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    Pan-Left Anarchism is an off-compass culturally left, off-compass economically left, off-compass anarchist (egoist) ideology. Its economic views are centered around Marxian economics. It combines the communism of Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-Syndicalism, the extremely progressive social views of Queer Anarchism and Anarcha-Feminism, the animal rights of Veganarchism, the veganism and nudity of Anarcho-Naturism, the environmentalism of Eco-Anarchism, and the worldwide government run equally by all people of Anationalism.


    Starting off as a centrist, they became much more progressive after visiting New York City. They began looking up to other progressives, and found that most of them were socialists. They began to read socialist theory, and soon became a hardcore socialist. Over time, they became more and more progressive. Before long, they became off-compass culturally left. They also started to realize the evil of the state and grew a hate for it. This turned them into a libertarian socialist, and before long an Anarcho-Socialist. Out of interest, they read the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. They liked the ideas of this book and became an Anarcho-Communist and a Marxist. Soon, they got interested in more ideas such as the teachings of Anarcho-Naturism and globalist ideas. Slowly becoming more radical, they were unable to find an ideology that fit their views. So they created Pan-Left Anarchism.


    Economic Views

    Pan-Left Anarchism is off-compass economically left. It believes in an economic system known as "Marxian Communalist-Communist-Syndicalism."


    It believes in a moneyless, classless society. It thinks everyone should be supplied with what they need as they need it, including social services. They think the market should be completely abolished, and all forms of currency with it. It support the Marxist idea "From Each According to his Own Ability, To Each According to His Own Need."

    Pan-Left Anarchists also find it distressing that vital things such as food and water can only be obtained with money in society, or even helpful things such as electricity. They believe all these should be offered to everyone for free.


    It calls for private property to be a thing of the past, and everything should be publicly owned and free for all people to use. They also think all property should be collectivized.


    Much like Anarcho-Communism and various forms of communism, Pan-Left Anarchism advocates for the workers to have control over the means of production. It also believes complete economic equality among all people should be achieved.


    Pan-Left Anarchism believes unionized workers and worker unions should play a vital role in the revolution in order to achieve the future they want.

    National Views and Foreign Affairs

    Much like Anationalism, Pan-Left Anarchism is a globalist ideology However, it takes it a step further and is off-axis globalist. It believes in open borders for every country, and all people should be able to travel freely from country to country.

    They think the world should be multicultural, as well as each individual nation. It basically strives for every nation to be as united as possible. It believes the best possible way to achieve this is to have a single government for the entire world, without hierarchy and run equally by everyone in the world.

    Governmental Views

    Like mentioned before, Pan-Left Anarchism calls for a single government for the entire world, run equally by all people without hierarchy. It argues that the state is holding back the future it's aiming for, so it wants to dismantle the state and all legal hierarchies.

    To replace the state, as before mentioned, they believe the government should be run equally by all people in the world. Oh, and they also want to abolish the police system for a society without cops.

    Pan-Left Anarchism is off-compass anarchist to the point of egoism.

    Cultural Views

    Pan-Left Anarchism is off-compass culturally left.

    Free Speech

    Pan-Left Anarchism shows support for 100% free speech and 100% free action. So if a fascist says racist shit, members won't try to censor that fascist. But they will exercise their free action and bash that fascists fucking brains in.

    LGTBQ issues

    Pan-Left Anarchists show extreme support for same-sex marriage. They think any number of consenting adults should be able to marry.

    Pan-Left Anarchism shows radical support towards you just sexually identifying however the fuck you want. Oh, you're male but you identify as a woman? Well guess what? TRANS RIGHTS! They really just want you to respect everyone's preferred pronouns. Though members won't FORCE you to use correct pronouns, they will back your fucking brains in if you refuse to.

    Racial Issues

    Pan-Left Anarchists are super pro-racial and ethnic equality. This ideology supports organizations such as BLM and opposes racist ideologies such as Fascism. They also believe diversity in culture is important, and think assimilating to one culture would make life boring, and make them racists.

    Animals, Nature, and The Environment

    In a Pan-Left Anarchist future, most people would ideally chose to be vegan by the time their 18. They think the consumption of animals is immoral, and animals should be as equal as they possibly can be.

    Pan-Left Anarchism believes in the protection and preservation of the environment. They want a future with plentiful nature and plenty of aesthetically pleasing green. To closer connect with nature, Pan-Left Anarchism supports the legalization and normalization of public nudity. Hopefully even the abolishment of clothing. Pan-Left Anarchism is so environmentalist, it's really more in the "deep-ecology" zone.


