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    Pan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics

    Pan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics is a Self-Insert by ChineseSocialist, being economically in the left, culturally centrist (varies upon region) and authoritarian civically

    An economic system that the ideology believe is ideal is Market Socialism and a Market economy while being confined into Marxism Leninism, like in East Germany. However, Some state socialist economics and anything more right-wing than Centrist economics will be considered as bad economics for this ideology. Due to it's mostly Sinocentric and Pan-Asian nature, it is usually more progressive if applied in Third World Countries, examples of which are countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and most of the African continent, while as for more developed countries like Japan and Western Europe, it will be more conservative.

    On the compass, it sits on the Authoritarian Left quadrant, while being authoritarian, but not the level of authoritarianism that Stalin and Mao did. Infact, the ideology condemns some socialist leaders like Stalin, Mao, Saddam, etc. Taking a similar stance to Josip Broz Tito in Yugoslavia and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. He supports Marxism-Leninism, but it has to be relatively moderate as it refuses to align with Stalinism, Maoism, Hoxhaism and other hardline ideologies. It is also very supportive of the idea of technocracy, social authoritarianism, and some forms of democracy, like people's democracy (Leninist concept), new democracy (Maoist concept), and Democratic Socialism, rejecting Liberal concepts of Democracy, instead implementing a democratic system for and by the people in a socialist state



    In terms of economy, it views that both State Socialism and Right Wing Liberal Capitalist economics can never work, and despite views on state socialism is the lesser evil compared to right wing capitalism, it views that it will not bring prosperity, and will forever remain as a poor and underdeveloped country, like China under Mao, and the regime of the DPRK. It orders the nationalization of major corporations and industries like water, electricity, etc, while some small businesses like gyms, bookshops will remain privatized, as those businesses are legitimate and do not use exploitation as a mean to earn profit, with that said, Economic regulations will be strict to prevent exploitation.

    The government also takes corporate crimes and exploitation very seriously and all companies and corporations found doing that will have all their assets in the country nationalized and their operations suspended, and possibly an execution of the heads of those corporations. Public goods like water, electricity, healthcare, education, housing, land, etc. is viewed as a fundamental human right, and not a tool for businessmen to use greed and to earn profit off.

    I also oppose the profit motive, as it just guides the economy forward with an evil motive that is profits and greed. An economy should be built to serve the people and benefit the people, not for businessmen to earn and profit off from. An example of the evils of the profit motive is Leopold II, who committed horrendous crimes in the Congo just because he profitted off it. I support a more worker co-op based economy as they truly work for the people, like the Vietnamese Socialist-Oriented Market Economy model.

    State Socialism:

    Despite the fact that I believe State Socialism can be filled with inefficiency, which is a severe problem in many planned economies, like Maoist China, but I think that State Socialism is an excellent way to develop and industrialize a country. The USSR under Lenin and Stalin's State Socialist directions had turned it from a hellhole falling 200 years back into an industrialized power, same for the DPRK, which developed better than South Korea during the 50's and 60's. My main problem behind State Socialism is that it cannot be a continuous system to follow, hence why I support a transition to Market Socialism later, like how the GDR and Hungary charted it's path.

    Even if you have to remain under the State Socialism, to avoid inefficiency, the only way to run an efficient planned economy is have experts run the country, for example, the failures of Maoist China wouldn't have happened if Zhou Enlai (more of a political and economic expert compared to that of Mao) were in power instead of Mao.


    I support trust busting laws and I want to impose extremely heavy regulations on corporations if they want to operate in the country. Corporate Usury will be severely punished, and all their property nationalized by the state, since Corporations that disregard human lives and do exploitation do not deserve a place on earth. In a truly free market under my society, there will not be extremely huge companies, and if it kills off beneficial competition, it will be dissolved into smaller worker co-operates or worker-owned businesses.

    The Welfare State:

    I generally support a welfare state that provides for everyone their basic needs. However, there are conditions that I'd like to put out that Welfare and Pension programs only apply to those that need help, or are unable to work. Those that are able to work but chose not to do not deserve to benefit from the welfare programs. I will also help students with poor backgrounds to give them the right to education, for example.


    I support a progressive tax, depending on the individual's income and so one. As such, only the working population will be taxed by the government based off their income level. For people with very low income, they are excused from taxation. Tax Fraud can be punished relatively heavily with even heavier taxes, or even imprisonment. The tax money gained by the government shall be allocated to improving infrastructure, education, and invest in the country.


    I oppose free trade and complete autarky. Trade is a good way for our country to create stable and beneficial relationships with the rest of the world and also a good way to export our products out and to improve our economy. With that said, I also oppose the idea of "Free Trade" since Free Trade almost practically forces the country's economy to be dependant on another country. An example of this is the EU, where many countries become economic slaves of Germany and France as a result of the free trade. Free Trade is another codename for economic Imperialism. The kind of trade I support is beneficial trade with some forms of tariffs on foreign goods to protect the interests of local producers, since our people comes first, after all.


    The common person should have a place to stay, and the people should have a piece of land for themselves. It is a fundamental human right in the state. Rent can be comparable to theft, and I will be as harsh on landlords like how Maoist China was against them. Being a landlord isn't a real job. Housing should be subsidised and provided by the state, but as for living conditions, it is fully up to the worker cooperatives to improve the housing conditions there.


    He views that wealth disparity is a severe problem in all societies and must be combatted in all ways, and therefore, rich people and powerful companies, regardless of how much they did, shall pay their fair share of tax and they would be specifically taxed more so in return, the poor could enjoy the money that the rich has. Tax evasion will be fined with even more tax and the Rich who got their money through illegitimate forms will have every last inch of their wealth be confiscated by the state.

    However, I think that millionaires should exist, provided if they earnt their money through hard work, pay their fair share of taxes, and work for the benefit of society and the country as a whole. Billionaires however, shouldn't exist as most if not all of them are exploitative, and even so, wealth accumulation is bad. Imo, a wealth cap of around 700M Chinese Yuan (approximately 104M USD) will do, and billionaires will have their money redistributed to the poor, or used to provide for public and merit goods.

    Political System:

    Regarding Democracy:

    The Ideology firmly believes that the Western concepts of Liberal Democracy is utter nonsense and easily corruptible, and although supports it, views Western Democracy as either weak, corruptible, incompatible with Asian values or (mostly) seen as an imperialist, Western parasite used to corrupt Asia and should be wiped out by the people, instead, the ideology's democracy comes from the Leninist principle of Democratic Centralism and People's Democracy, while at the same time accepts the Maoist Ideal of New Democracy to be 'ideal', purging Western Democracy, instead implementing a Democratic System based on the conditions of the country that is implemented.

    Even so, the Democratic system should be set on Asian Values as well as principles of Socialism. The principle in Chinese culture that "Social Security is Greater than Personal Freedoms" as well as the frowning on greed and the concept of 'freedom', both of which are seen as degenerate and corrupt ideals that had brought upon nothing but suffering to the world. A true Democratic system shouldn't be of representative democracy and liberal democracy with parties who only share liberal values bickering and shitting on one another getting nothing done while the average person is losing hope (and those that truly want to change don't get a chance to stand in elections) a true democratic system should be something similar to a United Front of parties following a central ideology guiding the country forward to work for the common good of the people, as seen in the PRC, DPRK, and DDR.

    Democratic Centralism and Vanguardism:

    Many libertarian viewpoints of Vanguardism about how the left isn't one party is true, despite the fact that I think that the Communist Party should lead the country with a firm hand, I believe that there shouldn't be just a single Vanguard Party alone, but rather a coalition led by the Vanguard Party, with all it's parties binded together to follow one central principle. This is known as Democratic Centralism, and this is the system I support. All parties registered in the state should be a part of this united coalition as seen in many Marxist-Leninist states, like the United Front in China, the National Front in the German Democratic Republic and the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland in the DPRK. with all the Leftist Parties that participated in the revolution binded together, this way they have a strong party to lead it (the Vanguard Party, which is the Communist Party), while having all of the socialists swearing allegiance to the central ideology.

    To elaborate more on my stance on Vanguardism, I see it as necessary since Socialist countries and movements have constantly been targeted by Borgeoise Imperialists and Fascists alike, and without a strong party to protect the United Left and the Popular Front, it won't last long, and can be easily crushed by the Imperialist forces. Indeed, the Left shouldn't consist of just one single party, which is why I take my model from the GDR's Popular Front, which even Democratic Socialists are included. Provided that they serve the country and the people and do not engage in liberal pluralism, they can serve inside the Popular Front. To conclude, Vanguardism is something to be used to defend the country and the entire movement as a whole from Imperialism.

    Party Discipline:

    One of the greatest dangers to a Vanguard party is factionalism, and as seen in what happened in the CPC during the late 70's to the early 80's saw a lot of infighting and factionalism. That is not how a people's party should look like. What a party should have is mantain firm party discipline. Factionalism can be tolerated but keep it to a minimum degree to not divide the Vanguard party. Party members who cannot mantain party discipline by following the party line, upholding the party's ideology and programs and keeping it's objectives (like serving the people and whatnot) at the first priority are proven to be unfit to be in the People's Party that leads the people, thus have to be expelled, practising Democratic Centralism.

