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    Palostiusism is a self-insert ideology followed by user Palostius. It is a totalitarian, capitalist and traditional ideology. It believes that society should be a hierarchy based on physical appearance and intellectuality. Palostiusism is a completely unironic ideology, it not a LARP at all. Palostiusism aims to create an ideal world where the attractive and smart get loads of benefit and become the ruling elite while those who aren't are punished. The aim of Palostiusism is the creation of a new superhuman master race where men are warriors and leaders and women are meant to please men and he also hopes that he will be worshipped as the supreme founder of this utopian society.


    • One Party dictatorship
    • Nearly everything is privatised
    • Healthcare is abolished, the state believes in survival of the fittest.
    • All drugs are illegal
    • If anyone does anything the state doesn't like then they get killed or sent to a forced labor camp for the rest of their life
    • Women have zero rights, I am not a women so I don't care if they don't like not having rights.
    • Being LGBT+ is not allowed and the state aims to make them extinct and forgotten.
    • Having severe physical and mental disabilities is not allowed.
    • A person's salary for their job depends on several factors for example if a woman is really attractive then they get paid more but they are only allowed to do feminine jobs if they work at all. A man's pay depends on his intellect and other things.
    • Women who are not super attractive are punished by being tortured or enslaved mercilessly while beta/soy as well extremely ugly males are also punished.
    • Trade Unions banned.
    • Palostiusism is also somewhat of a class supremacist despite only being middle class, he thinks that the poor mostly have less value and believes the rich are superior and are more cultured (though not of all them) though he believes the the class system needs to be reorganised as several people are in the wrong place.
    • Eugenics.
    • Promotion of capitalism but the market is heavily restricted on what you can produce.
    • Heavy promotion of tradition.
    • Lots of things I don't like are banned such as entire genres of books, games, movies, music etc.
    • I believe that man-made climate change is a hoax and is a political agenda to make everyone eat bugs. This however does not mean that pollution or anything like that is acceptable, if caught even just littering you receive heavy punishment.
    • Palostiusism believes that there three types of superior males, the intellectual/enlightened, the strong, attractive, outgoing alphas and combinations of both. He believes that socialism would prevent them from thriving.
    • Heavy opposition to socialism, it believes that a socialistic society will eventually become off-compass and it will be a dystopia where we are all forced to share everything, it will only be more extreme from there and it will be eventually that all atoms in the universe are collectivised and it is possible it will become so that everything will share the same mind. I could write an entire page on why socialism is bad and dystopian.

    Is Palostius an incel/sexist ideology?

    Despite what you may have heard, Palostius is not an incel or sexist, he is anti-feminist and pro woman since he supports attractive women having privileges such as luxury items. Women should appreciate their traditional gender roles and the Bible story of Adam and Eve shows that women are naive and weak and need men protecting them. It is part of nature for a species for have one gender rule over the other so it's natural for humans to be patriarchal as they have been since the dawn of mankind meanwhile some species such as hyenas are matriarchal. It is not natural for a species to get rid of this gender bias.

    Why does Palostius hate the left so much?

    He believes that socialism will inevitability evolve into hive mind collectivism this is due to capitalism would eventually come back as some people would be fed up to not being allowed to be rich and become the first generation of capitalists since the 'glorious' revolution through cunning stuff. In order for this be prevented, the bourg thought must also be eliminated and not just the bourgs themselves, this means the most minor of selfish acts (such as going on a walk by yourself) are punished. Palostius also opposes leftism because the left supports equality of which Palostius hates as he believes that a majority are subhuman and need to be ruled over thus even if socialism doesn't evolve in HMC it is still dystopian. The left assumes a person has value just because they are poor / a worker, the left (the progressive left) also supports lgbt and women's rights which is bad. Palostius thinks the culturally right left is slightly better but is also contradictory since why make everyone equal when you can make the superior people the elite and make the undesirables the lower class?


    Main Ideologies



    • Environmentalism - I believe in protecting the environment but man-made climate change isn't a thing
    • Ancap - The only good anarchist


    • The left - You're not only wrong, you're stupid!
    • Anarchism - Disorganisation and chaos
    • Ancom - Extremely cringe
    • Socialism - The workers (most of them) don't deserve the own the means to production, many of them are ugly and stupid. The ones who are attractive and intellectual deserve promotion. I hate socialism because it does not please my ego that ugly and unattractive people living in equality.
    • Off-Compass Communalism - This is what all socialist ideologies lead to
    • Feminism - Get back to the kitchen!
    • Ultra Hyper Leftist Dystopianism - The ideology I'm trying to prevent!
    • Ego-Communism - Emma Goldman was pure cringe
    • Cheiristocracy - The opposite of me
    • Social Democracy - Screw welfare states, why help the weak?

    Self Inserts




    Variants of my ideology

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