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    Paelianism is a moderate Libertarian to Libertarian-Right ideology in support of free markets, a positive right to life, and negative rights to most other things. It also thinks space is cool.



    Lazy Government

    The government should only do what is necessary, mostly because the government is lazy and people can usually take care of themselves.


    Antifragility is a concept introduced in Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book Antifragile, which states that some systems gain from uncertainty, stress, and disorder, as opposed to fragile or robust systems that are harmed from them or resistant to them. An example would be evolution versus a robot. Evolution changes creatures to fit their environment, and when the environment changes, creatures adapt with it. A robot on the other hand, would be unsuited for the new environment and wear down or become less useful over time. Systems such as the capitalist economy, decentralized government, evolution, and your body are antifragile systems and are therefore based because they have a harder time collapsing.


    Capitalism is based because it has positive consequences for individuals, respects rights, and is the most antifragile economic system. It could always be improved of course.


    Paelianism wishes there was an easy way to do this.


    Every citizen has the positive right to life, meaning the government ought to maintain their existence, and a negative right to most other things, including privacy, bearing arms, speech, religion, press, etc. The reason that citizens have a positive right to life is because death is bad.

    Cultural Policy

    In the vast majority of instances, cultural policy doesn't matter according to Paelianism. He thinks LGBTQ+ people exist, they can do whatever they want as long as nobody is harmed, and abortion is bad unless the mother would be harmed a lot. Also, there are so many other kinds of birth control, killing babies should be an absolute last resort.


    Space is cool and you can't change Paelianism's mind. Space exploration ought to be encouraged. The

    Experimental policies

    Paelianism supports the government setting up experimental zones to try out different policies, so that way objective evidence-based policy is decided. Policies can be anywhere from trying out a UBI or LVT for a year, or complete anarchy (within the zone) temporarily. Following is a list of policies that Paelianism would like to experiment with


    The easiest and laziest way for the government to provide a positive right to life is a UBI. UBI increases economic activity, eliminates the welfare trap, and has minimum bureaucracy. If there is a better system, Paelianism will adopt that instead, but so far this one seems like the way to go for him.


    Paelianism thinks Georgism and LVT is based. It, like capitalism, makes sense as it relates to natural rights and will likely have good consequences. The punishment of undeveloped property and single-family homes is a good idea to promote more efficient land use.


    Sortition is definitely worth trying, and in fact it should be tried on a local, and then state level.


    All sentient creatures are uploaded to a virtual space, in which they will be free to do whatever they desire, with no harm to others. Interaction with other individuals would also be possible, but they may perceive their interaction differently based on their desires of what the interaction would be. Essentially Hive-Mind Individualism.

    An Example

    A current test of the nonideal system is Paeliopolis, which is currently going fairly well. A current experiment the government is trying is the populace voting for policies rather than people, which is why according to the game it is technically an autocracy. It is more of a Technoliberal system in actuality.

    Relationships with other Ideologies


    Socliber.pngSocial Libertarianism: UBI? Free markets? Freedom in general? BASED!

    Classlib.png Classical Liberalism: Where I was before I found UBI, still very based. Also, #BringBackTheHat.

    HivIn.pngHive-Mind Individualism: Essentially the ideal version of me.

    Neotech.pngTechnoliberalism: Tech good, liberty good, decentralization good, generally a based ideology.


    Libertarian.pngLibertarianism: Nice free markets and liberty, but what about poor people? NAP makes sense though.

    Georgist.png Georgism: I like your analysis of rights as they relate to land, makes a lot of sense. However, I'm not certain that a very high LVT would be good, as it would make owning land a liability. A moderate to low one makes sense.


    Conservatism & Democratism: Ewww, two party system, yuck. Fascism: Hmm yes, how to maximise corruption in 1 easy step Marxism-Leninism: USSR was certainly morally bad and did not achieve its goals whatsoever Marxism: I guess that being disconnected from your labor is bad, but reading your books feels like you're talking down to your audience. Also, UBI solves most of this.

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