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    Pan-Africanism is an ideological and political movement, first aimed at uniting Africans to combat racial oppression (late 19th - early 20th century); since the 1950s - a movement for the liberation of all the peoples of Africa, the unification of liberation forces in the fight against colonialism and racism.


    19th century

    Pan-Africanism began to take shape at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. at the initiative of Black intellectuals from the United States and the West Indies, who demanded an end to racial discrimination and the granting of civil and political rights to black people.

    The foundations of modern pan-Africanism were laid by the 5th Pan-African Congress in Manchester , 1945). People like William Du Bois, Kwame Nkrumah, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Jomo Kenyatta and other figures of the African liberation movement all took an active part. The Manchester Congress outlined a practical program for the political liberation of Africa. By setting the task of liberating all the peoples of Africa, regardless of their racial affiliation, the pan-African movement contributed to the general rise of the liberation struggle on the African continent. After the conquest of political independence by most African countries, the pan-African idea began to be embodied in the establishment of comprehensive inter-African ties and in the support of movements seeking the elimination of colonial and racist regimes.

    After African countries gained independence, pan-Africanism was associated with the idea developed by the first president of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah in the 1960s, in order to create a single state on the African continent - the United States of Africa. After his death in 1972, Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi assumed the mantle of leader of the Pan-Africanist movement and became the most outspoken advocate of African Unity.

    There are two flags used to represent this movement: Green-Yellow-Red, based off the Rastafari movement colors of Ethiopian flag (many independent states have adopted this color scheme, seeing as Ethiopia was the only uncolonized African country), and Red-Black-Green which is rather a flag of Black Nationalism than Pan-African movement.

    20th century



    Pan-Africanism, who had a long time lived in his native land suffered the worst of colonialism. Believing he can improve Africa, he wants to do everything to make sure Africans are united, which is why he hangs out with other Black ideologies to discuss "African unity". However, believing internationalists are only pretending to "care" for Africans to preserve soft imperialism, he can be very skeptical about these foreigners building investments right in front of his door and has a hard time trusting them.



    • Anti-Imperialism - The western powers will never be forgiven for robbing the African people, especially when they still do it to this day.
    • African Socialism - Nkrumah, Sankara, Lumumba, Keita, Mandela, Machel, etc were all brave people and didn't deserve to get ousted. I hope you can liberate the African people from neo-colonial corporate chains. Capitalism exploits the people of Africa, see Ivory Coast
    • Black Nationalism - He helped unite the African people from guidance and guided them to the hopes of liberation from white oppression. Not definitely has the right spirit.
    • Gaddafism - You were the hero, and one of my best champions. Your Third International Theory, the one-Africa currency, everything about you makes you a fucking legend! Rest well king! Africa loves you!
    • African Traditionalism - Never forget the wisdom our ancestors taught us. African cultures and traditions need to be preserved and practiced from western indendecy.
    • Mansa Musa - God bless Africa's wealthiest man!
    • Castroism - Fighting against Salzar, Apartheid, and that klepocrat Mobutu? Based! Also a fellow supporter of my brother BlackNat.
    • Pagan Theocracy - African religions were cool even if I like monotheistic religions too. These were the religions of out ancestors of course.
    • Maoism-Third Worldism - Sorta my Maoist descendant though Afrsoc?
    • Dependency Theory - So you are telling me that my people are the "Periphery", and that we are being unfairly exploited by the first world nations you call the "core".... yeah, NO SHIT!!!!
    • Kagameism - You've done good for Rwanda, but you could be less neoliberal. But still you are a model, thank you for saving Rwanda from those maniacs..


    • Anarkata - Anarcho-Blacknat?
    • Mobutism - You're fucking disappointing in my family.
    • Malemaism - I get you to hate Imperialists and Atlanticists, That's great, but crap, cool down with your anti-white sentiment. That's not how We get rid of racism in our continent.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - At least you're not the West. But we're just not going to exploited this time!


    • Kleptocracy - You don't care for the African people, you only care for the money that westerns pay you to occupy African countries! May the people rise up!
    • Imperialism - Disgusting racist exploiter who exploited and mistreated our people and used "divide and conquer" to separate amongst them! I'll never especially forget the Congo Genocide!!!
    • Neoliberalism - Finically ruining the African continent under the name of "development & benefits".
    • Neoconservatism - Now tell me, why is Africa so impoverished and underdeveloped? Is it because you walk in uninvited to kill anyone who opposes you and leave behind destruction? First Lumumba, then Sankara, and not long ago Gaddafi, you killed our heroes! Get out!
    • Apartheid and Rhodesian Nationalism - RIP bozos, you won't be missed!
    • Hutu Power - Stop it! Tutsis are brothers, you're only allowing Africans to be divided even more!
    • Fascism - Piss off, never forget the atrocities you did in Ethiopia and Libya!
    • Gaullism - I hate Françafrique!

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