    The Revisionist Question:

    What revisionism means in the Marxist sense is deviation from the initial principles, or deviation from the basic principles of Marxism Leninism. Examples of these are Nikita Khrushchev, who abandoned the DOTP concept of Marxism-Leninism and made the USSR social imperialist and couping Malenkov, this caused a chain effect along with Brezhnev's stagnation, corruption, and imperialism and it all ended with Gorbachev finally nailing the final straw. Revisionism should be fought against at all costs. But, I think it's fine to create your own variant of Marxism-Leninism and apply it according to the material conditions of the country while being inside the Marxist-Leninist framework, like Honecker in East Germany for example adapted Marxism Leninism to his country's conditions, that's fine, that isn't revisionism but rather Scientific Socialism. I'm fine with Marxism Leninism being developed by other individuals, but stay firm to the core principals of it. Revisionists are like humans who still call themselves human beings by betraying morals and ethics that humans have that other species don't.

    Marxist End Goal:

    There are a lot of misconceptions about the end goal of Marxism being a "Stateless, Classless, and Moneyless" society, when in reality it isn't just that one sentence. Marxism is a lot more complicated than just "Stateless, Classless and Moneyless" Society, which is anarchism and that is very clearly a failed ideology. What Marxism advocates for the the destruction of the neoliberal capitalist status quo, as his entire work is actually a critique of the era he's in. What us Socialists want isn't a utopian society, but rather a removal of the current status quo.

    Revolution or Reform?

    Revolution in general is the way. Socialism is revolutionary, and in Capitalist countries, reform simply will not work as it merely gives short-term benefits to the people and workers only to get overthrown by another borgeoise under the sham 'liberal democracy', plus, reforming a capitalist society doesn't work, the existence of social democracy being corrupted by liberals and the capitalist class is an example to prevent people from making true change. Examples are like how people like Bernie, Corbyn and the JCP cannot take power.

    Environmental Policy:

    Preserving the environment is indeed important, but I view that having better living standards and having the country to be industrialized to be more important than the environment, so in countries that are still poor or in need of development, Industrialism will take priority, even so, companies that do harm to the environment will be penalized for doing so. In developed countries, as they are already industrialized, they should work to transfer to greener sources of energy and reduce carbon emissions. It will take time, but it still has to be done.

    Social Axis:

    The social axis is mainly based on Hu Jintao's Eight Honors and Eight Shames to serve as a kind of "Socialist Guiding Model" for a moral society. However so, the social policy I follow depends on region and material conditions. Politics are more than just a 1 dimensional line, it is a science that has to be adapted to the conditions of the certain country.

    以热爱祖国为荣 以危害祖国为耻
    以服务人民为荣 以背离人民为耻
    以崇尚科学为荣 以愚昧无知为耻
    以辛勤劳动为荣 以好逸恶劳为耻
    以团结互助为荣 以损人利己为耻
    以诚实守信为荣 以见利忘义为耻
    以遵纪守法为荣 以违法乱纪为耻
    以艰苦奋斗为荣 以骄奢淫逸为耻

    Honor to those who love the motherland, and shame on those who harm the motherland.
    Honor to those who serve the people, and shame on those who betray the people.
    Honor to those who quest for science, and shame on those who refuse to be educated.
    Honor to those who are hardworking, and shame on those who indulge in comfort and hate work.
    Honor to those who help each other, and shame on those who seek gains at the expense of others.
    Honor to those who are trustworthy, and shame on those who trade integrity for profits.
    Honor to those who abide by law and discipline, and shame on those who break laws and discipline.
    Honor to those who uphold plain living and hard struggle, and shame on those who wallow in extravagance and pleasures.

    Identity Politics:

    Identity Politics is something that I personally oppose, regardless on which extreme end it is. One side we have Baizuo Woketards obsessed with Black Trans Women and care more about intersectional bullshit rather than anything else, while on the other hand we have White Supremacists, Nazis, Ethno nationalists, and so on. A symbol of this is how America is now and the Baizuo left parties like the DSA do not serve the people at all. Both sides are the same shit, and they should be rooted out from the system as a whole.

    The Progressive-Conservative Axis:

    As stated before, Progressivism and Conservatism isn't just one line and one axis. It's way more complicated than that. In a way, I'm progressive and in other ways I'm conservative. I'd apply my progressive-conservative axis based on the conditions of each country, and even then, I'd progress on parts that truly require progress (in the case of Third World Countries, I'd have the material conditions of the country progress into improvement, like how Gaddafi, Sankara, etc. did), while being restrictive on parts like LGBT marriage, pride, and such, which I am particularly harsh against. So, you could say I'm progressive-conservative, like Teddy, Sun Yat Sen, and MLK.


    In terms of religion, it varies upon region, if it is a society where religion has little to almost no influence like in East Asia, religion will be completely separated from the government, and all officials of the government have to be either agnostic or atheist to take office. despite that, freedom of religion is guaranteed, and for new religions, they have to go through strict monitoring from the government, in case of insane cults like Falun Gong coming up. As for Insane cults or Doomsday Cults, they will be brutally and violently suppressed for terrorism. Regardless of religion, they have to swear loyalty to the government, be obliged to surveillance and national security laws and many more.

    Even in countries where religion is prominent, it has to be separated from the government in fear of becoming a Saudi Arabia-like Theocracy. And all religions have to be tolerated, as long as it is legal and follows the regulations of the country.

    Gender Identities/LGBTQ:

    I'm generally fine with them provided if they keep it private and that they aren't flamboyant about such. I'll allow them to live their lives without being attacked by the state provided if they don't do the pride shit and force everyone to support their agenda, I however, am against gay marriage since I see that marriage is between a man and a woman and that children need to grow up with a father and a mother figure, then only they can be true people to society. As for transgenders, they should only be allowed to remain at their legal gender, and they will receive therapy to cure all these "gender dysphoria".

    I however do not recognize this "non-binary" bullshit, as they are just something made by attention-seeking progtards who want to take advantage of the woke mob to build their own agenda, and it's existence is just plain nonsense. Regarding xenogenders and other kinds of bullshit, I strongly oppose them.

    In conclusion, I support the de-criminalization of LGBT, but that's it. I will not implement laws to specifically protect them since I view them as no different than the common person and therefore shouldn't be specifically protected by the state, and I don't have a problem with them if they keep it private and not flamboyant. If they go further than that, I will not entertain them.

    Sex, Porn, and such topics:

    Sex work is not work, and porn should be restricted as much as possible. Since I view porn as an unnecessary evil that corrodes society and turns people who watch them into sex-addicted fucks and it objectifies women as tools for sex. If you support porn and sex work, you do not at all view women as human beings. As a supporter of women's rights and I view that equality between men and women to be a main part in the socialist revolution, I very much oppose porn and sex 'work'. It is in no way empowering and it just objectifies people. As I see it as a poison, I will put extensive censorship and monitoring on the net to take down every single porn site.

    As for people who were forced into doing it because of human traffiking and poverty, I'd have an approach that attacks pimps, brothel owners, and those that engage in the prostitution business, while helping those victims of human traffiking just to be sex slaves escape. Again, to do this, I support a strong police force that shows zero mercy to criminals and extensive surveillance to fight crime in general, not just prostitution.

    Gun Ownership:

    This may come off as a surprise but I support Gun Ownership with certain exceptions. For one thing that with the ownership of guns, people are able to defend themselves from criminals, or imperialist invaders, and it will be easy to fight off imperialists trying to invade the homeland.

    Despite supporting gun ownership, I have a few requirements and checks for the person if they want to own a gun, namely they have to be above the age of 21, absolutely no criminal record (even the slightest criminal record will not allow you to own a gun), no mental disorders, and all have to receive a background check. Even so, all guns require a tracker, and a code for each of them, in case shootings or crimes occur.

    Individualism and Hedonism as a Threat:

    Individualism is something that disconnects a person from wider society, and from other people, and in general is a philosophy of selfishness. Individualism is Egoism-lite. The principle is frequently used as justification for bugs that want to destroy society in the name of "freedom of speech", or degenerates who think jerking off to children is "fun", these principles are poisonous and should be seen as a threat. I'm not for hive-mind collectivism, but Individualism should be countered. Hedonism is even worse, since it's more or less a justification for people to be an asshole and do absolutely unacceptable things in the name of "doing what they want" and "fun". People of these kinds are absolutely deplorable, selfish fucks. These principles should be seen as threats that destroy society and the nation.

    Racial Discrimination:

    Racial discrimination is publicly frowned upon, and propaganda will be spread to condemn the usage of racial discrimination. Doing racial discrimination will result in the loss of access to benefits like welfare and a good education. Racially-aggravated crimes will also be taken seriously, and the perpetrator will resort to public torture and beating by the police.

    Regarding Police brutality because of race, the policeman (or any authority figure for that matter) will be completely removed from their position, not to be able to apply for jobs, and lose all benefits from the government.


    I'm quite indifferent when it comes to Immigration, as I believe in a balanced solution. We should open our borders for people with legitimate reasons to enter, like students, or people looking for work to enter here, but we shouldn't let literally everyone in. For one thing, if they were to immigrate, or enter, for a matter of fact, require background checks of some sort. People with a criminal record are not allowed to enter.

