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    Pan-Rightism is an ideology that believes that all ideologies on the right side of the political spectrum should unite into one ideology.

    Beliefs & Personality

    It can range from an Awaj.png anarchy into a Totalitarian.png totalitarian society. It also can range from Regulationism.png regulationist to a Cap.png laissez-faire system on the economic scale, Nation.png nationalist to chauvinist on the diplomatic scale and Conserv.png conservative Con-t.png to React.png reactionary Reactcross.png on the cultural scale. It also includes some Monarch.png monarchist factions. Pan-Rightism is often confused when it hears that ideologies like Socialist Conservatism, Pink Capitalism, LGBT Conservatism, and State Liberalism exist, with them being mixes of the left and right themselves. Pan-Rightism has been reported to be seen with Awaj.png anarchist, Cap.pngcapitalist, Nation.pngnationalist, Monarch.pngmonarchist, Christy.pngMuslim 2.pngtheocratic flags and Trad.pngconservative flags at the same time. Pan-Rightism is known to have brief conflicts with centrism to join their because centrism is known to grill the right way.




    Further information

    Unite the Right rally

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