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    PaleoRobloxism is the ideology of Roblox before it became a full cash cow. It believes in building, playing and customizing for fun.

    The child of Roblocism, he is the original ideology of Roblox.


    Roblox through 2004-2012


    PaleoRobloxism believes the roblox should be a place where people try to focus more on the creation of unique and fun games instead of the NeoRobloxist thought of remaking the same game for profit. They hope to revert roblox back to when the main focus was expressing the limits of imagination instead of just making Robux.


    • PaleoRobloxism will take on the personality of an old school roblox developer, energetic and full of imagination.
    • He uses his free time to make elaborate and enjoyable games or play games he considers worthwhile.
    • He fights a lot with NeoRobloxism, which sometimes gets bloody.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Fill it with red
    3. Put a R on the ball

    And you're done!



    • Tixonomy Your economy was great! When you were removed, I went to your funeral, and I still miss you pal.
    • Combatocracy You were perfect for Sword Fight on The Heights


    • Bacon Hair Supremacism You became the default avatar in 2014, and I mean, you're fine. But you killed off the old avatars. So you kinda suck.
    • Robuxism You were an ok economy when you were added in 2007. But you betrayed your own Brother. Which is heartless of you.


    • NeoRobloxism You ruined Roblox. You took almost everything out of what was good about Roblox. You took away Tik, You added Rthro, and you made Roblox moderation SO BAD. I hope you get terminated by your own moderation system, and get pwned out of existence you worthless sellout.

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