    As for refugees fleeing percecution or war, there's one thing that's for sure, I sympathise with their condition, but not everybody should be allowed in. Those that are allowed in should only be people with valuable skills, like doctors, scholars, and such, and even then, their backgrounds are very important, and not all will be allowed entry, since it may result in hatred as immigrants might take away jobs from the native population, causing racial hatred, xenophobia and such.

    Jail System:

    The principle of the jail system is based on the principle "a tooth for a tooth". Sentences depends on the harm and damage caused to the victim. If it ruins a life, it will be resort to life imprisonment and sometimes torture. If it is extremely heinous like child sexual assault, mass rape, massacre, serial killing, etc. These will be punishable by public execution, public shaming, and be made as an example of, to ensure that no one in the country ever does it again.

    The usage of torture is also legalized in the police force, but not during interrogation. But it is legalized in prisons, as the government views criminals as "people that deserve every single loathing, and punishment from the world, and that's if you can call them 'people'."


    Abortion is seen as a moral evil and very frowned upon in my ideal society. Many cases of aborting the baby is mainly due to irresponsible people who desire sex, and if you want to have sex and don't want the baby, take every bit of necessary measure possible and even then you're fully responsible for what happens in sex. However, in the case of mother's health and incest, the case is pardoned.

    As for rape, although rape is a tragedy and a horrible thing to happen to anyone, an innocent soul should not be harmed for the sins of the rapist. A way to cure victims of rape is to raise the baby properly, viewed by the government.

    Irresponsible abortion however, is seen as a crime more heinous than murder as it is done out of pure irresponsibility of the couple. With that, I support the repealing of Roe v. Wade, despite the fact that I think it is repealed at the worst time since social conditions in America for women aren't good.

    Despite that, socioeconomic conditions are something that is needed to take into account when it comes to abortion. To reduce the amount of abortion, I'd take a few measures, like granting welfare and support to pregnant women and families with economic hardship, and help rape victims and those who were pregnant through it by giving them therapy. Moreover, to reduce the amount of abortion, I support more social programs so that people won't have to do it illegally, and as for rape, I'd make pepper spray for women widely available to protect themselves from rapists.


    Propaganda is characterized mainly to enhance the morale of the people in the country, as a means to help the people in the country have confidence in the government and work hard in programs. One main front of propaganda is propaganda that promotes national unity, economic output, and combating problems like poverty and pollution. While regarding foreign propaganda, the country should be marshalled up against the Western powers and propaganda will be frequently aiming for the absolute destruction of American Imperialism, Atlanticism and SJW degeneracy.

    Sometimes, popular media (i.e Anime) will be used as a means to enhance national unity and enhance morale of the people in the country, and views mainly Eastern popular media as a weapon that could be used to destroy the Imperialist, Atlanticist Western World Order responsible for humanity's suffering and the spread of wokeism, which must be combatted.

    Foreign Policy:

    West or East?

    To put it simply, despite being a patriot to China and a staunch supporter of the CPC, I'm not standing with the East nor the West, since the East (despite being trillions of times better than NATO and the West), has it's fair share of shitty people and regimes and acts, namely the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia, the Sino-Vietnamese War and such, plus, some Pro-East regimes like Russia, Iran and Zimbabwe are horrible and do not deserve my support. So, I take a similar take to Fidel Castro, who hated Bloc Politics and trying to enhance the Third World and empower the NAM, like how Sukarno and Nkrumah did. I love my country and the Party, but what I'd prefer the CPC to do is take the path of Zhou Enlai to support the third world instead of promoting social imperialism during our revisionist years of Deng and Jiang.

    However, if I had to pick in between the two, even if you kill me, I will still pick the East. Sure, the Warsaw Pact has done it's fair share of shitty things, but, one thing is for sure. They haven't vaporized entire countries for no reason unlike the Atlanticists. There is not a single reason to support NATO, which is objectively the modern day Axis Powers, not even sympathise or see them as a lesser evil. Even if your country hasn't been fucked by Atlanticoids and the West, some other country nearby probably has. Russia and China haven't caused the deaths of three million Iraqis because of a lie, have they, or the Vietnam War, one which the Americans had done one of the most horrifying crimes in humanity by slaughtering entire villages and murdered children, causing deaths and long term effects and lasted until today. 18-20 Million Indochinese people died because of the Neocucks. These are just two examples. Look at the 20% of Koreans killed by the Americans in the Korean War, the countless crimes they backed in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, etc.

    "but muh authoridarianism and my liberal universal values that everyone has to follow or get your entire country genocided!!!!!!" What other countries do is NONE of the Superpower's business. America is the single most genocidal country still around today, and the death toll that Neocucks have caused can easily exceed the ones caused by Nazi Germany. There is a clear greater evil here even if both sides are not good.


    Although I oppose the idea of Economic Globalism, World Federation, Anationalism and such, I still believe that the world should work together and co-operate with each other. I take the model of Alt-Globalization as my ideal model regarding Globalism. Globalist organizations have been doing shady things like converting independent nations into neoliberal slaves and causing them to suffer, and Globetards are Imperialists with a human face, aiming to destroy any country independent from their agenda, as how they are currently starving the DPRK and stopping them from any possible development. The Nation comes before others.

    Doctrine of Scientific Socialism:

    As I said before in the previous section in the Revisionist Question one, Socialism is a science, not to blindly follow what Marx had said. Blindly following Marx's book will not get you anywhere. That's the different between all the "Ultra-Marxist" ideologies like Left Communism, compared to Marxism-Leninism, who treats the ideology of Marx like a science. Material Conditions completely define how a country should be ruled, and thus, Socialism should be applied to said country according to their specific conditions. That's how many regional ideologies came to place. Kim Il Sung, Castro, Sankara, Bac Ho, etc. are examples of people who adopted Socialism to their country's specific conditions, and they have seen some of history's biggest successes.

    Socialist Patriotism:

    The Nation is a force that gives a sense of uniformity in society. A cause that binds the workers of the nation together, and therefore, loving the country and doing everything to protect it and everything it stands for should be a duty of the Party and the people. No matter how bad said country is (excluding illegitimate states like Israel and Taiwan), it is a duty for Socialists and the People of the Nation to protect it, while destroying their borgeoise government.

    Rejection of Liberal "Human Rights" and embracing True "Human Rights":

    "Human Rights" as proposed by the Liberal Globalists are an absolute farce. They are always chanting about all these individualistic bullshit that have nothing to do with improving the lives of people and country like "freedom of speech" and all those bullshit. Like, why does "free elections" matter when your entire family is starving? why does "freedom of speech" matter when you can't even have access to food and healthcare? All of those individualistic bullshit shouldn't be considered human rights, and even so, "freedom of speech" is a stepping stone to chaos.

    Instead, I pursue a true "human rights" doctorine that should be upheld instead of the liberal, individualistic ones. It'll be what I call 'Rights of Humanity', similar to one proposed by Castro. Instead, I'll focus on the rights of humanity, like the accessibility to food, jobs, healthcare, housing and so on. That is what human rights should be. It's ridiculous that you have "free speech" while you are suffering from a terminal illness not having any medicine and starving because you have no food. Don't get me started on how genocidal, neocuck imperialists use "human rights" as an excuse to commit genocide and raze down entire countries.

    Opposition to Interventionism:

    I believe Interventionism in general is very unnecessary and it's another tool for imperialism. No cases of Intervention has been justified apart from the Liberation of Tibet. What other countries do and their policies are NONE of the superpower's business. "But muh authoritarianism!!!!!!" some countries are just simply not fit for the corrupted, individualistic model of liberal democracy. Just see how the Arab Spring turned out, and how most of Asia's "democracies" are either failed, filled with nonsensical party politics and bickering politicians (like Malaysia and 'Taiwan'), or turned to a dominant party state instead (like Japan and the Philippines), and those with a strong hand actually get more shit done.

    The only cases where I support interventionism is when being against counter-imperialism, or against a genocidal enemy, slave state, or to unite the country. Otherwise, I oppose all other kinds of intervention, unless when said country is provoked, like the Pearl Harbor Attacks and the Khmer Rouge forces massacring Vietnamese villages. Interventionism has done more chaos and suffering than good, and what third-world countries do, do not at all require a superpower to write the rules for them. What gives them the right to do so, anyway?

    Proletarian Internationalism and Socialism in One Country:

    "Socialism in One Country means Capitalism in All countries" is outright false. Socialism in One Country is to put the nation at first, not isolate and lock it all down to the rest of the world. Socialism in One Country is to build up Socialism in their own country first, to create ourselves as a model socialist state, and care for the conditions and improving our own country first, providing a model. That's how the DPRK under Kim Il Sung did, so did Stalinist Russia and Maoist China. Building a model for the world to follow.

    After building a strong socialist model inside the country and finishing with the projects necessary to build our country up, I pursue Proletarian Internationalism. Note, that this doesn't mean Globalism or World Communism, nothing of that sort, I do not believe in forcing ideologies upon other countries unlike Trotskyites and Western Liberal Hawks, the entire concept of Proletarian Internationalism is solidarity with the peoples oppressed by imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism, as well as to support other fellow socialists in building their nationalist, socialist republic by the people, while not trampling on national sovereignty, which is a fatal mistake by the USSR. I pursue a policy similar to what Cuba did in terms of proletarian internationalism.

