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    Classical Progressivism, also known as Paleoprogressivism, is a form of progressivism. Paleoprogressives believe that progress or social justice is defined by removing barriers to human potential by eliminating outdated customs and traditions; as well as advancing technological and scientific progress. Paleoprogressives historically differed on how to achieve these aims. However, most of them historically were supporters of Nationalism, Eugenicism, and Industrialism. While paleoprogressives can therefore embrace identity politics, often as a means to an end (i.e., the racism of Woodrow Wilson or the original feminists), what distinguishes them from modern progressives is the emphasis on diversity and inclusion being inherent goods. So a paleoprogressive would be more willing to accept drug legalization on the grounds it would exterminate the weak, leading to higher in-group potential (and thus social justice), while modern progressives focus on the injustices criminalizing drugs have on minority communities. So the ends might be similar, but the means and the logic behind them are distinct. Classically progressive ideologies include: New Deal Liberalism, Kemalism, and Bull Moose Progressivism. Spencerism is a modern example of paleoprogressivism.



    Personality and Behaviour

    Paleoprog is very utopian about the future and likes reading comics about flying cars and rayguns. He also supports retrofuturistic aesthetics.



    • Bull Moose Progressivism - My favourite American president of them all.
    • Feminism - Women hold up half the sky.
    • Kemalism - My nationalist counterpart from Turkey. Reason is the way forward!
    • New Deal Liberalism - Maybe a little more ambiguous on the social side, but I very much respect your economic policies.
    • Progressivism - I'm you but a little more old-fashioned.
    • Regulationism - We need at least some economic regulation to ensure authentic social justice for our country.
    • Secularism - Let's keep the church and the state separate.


    • Eugenicism - Well, eugenics was initially conceived as a progressive movement, but... it's complicated, to put it simply.
    • Futurism - Fellow 20th century anti-traditionalist, but you probably need to lay off the amphetamines for once.
    • Progressive Conservatism - You're one of the closest to me these days, but still a little too traditional for my liking. At least we both love Roosevelt.


    • Reactionaryism - I really can't stand your obscurantism and archaic principles. We're so much better than that.

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