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    Not to be confused with the other Panarchy, which is the belief that people should be able to choose their type of government.

    Panarchy is the rule of pansexual people. Pansexuality is being very lenient of sexuality and sexual attraction. It is very similar to omnisexuality. Panarchy says that people who practice free sex can have a pass. People who are lenient on sexual behavior and are attracted to a variety of genders are considered pansexual and can rule. Panarchy says that the closer you are to a pansexual, the better. Bisexuals would be more advantaged than homosexuals or heterosexuals, whom in turn would be better off than asexuals.



    • Biarchy - Very close to my standard of power. More attractions, the better.
    • Transarchy - Quick changes in sexual and gender identity call for different attractions! Based!
    • Queer Authoritarianism - You and your children! Let's all march against the cisheterosexual bourgeoisie!


    • Anarcho-Progressivism - Anarchist who only cares about sex and drugs. Still inclusive to pans, though.
    • Tranarchy - In an anarchy, no government can dictate your sexual preferences. Based! But I still wonder how pansexuals' rights can be protected without a state.
    • Queer Anarchism - Very based in that you love queer rights, but how can a society protect them without the state?


    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the pansexual flag inside of it.
    3. Make a black V shape inside. (#161616)
    4. Fill in the V black, making an inverted triangle. (#161616)
    5. Draw the eyes.

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