    I'll stress again I do NOT advocate for globalism, since I strongly oppose an international world government and anti-nationalism. Proletarian Internationalism is similar to Alter-Globalization, as it truly respects national sovereignty and calls for the world to support each other's national liberation, and building socialism together as well as supporting each other in the fight against imperialism and capitalism.

    Views on Disputed Areas:

    Cball-Afghanistan.png Afghanistan:

    Afghanistan should have a strong, secular and authoritarian government as majority of the problems in Afghanistan are caused by religious conflict and religious conservatism holds back Afghanistan from modernization and industrialization. If not, a model of strong Islamic Socialism like Najibullah's ideas should be implemented. The Taliban, tribal conflict and other such groups should be crushed to unite Afghanistan from the Imperialists like Biden, who is an enemy of all Afghan people that the people of Afghanistan should unite and crush.

    Cball-Belarus.png Belarus:

    Fully and critically support Alexander Lukashenko's government. Lukashenko is the main reason why Belarus did not fall into the sorry state of Ukraine and Russia after the collapse of the USSR due to Lukashenko's economic policies. The rioters are national traitors that want Belarus to become an EU slave (which will never happen)

    Cball-Bolivia.png Bolivia:

    I will rather jump off a 7-storey building than recognize the illegal government of Jeanine Anez. Evo Morales improved Bolivia more than any Bolivian leader has ever did before, and his anti-imperialist stance is right as the Americans supported narco-traffiking neoliberal dictators like Hugo Banzer in Bolivia. Like the Carribean, Africa and Latin America, Latin Americans by blood should be opposed to Imperialism and those that support the Americans are traitors to their own people. The US will pay for installing that neoliberal bitch Jeanine Anez (who will rot eternally in jail)

    Cball-China.png China:

    The Mainland Chinese government is the real China and the real representative of the Chinese people. Taiwan is a pathetic state that cucks themselves off to Japan and the Westerners, both of whom stern enemies of the Chinese people and are imperialists. The Taiwanese government is a race traitor for doing so and should be ashamed of themselves on that. the CCP brought China up from humiliation by the Imperialists and had a lot of positive policies such as industrialization, women's rights, and the removal of feudal culture. If Sun Yat Sen were alive, he would have picked Mainland China.

    Tibet and Xinjiang are inseperable parts of China and the Chinese have treated them with full autonomy. They did good killing seperatists and feudalists trying to destroy the Chinese nation. Westoids can cry and cope over China's rightful ownership of both Tibet and Xinjiang. "FreeTibet" "FreeXinjiang", go outside and get some friends, both are already freed.

    Castro.png Cuba:

    The Cuban rioters are your typical Gusanos brainwashed by liberal media and influence trying to sell Cuba to the United States. The United States is the true enemy of the Cuban people, the embargo proves so, and Cuba would be as successful in terms of economy like how Japan or Netherlands is if it weren't for the American embargo. The mere fact about how they are successful compared to many other Latin American countries prove so. Cubans by blood are born to hate the United States who had done nothing but destroy the freedom of the Cuban people.

    File:Cball-Eswatini.png Eswatini:

    I back the Eswatini protests against the corrupt, British-Taiwanese Imperialist puppet of Eswatini. Fuck Mswati III and his regime.

    Cball-HongKong.png Hong Kong:

    There is no reason for Hong Kong to be independent, nor for it to be treated seperately from the rest of China. First off, fuck the Brits for illegally stealing our city and oppressing our fellow countrymen there, second off, I wish the 1967 Anti-Colonial rebellion succeeded because the British Imperialists are not human after what crimes they did in the Opium Wars. Third off, the people in Hong Kong that wave the British flag and destroy the city are not true citizens of Hong Kong. They are terrorists. Joshua Wong is basically the Hong Kong version of Osama Bin Laden. His group consist of degenerates, pedophiles, coomers, rapists, racists, Neo-Nazis, Neo-Colonialists and all sorts of disgusting people there is. Whoever that backs them, you really do need to reconsider being born. Those spineless cowards beat up the elderly for simply being against vandalism and wanting to continue with normal life, harass Mainland Chinese tourists and go even far as to hating people for speaking Mandarin and Chinese culture, supporting Imperial Japan, War and Genocide. After the fight against Imperialism by the Chinese people, these cucks should receive something worse than the Tiananmen treatment. Hong Kong should be absorbed back to China this moment and the slaughter of every bit of those terrorists are necessary.

    Note: They plant bombs in train stations, brainwash children into their agenda, harass journalists for not liking them (or just simply being Chinese), force restaurants to stop serving Mandarin speakers, get angry for not being able to molest children and jack off to CP, beat up people for wanting to feed their family, how can anyone even support such a disgusting group? Not even ISIS is as bad as them.

    Cball-India.png India:

    I can't stand the Western hypocrisy of treating China as "le ebil hellhole" while India is in all ways worse. India used to be based Pro-Soviet in the Cold War but now they are ruined and ruled by a corrupt Hindu extremist, Narendra Modi, who is arguably borderline feudalist and actively enables the suffering of the Indian peasants and Non-Hindu males. India is known as the rape capital of the world thanks to him, extreme poverty (one of the worst in the world) and people in the countryside are fanatically conservative to a point of beyond retardation, as well as the Caste system holding India back, I view this as a legacy of British Imperialism and how fuckers like Modi and the BJP ruin the country.

    If it had a strong, centralized, socialist authoritarian leadership, India would be as strong as Russia and China against the imperialists. A purge against these reactionary elements left behind by Imperialism, full unification of the Indian subcontinent, industrialization will do great. Even many Indians say that this isn't the India that they fought for. I admire Gandhi and all, but the bad thing about him is that his system is too agarian and do not advocate for large industrialization, which is necessesary for a large country like India.

    Pahlavi.pngCball-Iran.png Iran:

    Both Pahlavist and Khomeinist Iran are cringe. The Pahlavists being the more evil but even then I won't support Khomeinist Iran as it is a classic near-reactionary Islamic Theocracy. Pahlavi did good in secularization and improving Iran, but other than that he's an American and Zionist puppet that had the SAVAK (brutality nearing one of the most savage in the cold war) torture his people and didn't care about the poor and the rural areas, while Khomeinist Iran is good against Israel, America, and the Wahhabists, but need to keep religion out of the government more and they should quit funding Islamic Fundamentalists. A slightly more Authoritarian version of Mossadegh (maybe the only Iranian leader I like) will do good.

    Cball-Iraq.png Iraq:

    Regardless of how bad Saddam was, what Iraq ended up being like shouldn't happen to anyone. One good thing Saddam did was develop his country and had some achievements (although he's awful) until the Neocucks razed Iraq down to the ground, implemented a corrupt puppet government that can't do jackshit, and ask why do the Iraqis hate him and wonder why ISIS and other Jihadists are gaining more influence. I support a popular revolution by the Iraqi people to chase the Jihadists and the Americans (alongside their puppets out), to rebuild a strong, prosperous Iraq under the Ba'athist banner (not Saddam Ba'athism though), and grant Kurds independence. They have suffered enough.

    Cball-Ireland.png Ireland:

    The IRA would be based if they were not terrorist. The British have slaughtered the Irish people like insects and with extremely inhumane methods. The mere fact that Ireland and Britain are somewhat friendly now is pure mental retardation. Does the Irish government not know that the British are the one who slaughtered their people and countrymen like barbarous imperialist savages? Ireland should launch a war to reclaim Northern Ireland from the British Imperialists, and possibly help fellow Scots, Welsh and Celts in France to break free from the Imperialists and form a Pan-Celtic Union to fight against the Imperialist bastards. Britain do not deserve to have existence nor do they deserve any praise after the genocide and madness which they unleashed to the world, just like the Nazis.

    Cball-Japan.png Japan:

    I like their culture, food, people, entertainment and games, but their government and politics are one of the worst things still existing on earth. They are the biggest threat to peace in the Far East and a puppet of the Western Imperialists threatening peace and stability in the Eastern Asian region. They want to re-establish an imperialist empire with support from the west to unleash slaughter on Asia.

    In the case of Japan, I believe the Left should take more drastic actions on taking and dismantling the Japanese monarchy, establish a republican government, purge against the Japanese Right, establish a socialist republic with the model of Market Socialism, purge against degenerate pornographic media, rejoin it's asian allies by rejecting any ambition of Imperialism and Militarism, chase out all prescence of American Degenerate influence, and become an economic bastillion against the Atlanticist Agenda.

    Cball-North Korea.pngCball-South Korea.png Korea

    Although viewing the DPRK as the lesser evils of the two, I still firmly believe that Korea should unite independently from their respective powers (although South Korea is more of a puppet than the DPRK) and America should get the fuck out of Korea (and asia as a whole) and South Korea should pave their own path and treat their social problems more seriously while the DPRK should open up their country and lessen up on their totalitarianism. Juche as a concept is based though.

