion after the plane crashed. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He covered his tracks, he got SakeTanuki to donate to him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This Vaushite? He's done worse. That Tactical N word! Are you telling me that a man just happens to use the hard r like that? No! He orchestrated it! IrishLaddie! He had sex with a horse! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own debate panel! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was 9, always the same! Couldn't stop being homophobic to that one annoying kid! But not our Vaush! Couldn't be precious Vaush! Stealing them coconuts blind! And HE gets to be a leftist? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! Him? You think the... Coconut Man? What a joke. The CIA has been paying me for years -- years. But you know what? I would've said it hard R for free, because I hate every last one of you Twitter Leftist sacks of shit. I told JK Rowling to shut up. And I would do it again. And I'm glad Keffals ratio'd her. She's a soulless Terf. And I wish I told Biden about this malarkey. And you know what else, Trump? I put you out of that office. Oh, yeah. Your Georgia votes? I rigged the entire election. You were dead and buried, and I had to watch this Capitol Riot try to bring you back. So when you are sitting in your shitty golfing course, and you're suckin' down on my desert island coconuts night after night for the rest of your life, you think of IrishLaddie, you orange fuck!

    I was only 9 years old. I loved Vaush so much. I had all the merchandise and VODs. I’d pray to Vaush every night before I go to bed, thanking for the life I've been given. “Vaush is love”, I would say, “Vaush is life”. My dad hears me and calls me a liberal. I knew he was just jealous for my devotion to Vaush. I called him a tankie. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying now and my face hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. it's Vaush! I'm so happy. He whispers in my ear, “Marx was a liberal.” He grabs me with his powerful streamer hands and puts me on my back. I mentally prepare for his interrogation. He asks me, “Are you aware…of Alden's number” The question hurts so much, but I answer it for Vaush. I answer, “I believe so.” he roars a mighty roar, as he screams the N-word. My dad walks in. Vaush looks him straight in the eye, and says, “It's all theory now”. Vaush fucks my dad. Vaush leaves through my window. Vaush is love. Vaush is life.



    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - add me

    Casagonism2.png Casagonism - Add me, i added you in my relations.

      • Panth.pngPantheonism - I added you. To answer your question, I am a Socialist because I seek to end Capitalist exploitation and I support worker's rights, I also have elements of other alternative Economic systems like Corporatism and Distributism in my Ideology since I tolerate small buisnesses, family buisnesses and in some cases the economy must be coordinated to achieve a certain goal. As for Liberalism, I usually don't call myself one but I also don't mind beign called one, I usually associate the term Liberalism with freedoms for the averange citizens and civil rights (which I think is good) while others rather think of it as Capitalist (which I think is bad)
    • Syntridem2.png Applethesky2021 - Add me?
    • Tomassciism-icon.png Tomassciism - Curious about your opinion on me. I already added you so no worries about that.
    • Pixil-frame-0(16).png Reactionary-Cheesenism- add me
      • Panth.pngPantheonism - Oops, I forgot about you, but now I added you. Can you add me back?

    Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism-I added you now can you add me?

    Ashley.png AshleyHere - Add me?

    Xirlan-alt.png - Add me.

    Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism - pls add me

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me

    • Panth.png Pantheonism - Add me back, pls.
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?
    • BasedMan.pngBasedManism - add me?
    • Silasicon.png Sílas Carrasco Thought - My ideas changed, can you update your relationships?
    • BasedMan.pngBasedManism - i added more about you on my relations (as much as i could add, as i dont really get politics all that much), sorry for not doing it earlier, i was busy at the time so i just speedran the relations thing, sorry if i offended you or anything
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - add me
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism- wait i just realized it why i am sinophobia? do you understand what happend in indonesia do you know since suharto fell this chinese people is steal the indonesia people money and a very big corruptor who can escaped justice and bribe the useless corupt indonesia *national* police.in the end i am a islamic relegious man i dont hate all chinese i like islamic sino and permanent living chinese. also is normal in indonesia culture to hated chinese because they see as corrupt bastard and foreigner.just search 1998 crisis and masa bersiap in google.my father is like me have same view on chinese people he also have help some indochinese and islamic sino on crisis of 1998 i just want to kick all foreign chinese is sad that my goverment import upon thousand of chinese worker went indonesia have largest population is southeast asia and fourth in the world.i want united all malaya speaking nation and southeast to fight the real enemy of asia the western world
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