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    Panhumanism, or Pan-Earthism, is a political ideology that advocates the union of the whole humanity under just one nation, the Earth Nation, panhumanism is different from human nationalism because panhumanism does not advocates speciesism and even has bioequalist leanings on about other species, such as animals and extraterrestrials.

    On panhumanism, terms such as Earthlians, Earthlings and Terrans are used for refer to humans on Earth condition, the term is also used for refer to anyone who is born on Earth, even animals and extraterrestrial races born on Earth.

    Panhumanism is characterized by be a culturally left ideology and on economical issue it advocates cooperation among humans and it advocates the preservation of the each human culture and language as well. On the language issue, panhumanism advocates the world language can still be English but it necessary to add more languages, mainly the most one spoke on Earth, such as Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Portugues and Russian and also add a neutral language such as Esperanto and / or Interlingua.

    How to draw

    Flag of Panhumanism
    1. draw a ball.
    2. Fill it blue.
    3. Draw a black humanist symbol.
    4. Add the eyes.

    You're done!



    • World Federalism - Excellent, just what I like to see!
    • Democracy - Democracy has always been a great ally of the humanist movement.
    • Environmentalism - All of humanity needs the environment to survive.
    • Welfarism - All humans should be cared for and given a bare minimum.
    • Cosmopolitanism - You understand and respect others' differences.
    • Multiculturalism - All the people of the world should be able to coexist!


    • Human Nationalism - Hmm overall I like your attitude, but you can come off as a bit...racist?


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