    Cball-Libya.png Libya:

    Gaddafi has his faults alright, but it doesn't justify what the murderous Neocon terrorist organization did to Libya. Even then, Gaddafi brought more good to Libya than any western-backed leader in Africa ever can do. Gaddafi is a true patriot and a champion of anti-imperialism in the Third World. I will support Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to bring Libya back to it's former glory and re-establish his father's regime.

    Cball-Myanmar.png Myanmar:

    As much as I dislike the Tatmadaw regime, I will neither support Aung San Soo Kyi and the Burmese Democratic movement. (despite the Tatmadaw being the more evil imo) The NLD is incompetent in solving the issues that the Ne Win regime has left behind after fucking over Myanmar, and they should've at least tried to resolve the issues that Myanmar faced, they didn't do that. However, the Tatmadaw's distrust towards China is used by the Neocucks to take control of Myanmar in order to cut off our economic supply. As much as I wish we would take down the Tatmadaw regime like how we did in Korea 1950's, it's always better to let the people take out the Tatmadaw from the inside, however, I support a people's dictator, a strongman that'll actually solve Myanmar's issues and lead Myanmar to a path of prosperity and anti-imperialism.

    Neocuckservative.pngNorth Atlantic Terrorist Organization:

    No reason for it to exist. NATO is Nazi Germany reincarnated. They foreign policy is identical and just as genocidal as how the Nazis done. Millions, maybe even billions died as a result of their bombings, interventions, and their support to the war while not caring about the common person. If you support NATO, you're a Nazi. As simple as that. NATO is the main terrorist force in the modern world and I will support almost anything to see the destruction of the modern Nazi Germany. Say that to the millions of Vietnamese, Yugoslavs, Somalis, Iraqis, Libyans, Latinos, Koreans, Africans, Afghans, Laotians, Cambodians, Timorese, etc. that died because of the West that this is good. It's like Hailing Hitler in front of a Jew.

    Cball-Pakistan.png Pakistan:

    Just because I hate India does not mean I like Pakistan automatically. The only good part about Pakistan is them being away from Westerners, that's it, other than that, fuck them for ruining Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Hell, Pakistan's existence is based off sectarian and religious conflict, a legacy left behind by the British Imperialists. For Pakistan, I support them to join India back, put aside their differences, and work together for a better future for a Great India. Similar to how I view most of Southern Asia, they should reunify to become a singular country, a singular India under a Socialist Strongman to develop the country, solve it's problems, and serve as a bastillion against Imperialists.

    Cball-Palestine.png Palestine:

    I'm pretty much in every way opposed to Israeli Settler Colonialism and doing what the Nazis had done to them against the native Palestinians. Just because the Jews been through something horrific doesn't mean they can do the same to Palestinians. The idea of a Jewish nation state isn't bad, but how Modern Israel carries it out makes me oppose them to the core. What is ideal is a united, secular state in Palestine uniting Arabs and Jews together under a strong, Anti-Imperialist, Civic Nationalist government, while Hamas and the current government of Israel should be crushed.

    Cball-Poland.png Poland:

    It's good that Poland's government (especially under Andrzej Duda) has been pulling out of the EU and less allied with NATO and following their own independentist path, which is good to hear. Poland's social policies are very much ideal for a country, however, although i understand Poland's bad experiences with the Eastern Bloc, they should at least try to be neutral and stop allying with NATO.

    Cball-Russia.png Russia:

    Navalny is the Russian version of Tsikhanouskaya, how can he praise Yeltzin while calling himself a Russian nationalist? Plus, I'm 100% sure he's an EU puppet, just like Tsikhanouskaya, although that said that I support Putin against Navalny, it doesn't mean I like him completely. Putin should quit being a kleptocrat, and stop threatening the Baltics and Ukraine (even if I despise Ukraine to the core). Threatening them only makes NATO seem like the good guys.

    With that said, I strongly oppose the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, since as bad as Ukraine is, Russia shouldn't have trampled on the sovereignty of another nation. It's just like the Neocucks in the West justifying using some shitty or made-up excuses to ravage third-world countries. Putin has to go, and that Russia needs a change in leadership and politics. The CPRF would do the best job in that, imo.

    Cball-Saudi.png Saudi Arabia:

    Saudi Arabia is an Imperialist, Genocidal, Wahhabist Slave State and a Western puppet that has been one of the greatest contributors to misery and suffering in the Middle East, and there is absolutely zero reason to support what they are doing in Yemen and Syria. They are also the primary backers of terrorists and assisting the Americans in destroying the middle east.

    Domestically they are shitty too, It's funny how they oppress their own people by implementing near-reactionary sharia laws and treated foreign workers (and their own) workers like literal slaves, yet I've heard that Saudi Arabia has a high consumption of hentai and the Saudi Royal Family has participated in gay clubs and such. The Saudi Royal Family and Saudi Arabia as a whole is a joke of a nation. Proof that Reactionaries like the Saudis and degenerate liberal hedonists are the same degenerates.

    Cball-Syria.png Syria:

    Assad has his faults but the FSA and the Western backed rebels are the clear greater evil as the FSA is a terrorist organization that allied with Islamists to take down Assad's government. The Chemical attacks allegations are quite iffy considering that Assad have been critical of using overly heavy weapons against his own people, and I believe it's either used by the Islamists and Westoids and blamed it on Assad's shoulder. The actions by the West in Syria is proof that Western Atlanticists have no morality whatsover, and Assad's criticism of them is absolutely correct. Syria should rebuild by the will of the people under the banner of Ba'athism. The Yankee, Zionist and Wahhabi pigs should get out of Syria.

    Thailand.png Thailand:

    Ottoman.png Turkey:

    Cball-UK.png UK:

    Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine:

    Cball-US.png USA:

    Chavismo.png Venezuela:

    Views on certain countries:

    Examples of how the Ideology will be Implemented:


    In Afghanistan, the Ideology first will take years of Authoritarianism to build the people's state and stabilizing the political situation in the country. Firstly, a complete purge against radical islamic elements and tribalist ideas must be removed completely from Afghanistan, holding back Afghanistan and is seen as after-effects of neoconservatism and imperialism scarring Afghanistan. During the first years, revolutionary violence is required to get rid of those holding back Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile, after purging against the elements holding Afghanistan back to the stone age, a policy of secularism should be implemented as too much religious implementation in a society will eventually lead to being Islamic theocracies, therefore a seperation between the government and the state-sponsored Islamic sect is necessary, other forms of more radical Islam will be purged. Then, a slow transition into the industrialization program of Afghanistan and a pursuit of a policy of scientific socialism is needed in order for Afghanistan to fully become a technologically advanced, developed society, while keeping a strong military force to protect Afghanistan from Western Imperialists and their puppets like the radical Islamists, aiming to create a strong, secular, socialist government.


    South Africa:



    Chef's Kiss:=


    • Patcon.pngPaternalistic Conservatism- Based for a capitalist.
    • Sec.pngAuthoritarianism- To guide a country and for it to prosper, you need strong leaders, and men who will actually get things done. Spineless democracies can't do that.
    • Authdem.pngAuthoritarian Democracy- Democracy should only be guided by a strong leader that is able to get shit done. Period.
    • Demsocstar.pngDemocratic Socialism- One of the few good forms of Democracy since this one actually uses democratic means to implement socialist ideology for a country.
    • Socauth.pngSocial Authoritarianism- Basically Socdem but based. Socauth get so much more done for the country than literally almost all socdems can and in general, based. My only criticism of Socauth is to go a bit further economically left.
    • AnWaifu.png Anarcho-Animegirlism -はい、アニメが好きだ。どうして君は無政府主義者?

    Pretty Based:

    • Distributist.pngDistributism- Based economics, although you have to turn a bit more left, but otherwise, pretty good.
    • PolState.pngPolice Statism- Fund the police. Crush traitors, crush foreign agents, crush criminals, and crush those that are disrupting stability, national security, and society.
    • Keynes.pngKeynesianism-One of the few Capitaloids I won’t line up against the wall, you had good ideas for your time, but now it’s outdated.
    • Mach.pngMachiavellianism- As long as the outcome is positive, I wouldn't be afraid to use whatever means possible. Revolution, War, etc, these are all necessary in some cases. Being an idealist and soft on politics will not get you anywhere.
    • Laicism.pngLaicism- Too radical for my liking, but still, secularism is good and religion should stay a personal matter. French secularism is too far and State Atheism is fucking gay as shit.
    • Natcon.pngNational Conservatism- Conservatism and Nationalism is based, and civil policies are alright but be more auth, but some of your leaders in Asia are awful, still decent, and Singapore, Poland and to a lesser extent Hungary is based.


    • Plcn2.pngPaleoconservatism- Some aspects of this ideology is pretty decent, even if some parts aren't my cup of tea. Better than your average Western progtard though.
    • Councom.pngCouncil Communism- Had good ideas, but stop being with the anti-bolshevism and how you're generally too lib for my liking.