    Pan-Left Anarchists believe in a good, strong education system without bias. They think the public education system should focus on and nurture the students particular intellectual or artistic passions, rather than give a planned curriculum to every student.


    Pan-Left Anarchists support the legalization of all drugs. They want the eventual normalization of the use of weed and psychedelic drugs.

    Gender Issues

    Pan-Left Anarchism is a Feminist ideology. It supports abortion, equal pay, and equal treatment of women.


    Pan-Left Anarchists are strictly anti-censorship, but even more anti-bigotry. If they hear racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or religion-based discrimination, they won't try to silence your free speech. But they won't hesitate to break your leg, bash your fucking head in, and generally just beat the shit out of you.


    Pan-Left Anarchists are anti-organized war and want a peaceful society without any form of military.


    Pan-Left Anarchists are nihilists who believe there is no meaning or purpose to life.


    In Conclusion...

    Pan-Left Anarchists essentially want a unified, equal world without any form of hierarchy. And everyone has a lot of rights. And it's aesthetically pleasing. While it's generally a pacifist ideology, Pan-Left Anarchism believes the future it wants must be achieved through a violent revolution. They also believe other goals, such as getting rid of bigotry, are only achievable through 3 means: Censorship, indoctrination, or violence. Pan-Left Anarchism considers censorship and indoctrination inherently bad, but violence a thing that can be used for good. So they chose violence to achieve those goals. But after those goals are achieved, they want a peaceful society without war. Despite this somewhat Utopian vision, Pan-Left Anarchists re depressed society as it currently is.

    Personality and Behavior

    Pan-Left Anarchism uses They/Them pronouns. They're usually stoned or high. They're generally chill and kind, but when they come across a fascist, oh boy. You don't wanna mess with them then.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Low, quiet voice
    • Hates society and it's very foundations
    • Very nihilist
    • Clinically depressed

    How to Draw

    File:Pasted image 0.png
    The Flag of Pan-Left Anarchism

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a line diagonally through the middle.
    3. Color the lower-right half black.
    4. Color the upper-left half a light green.
    5. Draw a black fist in the upper-left area of the upper-left half.
    6. Draw the two eyes and you're done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Green #b6d7a8ff 182, 215, 168
    Black #202020 32, 32, 32




    • Anarcho-Pacifism - You're cool and all, but like you can't dismantle to state with fucking peaceful protest.
    • Marxism- Look, man. You have good ideas, but you've inspired too many totalitarians. Although I don't have anything against you personally.
    • Pan-Leftism- You also want to unite the left, but you're siding with authoritarians.
    • Post-Left Anarchism- It's good that you're trying to get rid of the state, but why do you hate me?
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism-Your cultural views are based, but why you gotta be a capitalist?
    • EdPatrumism- You're so totalitarian! And you think leftists shouldn't have free speech! However, pacifism, environmentalism, and feminism is based.
    • SJW- You're cultural views are pretty much mine, but you're too authoritarian. If a racist says something horrible, don't whine and cry about it. Bash. Their. Fucking. Heads. In. While I pretty much agree with you on everything culturally, your tactics are just so weird. Stop trying to control schools and education. Education should be unbiased.
    • Pink Capitalism- Based culturally, but you're a capitalist.
    • File:Dylan-mini.pngDylanism- You're a capitalist and hold cultural views too moderate for my liking, but nothing too bad.
    • PirateTailism- You're culturally left, but also a capitalist.
    • F.I.A.T- Fascism, but more egalitarian than most fascists. Also, environmentalism.
    • Conservative Socialist Nationalism- Socialist, but also conservative and nationalist.


    • National Socialism- You're just Fascism all over again!
    • File:Authoritarian Capitalism.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism- YOU'RE FUCKING HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!
    • Nationalism- Like other countries more, you xenophobe.
    • Stalinism- You give communism a bad name!
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism- Let people get abortion if they want to. What is this, a dictatorship? LGBTQ people deserve equal rights. Trump lost the election. Capitalism is bad. And let's just shorten this and say: We probably disagree on almost everything.
    • Trumpism- You're authoritarian. You're capitalist. You're nationalist. No thanks.
    • Gabrialduffeyism- Authoritarianism and thinking the entirety of a political side is dumb just because you disagree with them is cringe.

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