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    Pan-Anglicism is a political movement that advocates the creation of a union or a federation with all Anglo-Saxon nations, such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

    He supports the actions of all English-speaking countries specifically those aligned with the Commonwealth and NATO.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a globe pattern over it.
    3. Fill the oceans British blue.
    4. Fill the land British red.
    5. Give it a top hat and a monocle.
    6. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Royal Blue #012169 1, 33, 105
    Red #C8102E 200, 16, 46




    • Republicanism - Good as long as it isn't irish
    • Zionism - Never forget who gave you that land you bloody peasants!
    • Plutocracy - You can dress a pig up in fancy clothes but its still a filthy savage.
    • American Model - Idiots who rebelled against the queen but went crawling back to us.
    • Classical Liberalism - These heathens inspired my colonies to rebel but they too learned their place.
    • Bankocracy - Why yes the commonwealth is the economic soul of the british empire, are you jealous?


    Further Information

    Down below is a table detailing the short history of all anglo-saxon nations.

    History of Anglosphere
    Year Western Roman Empire Western Roman Empire
    400s Kingdom of Haestingas Kingdom of Haestingas Sub-Roman Britain Sub-Roman Britain
    455 Kingdom of Kent
    477 Kingdom of Sussex Kingdom of Sussex
    519 Kingdom of Wessex
    527 Kingdom of Essex
    825 Kingdom of Wessex
    860 Kingdom of Sussex
    921 Kingdom of Wessex
    927 Kingdom of England North Sea Empire
    1042 Kingdom of England
    1701 Kingdom of Great Britain
    1776 United States of America Kingdom of Great Britain
    1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    1867 Canada United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    1901 Australia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    1922 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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