    Pretty Cringe:

    • Dem.pngDemocracy- Ideally this seems like a good system, but there is a good reason why i put it in 'ideally'. Half the time Democratic leaders are either ruled by incompetent fools or completely messed around by clowns under the disguise of politicians. Why is it that many countries (including democratic ones) during their rise have been ruled by strong, powerful leaders?
    • Rpop-tinfoilhat.pngRight-Wing Populism- Populism is based and some Rpops have some good ideas, but quite a fair number of Rpops have some cringe ideas, like Welfare Chauvinism. Economic Liberalism is gay though.
    • Anti-antirevision.pngAnti-Anti-Revisionism- While I agree not all revisionists are bad, some are based, like Kadar, Bac Ho, Hu, Xi, Castro, etc, but, betraying the central principles of Marxism-Leninism is just an outright ass move to do. Plus, I despise Revisionists like Khrushchev for causing the fall of the USSR and how Tito wanted to imperialize others and rely on the IMF is cringe. Bloody hell, why can't those that defend revisionists not get that revisionism was the one that caused the fall of communism and socialism and destroyed it's reputation?


    • Monarch.pngMonarchism-Why does a fatass family that does nothing to serve the people get to dominate the people? I don't get it.
    • Theocrat.pngTheocracy- Religion and Politics should remain seperate or have very little influence (exceptions apply), cope.
    • Authcap.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism- The only and ONLY reason why you aren't among the worst ideologies existed is because there are some Authcaps that are good, like Lee Kwan Yew, Nazarbayev, and Kagame, otherwise, hella shitty ideology.
    • MLM.pngMarxism-Leninism-Maoism- It's funny to see that your "People's War" is just terrorism that ended up getting you hated by the entire fucking population. Guzman, Sison, and Shigenobu are perfect examples. MLM does not understand anything about Marxism-Leninism, nor anything about Mao's theory of People's War. These fucks are terrorists painted in Red. I rarely prefer Right wing dictatorships but Marcos, Fujimori, and the Japanese government made the right choice to suppress MLM.
    • Ultranat.pngUltranationalism- I love my country, but you take it way too far. Still rather Ultranats than Self-Haters though.
    • Cdem.pngChristian Democracy- Having Religion influence politics, plus having a sham, corruptible democracy known as 'liberal democracy'. Cringe at it's finest. Although the ASP is based.
    • LeftCom.pngLeft Communism- The only thing you retards ever do is shit on Marxist Leninists for not blindly following Marxism (which is a science and is supposed to adapt to the conditions of each country), while ML's can GET A LOT FUCKING MORE DONE than you retards ever would.
    • Hcon.pngLGBT Conservatism- Better than most ideologies that focus on LGBT, but still, LGBT in politics are a big no-no.
    • Nalib.pngNational Liberalism- Being a Nationalist does not make a difference about how shitty this ideology is. Better than Most Liberals I admit, but that's a low bar.
    • Liberalsoc.pngLiberal Socialism- Mandela and Nagy are based but literally almost every other liberal socialist is either a liberal, shitlib, or someone that just cares about preserving the status quo than changing it to benefit the people and the workers. Destroy liberal "socialism".
    • Clib.pngClassical Liberalism- You're good in like the 1700's or the 1800's but right now you are nothing more than a libtard capitaloid that represents the exploitative, cancerous status quo.

    Terminally Ill Abominations:-

    • Antifa.pngAntifa- Don't fucking dare compare yourself to anti-fascist heroes. I despise fascism but you deserve to be suppressed. You're just a bunch of woke terrorists that do nothing but loot stores and terrorize those culturally right of Kamala.
    • NeoLibtard.pngNeoliberalism- Imagine running an economy just based off exploitation, suffering and greed. Can't be me.
    • Egotard.pngEgoism- Manifestation of pure selfishness. Max Stirner probably doesn't have any braincells.
    • Neocuckservative.pngNeoconservatism- Name me a difference between you and the Nazis and Terrorists you claim to fight, you can't. Neocucks deserve a Barbara Pit as much as those Ustashoids do.
    • Imp.pngImperialis- Imperialists and anyone that has the audacity to simp for this ideology. (Looking straight at Joshua Wong), every single fucking one of them deserve to be Dirlewangered. The sole reason for imperialist sympathizers to exist is so that they can be baked alive.
    • Awaj.pngAll forms of Anarchism- Imagine wanting to destroy the state and plunge the country into nothing but chaos and shit like that. Name one anarchist society that lived for more than 5 years, you can't.
    • Thar.pngAnti-Authoritarianism- Tell me you're retarded without telling me you're retarded. Plus, why are you wasting so much words and shit, just to define the word "cringe"?
    • Trot.pngTrotskyism- How are you any different from being a Red Neocon? Also, nice pick, Stalin. Trots deserve the pick.
    • Libertarian.pngLibertarianism- "mUh dON't ThReAd oN mE!!!!!11!11!!1!!111!11!!11!" no bitch I tread on whatever the fuck I want, problem? Gigachad.png
    • Minarchist.pngMinarchism- You're better than Anarchism but let's face it, it isn't that hard to be better than anarchists. Plus, repeating what I said for Lolberts, I thread on whatever the fuck I want.
    • Obj.pngObjectivism- Imagine having your entire ideology just being ass and the pure manifestation of selfishness and just being an outright cunt to the poor. "Muh survival of the fittest!!!!!!!!11!1!11!!11!11" I'll fucking feed you to the alligators in Africa, since that's what you want. Ayn Rand should've been killed by Stalin.
    • Esofash.pngEsoteric Fascism- I can be Schizo and be delusional at times but nowhere near this level that it fucking terrifies me. Still overall based Troll.png In all seriousness, this ideology is just an outright LARP. Take your pills.
    • Statlib.pngState Liberalism- I'd unironically rather an esoteric fascist society like how Himmler, Evola, Serrano, etc. advocated than this shit. I'm not joking.
    • Ultraprogressivism.pngSJW.pngRevolutionary Progressivism- You are not left. You never will be. The only somewhat acceptable person on the cultural far left is Mao and even he would've had all revprogs and sjws shot (I say that as a good thing btw). Revprogs destroy society as a whole with their disgusting plague. The only way to solve the woke plague now is complete suppression. They deserve it.
    • Libfem.pngLiberal Feminism- I'd rather fucking stuff my dick inside a grinder than date a Libfem. Period. This is Neocon but done by women, no different in terms of the chaos they cause.
    • 3way.pngThird Way- STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, PINK IMPERIALIST. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! Turd Wayists are just Neocon painted with a better name, no different in terms of the genocide and the misery they cause, just like all Western Imperialists.
    • Corp.pngCorporatocracy- Nationalize all major companies. Sentence Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos and all those exploitative pieces of shit to death.
    • Plutocrat.pngPlutocracy-..........
    • Ford.pngFordism- The ultimate stage of liberalism.
    • Fiscon.pngFiscal Conservatism- You don't conserve shit.
    • Reactard.pngReactionarism- I hate SJWs and majority of Western progtards but I hate reactionaries as well. I simply don't see the need to go back to "le based tradpilled 1500's society of medieval europe", have fun getting sold off as slaves then. (I say this as a conservative and vehement anti-cultural liberal myself)
    • Mediastocracy flair.pngMediacracy- Fuck the media. The Abolishment of the Fairness Doctrine polluted almost all of the mainstream media into either Liberal or Neocuck propaganda. Support true media like the Grayzone.
    • Civlibert.pngCivil Libertarianism- Yes, I'm authoritarian, cope.
    • Altr.pngAlt-Right- Get out of your room and get some friends, honestly
    • Neobert.pngNeo-Libertarianism- Kill yourself. Somehow Lolbert but made even worse with it's Imperialism. These kinds are the ones I'd immediately send to the camps.
    • Fash.pngFascism- Those like you belong in the pits in Slovenia. That's all.
    • Succdem.pngSocial Democracy- You're all talk but no action. Those that follow this ideology do not serve the people, instead they serve the neoliberal elite and the woke plague. It should've returned back to it's revolutionary roots. Plus, I can never forgive this ideology for killing Sankara and Rosa, filthy capitalist dicksuckers.
    • Cap.pngCapitalism- A system based off greed, exploitation, corruption, and the suffering of many. Capitalists are murderous, unsympathetic greedy fucks that want to preserve a system oppressing workers and the common people. The only forms of good capitalism are Keynesianism, State Capitalism, and Georgism. (I have criticisms for the three, even so). Capitalism is a system built off exploiting greed and the suffering of 99% to benefit the 1%.
    • Soclib.pngSocial Liberalism- Sympathetic to neoliberalism, degenerate, liberal, I literally have nothing positive to say to modern Social Liberalism. It used to be based in Roosevelt times, but now this is just socdem but somehow even worse for sympathizing with neolibs.


