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    Paleoreactionary is a right-wing, authoritarian, reactionary, and religious ideology that much like paleoconservatism.Stresses WASP Christian ethics, nationalism, paternalism, regionalism, and traditionalism. These are however, done by Reactionary practices.


    When it comes to economics. Paleoreactionary supports Protectionist Capitalism advocated by his father paleoconservatism, which he soughts to have a free market, but have tariffs. However, what the other things he inherit economically from paleoconservatism is the idea of economic nationalization in different measures. He also inherits pacifism from paleoconservatism, opposes international interventionism, strongly opposes immigration, and student exchanges.

    When it comes to culture, they stress the ideals of paleoconservatism with reactionary practices. They protect these values by having government-owned reactionary institutions that promote such paleoconservative values in a strong, reactionary manner. This means that private and modern institutions of any kind, Foreign students, and exchange programs are forbidden. The role of the church is much more prominent in government than what normal conservatives want, mainly that heresy and forbidden acts that are not against criminal law, should be looked down upon and punishment by violating them shouldn't be imprisonment, much like seen as a virus in society, should be isolated from the normal community.

    When it comes to LGBTQ, abortion, and gay marriage. Paleoreactionary strongly opposes all of them. He believes its best that the church to get the community against those ideals and separate anyone who has the exact heresy of those ideals. He also believes any institution including online that promotes modern values, anti-reactionary, woke culture, heresy, or anything related should besuppressed and censored.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Paleoreactionarism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color the botton third in very dark blue
    3. Color the rest with alternating dark pastel purple and white stripes
    4. Draw a Georgian cross or a Jerusalem Cross with a circle around it (Make sure both their colors are dark gold)
    5. Add the eyes and your done!




    • National Socialism - While I admire the idea of fighting troubling institutions, nationalism, and preserving your culture. But third positionism, volkism, and genocide is something im not fond with, so Heil??
    • Hyper-Right Wing SJWism - While I like some of his ideas, but SajZeal added what he really hates of the right that doesn't exist in the authright quadrant and shoved it in Right Wing SJW's face in order to make the right look bad.
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - While I appreciate the traditionalism and capitalism, but you are not a big protectionist, nor you don't have controlling political thoughts of the community and letting any modern-like institution rampant would add up to your downfall, please be careful.
    • Positive Christianity - While he is a tiny bit more accepting than Nazism, I still think he isnt practical enough.
    • White Nationalism - Would it be good enough if I just stress White ethics instead of that?
    • Paleominarchism - Your cultural values are efficient. But your night-watchman state would allow modernist institutions to rise up and put the ideology at death-point. No, the NAP wouldn't do since it isn't enforced correctly.

    Enemies (True Heretics)

    • Centrist Self-InsertsFile:Techsoclib.png - Centrist-like economics are disavow-able, modern institutions are degeneracy, and STEM rule is destructive! Worst ideologies ever!
    • Libleft Self inserts - AHH! YOU ARE EVEN WORSE THAN THE CENTRISTS!!
    • Kira Kween Thought - Its not worth separating you from the community, your fate should be up to PINOCHET INSTEAD!

    Any reference to this Ideology

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