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    Paleoegyptianism is the political model of ancient Egypt. It is an authoritarian leftist ideology, combining monarchy, theocracy, socialism, and cultural centrism.

    Ideology information

    In a Paleoegyptianist society, the ultimate ruler is the current Pharaoh. The Pharaoh is seen as the god-on-earth, which makes this society an absolute monarchy. The economy is centrally organized and strictly controlled, with the majority of cultivated land being owned by the king, with the rest being owned by wealthy land owners and tempals. All property was coordinated by the state, in a way that some have compared to State Socialism. The workers are paid with grain, which in this society, can be used as currency, and taxes are paid by the head of household.

    Despite the Paleoegyptianist society being very stratified, all people are equal under the law. Although it contains slaves, they can work themselves out of slavery. Some citizen, enjoy free healthcare. There's also an amazing level of gender equality for the time, although women generally end up less educated than men. On the other hand, there are all levels of punishment for criminals, usually corporal punishment and fines, but sometimes up to death. Prison sentences are rare, as feeding a prisoner in a cell without their labor is seen as unproductive.

    Ancient Egypt

    The ancient Egyptian pharaohs and their family only mated with each other because they saw themselves as Gods and didn't want to intermingle their bloodline with impure mortals. After some generations they became super deformed and died out.


    PalEgy enjoys playing god and dictating everything, with only the Egyptian gods above. Speaking about those, he is really devout to them.





    Further Information


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