    • Goulash.pngGoulash Communism- Janos Kadar is gigabased and one of my main ideological inspirations.
    • Castro.pngCastroism- Literally me but for Latin America. Based. Viva Fidel!
    • Hochi.pngHo Chi Minh Thought- BASED. You are a hero for the human race. You showed us that the Vietnamese people are not scared of any imperialist power wanting to destroy it. You are a brave fighter, and one of humanity's greatest men.
    • 3princ.pngTridemism (only the Left)- Only those that followed true Tridemist principles and followed the true ideas of Dr. Sun. The Tridemists I respect. Those that destroyed Chiang's genocidal fascist regime.
    • RevLeftKMT.png Revisionary Left-Wing Tridemism- That's what I'm talking about. Based from head to toe. Nothing can be more flawless than this.
    • Lincolnism.png Lincolnism - One of the few Americans that dedicated their country to the path of righteousness and anti-imperialism. If you were to come back to life, you would be fighting against the current American Imperialist government.
    • Hujintao.pngScientific Outlook on Development:

    - Be Hu Jintao
    - Effectively end the SARS pandemic
    - Turn the economy more socialistic
    - Mantained firm party discipline with the eight honours and eight shames
    - Economy boomed and people's lives improved
    - Purged Corruption
    - Dealt with the Seperatists effectively
    - Did an impressive show on the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai Convention
    - Modest in ruling, yet not scared when dealing with Japanese neocuck arrogance when it comes to historical revisionism
    - Promoting international co-operation yet a nationalist that loves China
    - Promoting fight against Climate Change
    - Overtook Japan in terms of Technology
    - Earnt us respect on the world stage

    • XiJinpingThoughtf.pngXi Jinping Thought- Hu Jintao on steroids. Purged Corruption, continued the economic policies of Hu, Impressively got rid of extreme poverty, Tightened control over companies, Moved the economy more socialistic, Faced off well against the Neocucks and Atlanticoids with the Wolf Warrior diplomacy, Based Chinese Dream policy, dealt with the issue of seperatism well, etc. My only problem with Xi is the South China Sea and (partially) the Zero-COVID policy
    • Absoc.pngArab Socialism- Solidarity with the Arab World's fight against Imperialism, Zionism and Wahhabism! Nasser did nothing wrong!
    • Afrsoc.pngAfrican Socialism- The people of Africa will rise up, seek for it's independence, and fight to forge it's independent path free from Imperialism. Long live the victorious revolutions of the people of Africa!
    • Panc.pngPancasila (only the left)- Sukarno is one of history's bravest statesmen and revolutionaries and the father of a successful modern Indonesia. Your non-aligned policies are based, sadly that bastard Suharto and his genocidal neocuck friends took you down and destroyed indonesia.
    • Bolivarism.pngBolivarianism- Simon Bolivar did nothing wrong.
    • Sukarno.pngMarhaenism- Marxism but applied to Indonesian conditions, overall a fucking based ideology. I fully support a variant of it to be applied in Malaysia. Sukarno is a model for the world to learn from.
    • Long.pngLongism- Huey Long is among the greatest people to have existed in not just America, but the entirety of the Americas. It's American politicians like him that should be respected.
    • Gaddafi.pngGaddafism- Gaddafi is more based than any Libyan leader that has existed. he brought enormous amounts of greatness, prosperity, and a true iconic model to his country. He is among the greatest heroes of both the Arab World and the African World. Sadly, neocucks destroyed the country he spent his life building up. Gaddafi will rise again.
    • Honecker.pngHoneckerism- One of the greatest Eastern European communists, ever. You are the German I respect the most and it should be YOU, that re-unified Germany, instead of the liberal hellhole.


    • Kemal.pngKemalism- The Sun Yat Sen of Turkey, even if you went too far in secularization but everything else Ataturk did was good. Ataturk should come back to fix Turkey, thanks, Erdogan.
    • Guevara.pngGuevarism- A lot of you ideologies and anti-American Imperialism is fucking based, but only if it were that successful....
    • Jeffersondem2.pngJeffersonian Democracy- Your ideals are based and how you fought for your country against Imperialism is respectable. Anti-Corruption is based too. Behind Lincoln, Jefferson is the best president.
    • NatProg.pngBull Moose Progressivism- One of the few kinds of Western progressivism that actually isn't bad. Teddy Roosevelt is based and his social policies did a lot of good, among one of the best. Don't like the Imperialism though, otherwise S-tier President.
    • Ghandi.pngGandhian Socialism- I've always admired Gandhi, no matter in what stage of politics I am in. He's the liberator of all of the Indian people from Imperialism. Rejecting Industrialization is pretty cringe though and a little too peacefulTroll.png
    • Buddhist Socialism.pngBuddhist Socialism- Not a religious person but I'll take this ideology.
    • JapCom.pngBernst.pngReformist Marxism- I don't buy reformism as a whole and Reformist Marxists tend to be too moderate for my liking, but still, based, although peaceful revolution is the way. Bernstein was a fucking clown though.
    • Juche.pngJuche- Concept based and the DPRK is good under Kim Il Sung, but now it really needs some tweaks to go back to it's glory under Kim Il Sung.
    • Swhf.pngSocialism with a Human Face- I have quite the number of criticisms of Dubcek, like how he was still goodbut his ideology is too moderate, but at least Dubcek was still a patriotic socialist and not a liberal, and anti-authoritarianism is pretty bruh, but if the Czechoslovak people like you, you should stay. Brezhnev the social imperialist shouldn't have invaded you and if the invasion never happened, the fears of Czechoslovakia becoming Capitalist might never have happened, goddamit, Brezhnev.

    Kinda Based:

    • Chavismo.pngChavismo- A less based version of Castroism, but Maduro fucked up the economy, still, I'd pick you over westoids, any time of the day.
    • Pron.pngPeronism- Harbouring Nazis were bad but everything else about Peron is based.
    • Baath.pngBa'athism- Ba'athism is based. Nationalism, Arab Unity, Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Zionism, etc. all of which are good theories, but the leaders, like Saddam (even if he did good) were pretty cringe, but Ba'athism has contributed the most to both Iraq and Syria.
    • Bundis.pngBundism- Quite based just drop the overly libertarian stance.
    • Dengf.pngDeng Xiaoping Thought- You did do good and the economic reforms were good abeit too liberal for my liking and you did build the base for China to rise economically, but you have really severe blunders, like the rise of corruption, friendliness to the west and the capitalists, etc.


    • Hoxha.pngHoxhaism- Some of Hoxha's domestic policies like education and industrialization and freeing Albania from Imperialism were gigabased, but anti-religious policies, overparanoia, and uncompromising attitude towards other forms of Communism unbased. Hence why I prefer Ramiz Alia.
    • Tito.pngTitoism- You had based economic policies, supported good third world liberation movements and uniting Yugoslavia and killing Ustashoids are based, but, imperializing Albania and Bulgaria, the entire Macedonization affair, the entire IMF loan shit, 30% Unemployment is pretty cringe, and you're a revisionist. Clearly better than the Western Atlanticoids but still.
    • File:Jiang Tze-min.pngThree Represents- Bringing us into the WTO, crushing the Falun Gong Threat, improving the economy, and having Hong Kong and Macao return to the motherland is based, but you're still a revisionist and corruption exploded under your rule. Plus, why did you dismantle a lot of the social welfare programs?

    Kinda Cringe:

    • Stalin.pngStalinism- Did good for Russia and industrialized many countries, and you did defeat the Nazi war machine in Germany and had surprisingly based Cultural Views, but what you did in the Great Purge and Holdomor puts you down here.
    • Mao.pngMaoism- The only one on the Cultural Far Left I don't hate as much, and similar to Stalin, you did a lot of good by freeing China from Chiang and the Japs, and your early programs were based, but GLF and Cultural Revolution was an absolute shitshow (even for the latter the Gang of Four was responsible). If only Mao had remained his pre-1954 self, his achievements would've been immortal in Chinese history, sadly, he lived to become the shitshow many know today, still, he's pretty much a necessary evil.
    • Trumpism.pngTrumpism- Some of your social policies and your anti-globetard ideologies were good, and you're better than anyone since Kennedy, but you aren't good. You denied climate change, continued support to Israel, and cut taxes for the elites and letting them get away with a lot of bad things, that said, you seem good compared to the Libtards ruining America now.
    • Strasser.pngStrasserism - You know, I would've liked your ideology if you weren't a fucking Nazi.
    • Mug.pngMugabeism- Initally on par with the great revolutionaries of Africa like Nkrumah, Nujoma, Neto, etc. But then you turned to be a corrupt reverse racist that fucked over Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a scenario if you die early to be remembered a hero, or live long enough to become a villain.
    • Franco.pngFrancoism- Crushing the Anarchists, Liberals, and improving the Spanish economy is good but everything else from your sympathy to Hitler and Mussolini, Imperialism, and maniacal percecution against minorities (and even banning other languages) is bad. How could one sympathize with all the shit you've done? I might consider moving you down if you didn't improve the Spanish economy.
    • Fujimori.pngFujimorism- The only things I could credit this piece of shit with is improving Peru's economy and beating the shit out of Abimael Guzman. That's it, otherwise, you're a corrupt piece of shit, repressed the poor, and sterilized natives for no actual reason whatsoever. Typical Neoliberal. The fact you're among the least insane American-backed tyrants means something.
    • Khom.pngKhomeinism- Iran hates Israel, America and Saudi Arabia and that's based but that's more or less the only good here. Khomeini's social views are terrible that converted Iran into this Islamic theocracy, and contributed to making the Middle East a hotbed of conflict. I'd prefer Iran over Israel though.
    • Gaullismicon2.pngGaullism- One of the few good things I can say about you is your Anti-Nazism, Paternalistic Conservatism, and your more independentist stance from NATO, but otherwise, Charles De Gaulle is still an Imperialist which is absolutely unacceptable.
    • Jacobin.pngJacobinism- Had some really good ideas in terms of building a republic for the people of France and off with the Feudalism of the King, but then this turned to this radical maniacal ideology that killed random people. Killing the aristocrats and the king is based, though. Similar to Maoism.
    • Labzion.pngLabour Zionism- Just because you're a Socialist does not fucking excuse your Zionism. Bundism is infinitely better than "Socialist" Zionists.


    • Zio.pngZionism- Just because the Jews suffered from genocide does not mean they get to get away with doing the same thing to the Palestinian people. I don't even oppose the idea of a Jewish state, but what Israel is doing is absolutely abhorrent.
    • Burmasoc.pngBurmese Way to Socialism- A more moderate version of Pol Potism, but still terrible. Fucked over Myanmar and destroyed a country with potential. You're not a real socialist. Ne Win is a maniac under the disguise of a socialist.
    • 4thReichEU.pngEuropean Federalism- Keep your filthy, Imperialist, globetard hands off Belarus and Poland.
    • Hindutva.pngHindutva- Thanks for ruining India in such a short span of time! Congratulations for being the most retarded ideology in place in Indian history!
    • Salazar.pngSalazarism- Basically Franco but much more insane. Your economics can't redeem you, your imperialism and the way you treated your colonies are absolutely abhorrent, so much so that even the American imperialists oppose you, and turned your country into a near-theocracy.
    • Pinochet-hat.pngPinochetism- Haha helicopter meme funni!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah bitch what if I throw you and all your pedophilic imperialist sympathizers down to the pits in Slovenia? Those that like Pinochet should like Oskar Dirlewanger, period.
    • Jacksonian Democracy.pngJacksonian Democracy- Treated the natives like shit, Imperialist, and Terrible Economics, and conducted Slavery. The only respectable Jacksonian Democrat is James K. Polk but even then his takes on Slavery is bad, I credit you for beating the shit out of the Brits but that doesn't make you good.
    • BritFash.pngBritish Fascism- Terrible ideology led by a delusional maniac. The only ever fucking good from Mosley is his support for gender equality and anti-capitalist globalism, that's it, even then, Mosley himself is arguably just as bad, if not worse that capitalist globetards.
    • Eurocom.pngEurocommunism- If there's an ideology even more clown than Bernstein, Ebert, Brezhnev, etc. Combined, that'll be this ideology, Stop denying it. Eurocoms are Liberal Globetards in denial.
    • Khrusch.pngKhrushchevism- Revisionist, Social Imperialist, Caused the Sino-Soviet Split, and so on. You paved way to the demise of the Soviet Union. It all started with your betrayal to Marxism-Leninism, then Brezhnev's Imperialism and Corruption, and Gorbachev who is everything above + being a traitorous Western puppet that paved way to the destruction of not just russia but multiple others as well. Malenkov should've succeeded Stalin instead of you.

    Send the tanks.:

    • Showa-kanmuri.pngShowa Statism- The most vile out of all the World War 2 Axis. This ideology is so fucking savage that even some Nazis sympathized with my people in the face of horrifying crimes ordered by Tojo. I hate the destruction of culture, history and stuff like that but I'll make an exception for this. Just the mention of Japan's genocidal, imperialist past is a shame for the entirety of the Japanese people.
    • Polpot.pngPol Potism- A madman that turned Cambodia into the stone age, imperialist, and slaughtered his own countrymen for no reason in the name of Communism. You're a disgrace. A Social Imperialist, a maniac, and everything evil combined into one.
    • Ilminism.pngIlminism- Korean version of Showaism. Genocidal, tyrannical and did absolutely nothing for South Korea. I feel bad for those that suffered under Ilminism.
    • Nazi.pngNazism- Should I even explain? Hitler is the Tojo of Europe, both unleashed unprecendented, genocidal, imperialist violence over innocent people, and both are some of history's biggest murderers.
    • Jihad.pngJihadism- Even I, as a non-muslim, understands that Jihad (struggle) doesn't mean doing the shit that you do. The Quran teaches people to do good and be good people, while this sickening ideology doesn't even follow what the Quran says. If you have even the slightest sense, you hate Jihadists.
    • Persondignity.pngPerson Dignity Theory- South Vietnam deserves to be uttery and completely destroyed. The Viet Cong was a people's rising against an Imperialist satelite state that does nothing but bring misery and genocide to the Vietnamese people. If you defend South Vietnam, I recommend you to get a fucking brain.
    • Antijap.pngAnti-Japaneseism- Look. I despise the shit out of Japanese politics and I despise the shit out of the Government of Japan and I absolutely want the monarchy out, but what makes you down here is your self-hatred and wanting to destroy your entire race. Sure, you're smarter than woketards but It's not that hard. Even for the Japanese, a country where it's politics are among the most fucked up, should have a Socialist, Nationalist revolution, not self-hatred. Fucking hell this ideology reminds me of Joshua Wong.
    • Kahan.pngKahanism- Zionism but somehow made even worse.
    • Hutupower.pngHutu Power- This ideology is among the worst mass murderers in not just the entire history of Africa, but mankind. the Rwandan Genocide is no different than how the Europeans treated the native African people, and that means something when I compare them to European Imperialism.
    • HKDem icon.pngHong Kong Democratism- Die.


    • GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought - Overall a based chad authleft anti-woke and anti-liberal just like me. There are no flaws other than his stance on Dengism, but still overall a based ideology. A tad bit less radical of you will do.
    • ConSocNat.png Veronism - Based, and pretty much me but slightly more economically left.
    • Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism - Great ideology, and his stance on wokes, imperialists, and neolibcucks are mega based, however, Authoritarianism helps defend the People's state from Imperialist interests.
    • Scarlet Icon.png Scarletism - Great ideology overall just go a bit more left and auth
    • NeoBingo.png Neo-Bingoism - The Monarchism part is cringe but every other part of this is based
    • NeoImmorx.png Novoimmorxism- Algerian comrade.
    • DN Adm.png Darknight Yuusha Model- You're the best choice for the Philippines since Luis Taruc. A bit too civically liberal but everything else is based. The Philippines needs you.
    • Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism- Similar to above. Left Anti-Communism is retarded but the others do work, go a bit more left and auth. I prefer your authoritarian version though.

    Kinda Based:

    • Bmanthought.png Bman thought - Based. Your ideology and mine matches almost identically but you're more culturally right, I prefer your old ML ideology though.
    • AntiFairy.png Anti-Fairyism - Don't know a whole lot about your ideology, but it seems good
    • CTOATism.png CTOATism - Basically me but less auth, leftist, and more religious
    • TonyNew.png South Floridan Socialism - Great job taking the based redpill and becoming a socialist. Drop the progressivism though, otherwise it's pretty decent


    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - Nice ideals, but why support the westerners? At best tbh, you're neutral in my book since you're too liberal for my liking and too Pro-Atlanticist.
    • Typicalfan2.png TypicalFan1 Thought - Somewhat alright for an AuthRight as he actually advocates for welfare to some people instead of full on exploitation (like Pinochet), although I disagree with the mainly cultrally right social policies and the gun rights part, I do somewhat agree with him economically and his stance on nationalism.
    • Syntridem.pngSyncretic Tridemism- There are some based ideals in your ideology, like adherence to Tridemism, Georgism, Kemalism and all such are based and your social policies are based. Being a bit sympathetic to the West is bad and supporting Chiang is cringe, and too anti-communist. Better than what Modern Taiwan and much of the West is, though.


    • Nazbol.png Paleo-PATSCism - Not much better than Trotsky and Gonzalo tbh, I was damn fucking stupid back then.

    Extremely Cringe:

    • MonHein.png Heinrich-Cheungism - I hate this ideology and I disagree with him on majority issues completely, an example being economics.
    • Anti Pan Asian Tridemist Socialism - Whoever that even has 10% similarity with this abomination or sympathizes with it, I'll come to your house, burn it down, shoot you and then turn myself in to the cops.
    • Corplibswap.png Tony567 Left Corporatocracy - Corporatocracy + First World Culturally Left is cringe. I'm not convinced.
    • Anti-Cflski.png Anti-Celfloskism-You like PRC and CCP. But PRC doesn't want another Pol Pot to rule. You just a psychopathic ideology. Racism, Genocide, Torture, Remake Your Name, Remake Demon Slayer and zoophilia even denying Nanking Massacre! You mixed too much bad ideology to me, Burn in hell! You are basically Pol Pot, kill yourself.
    • Anti-Scarletism and Anti Chirotesla.png Anti-Lairism - Friends with the abomination known as Anti Pan Asian Tridemist Socialism.


    • Keqing.pngKeqingism- I like you and everything there is about you, but go for Communism, go for Leninism. Become Marxist Leninist. I see a lot of Lenin in you, just not be capitalist, maybe?


    • Liyuemodel.pngLiyue Model- I HATE CAPITALOIDS, but you just need to be more Socialist.
    • Favon.pngFavoniusism- Too liberal.
    • EiEternal.png Ei's Eternity- Become Jucheist and abandon the Reactionarism, then you'd be based. Raiden Ei is Genshin's Kim Il Sung, I want that to become a reality.


    • TsarTheo.pngTsaritsa Theocracy- Tsarist Russia but somehow made even worse. I show zero fucking remorse whenever I kill Fatui Pigs in the open world.




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