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    PCBaller World PCBA edition - Ukraine

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    The Ukrainian Federal Republic, more commonly referred to as Ukraine, is a country in Eastern Europe, located mostly within the Eastern European plain. It is bordered by Hungary, the Balkan Federation and Moldova to the southwest, Poland-Lithuania to the west, Novgorod to the north, the European Union to the northeast, the Eurasian Free Zone to the east, the Union of Transcaucasian Collectives to the southeast and the Black and Azov seas to the south. The majority language is Ukrainian.


    For the pre-2023 history, click here

    Following the end of the Russo-Ukrainian War, the first post-war elections were held in Ukraine, note that Zełenśkyj didn't run because of personal issues and exhaustion from leading the country during the war. Sillymon Gubrin was elected president, and former Lviv mayor Andrij Sadovyj got elected prime minister a few months later. Under the Gubrin administration, Ukraine saw a period of major reconstruction and reform into a federal state. Multiple autonomous Republics were created alongside the main governing body. A large anti-corruption campaign led to a few dozens of politicians and oligarchs arrested, with their assets seized by the government. A new constitution was written up as well with the justification of "The old constitution having many exploitable loopholes that should be removed". In late 2023 the government passed a "Official Latin Transcription" bill, which created the "Standart Ukrainian Latin Script", an adapted version of the Jireček alphabet of the 19th century:

    A, B, C, Ć, Č, D, Ď, DZ, DŹ, DŽ, E, F, G, H, CH, I, J, K, Ł, L, M, N, Ń, O, P, R, S, Ś, Š, T, Ť, U, V, Y, Z, Ź, Ž.

    The Donbas and Crimea use the same alphabet, just with addition of the letter Ř to represent the R' sound. Crimea also uses both the Cyrillic and Latin versions of the Crimean Tatar, Krymchak and Karaim languages. Bereg and Herța use the Hungarian and Romanian languages respectively. The official Rusyn Latin alphabet is the same as the Standart Ukrainian, just with the addition of the letters Ý and Ô.

    The alpabet's orthography is mostly based on that of Polish, specifically regarding Nasalised vowels and the letter "L". Overall the script is close to the Belarusian "Łacinka".

    Main fragment of the Ukrainian anthem in the Latin alphabet:

    • Vže voskresła Ukrajina, i słava, i vola,
    • Vže nam brattia mołodiji, usmichnułaś dola
    • Zhynuť naši vorižeńky, jak rosa na sonci.
    • Zapanujem i my, brattia, u svojij storonci.
    • Dušu j tiło my połožym za našu svobodu,
    • I pokažem, ščo my, brattia, kozaćkoho rodu!

    From late 2023 to mid-2024 the CPU-Rev militia conducted an insurgency on the tripoint between the obłasts of Charkiv, Połtava and Sumy. The Ukrainian Armed Forces were moved into the area and martial law was declared in the 3 provinces. The locals refer to the event as "The bloody months" due to the CPU-Rev committing vile atrocities against suspected pro-government collaborators in the occupied towns and villages. Some estimates state that civilian casualties in the conflict could range anywhere from 4 thousand to 15 thousand. The last prominent CPU-Rev leader Petro Matvijenko is currently in exile, running a YouTube channel defending the organisation. His unknown location sparked many conspiracy theories, the most popular one claiming he escaped to the Eurasian Free Zone.

    In 2025 the Ukrainian government and remains of the Donbas separatist governments signed a peace treaty in Kramatorśk. By the treaty Donbas would become a "Autonomous Federal Region made up of two provinces: Donećk and Łuhanśk.". However, this treaty was not fully implemented, and the remains of separatist militias still controlled parts of the Donbas until 2040. Until then, no open conflict occured, but the situation in the region was still very controversial.

    In 2028 Gubrin stated that "As of right now the plans for the reconstruction of the Donbas, Severia and the Black Sea Littoral are 1/3 done. The Rada statistic board has calculated that the reconstruction will fully be finished by 2044.".

    Gubrin was elected for a 3rd term in 2033, stating that it would be his last.

    In 2038 Majstro Bist was elected president, keeping the PPR in charge for at least another 5 years.

    In 2040 the Donbas was fully re-incorporated into Ukraine through the Rubižne agreement.

    The same year a land trade with Moldova was accepted, exchanging Budjak for Transnistria.


    Ukraine is a semi-presidential federal republic. The Legislature: "Centralna Rada" is made up of representatives of various political parties from the different "Zemłi" - autonomous and/or self-governing provinces. These include:

    • Ukraine (proper)
    • Republic of Crimea
    • Republic of Carpathian Ruthenia
    • Donbas Autonomous Federal Region
    • Bereg-Hungarian Autonomous Republic
    • Herța Autonomous Region

    Aside from the Zemłi, Ukraine is divided into 21 Obłasts and 2 special self-governing cities (Kyjiv and Sevastopol), giving the country a total of 28 administrative-territorial subdivisions.

    In more of a cultural sense, Ukraine has multiple "capitals", these are:

    • The National capital - Kyjiv
    • The Cultural and Business capital - Lviv
    • The Industrial capital - Zaporižžia
    • The Maritime capital - Odesa

    At the same time, each Zemla has it's separate capital with it's own administrative, educational and economic institutions.

    Political Parties

    In parliament:

    Party of Working Families

    Servant of the People



    Communist Party of Ukraine-Renewed

    Following the creation of the CPU-Rev, the remains of the CPU sided with the government, prompting a split in the party and the creation of a reformist, Moderate Communist party.

    Ukrainian Heťman Movement


    Communist Party of Ukraine-Revolutionary

    The CPU-Rev was a militant organisation made up of radical members of the CPU in the wake of the end of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The organisation conducted a series of attacks on government infrastructe and, allegedly, civilian targets in Central and Eastern Ukraine. After Operation "Thunderbolt" most of the CPU-Rev members were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, leading to the leadership committing suicide, yet some of the lesser known members found refuge abroad, and the organisation is still de-jure existant. In global politics, the CPU-Rev was seen as the "Ukrainian Shining Path", the opinions of different countries on the organisation drastically differing.

    Foreign Relations

    Ever since the Gubrin constitution Ukraine has held to a policy of strict neutrality. This decision was made to "Focus the government's vision on our internal issues first." At the same time, Ukraine has multiple trade agreements with neighboring countries, and doesn't regulate tourism. However, in 2040 Ukraine signed a treaty with the Free State of Moldova, under which Transnistria and Budjak were exchanged. Also it totally doesn't work with Kotovia on turning every human on the planet into an eldritch horror.


    Ukraine has a GDP of $430.2 Billion, and a per capita income of $54K. These statistics were drastically improved from their past, underwhelming selves by the new government's economic policies. Most businesses in Ukraine are private and/or family-owned. However, a few companies are either owned by the government or closely affiliated with it:

    • Ukrkosmos

    Ukrkosmos is a company that develops and manufactures spaceship parts and fuel for export worldwide. Currently it is Ukraine's most stable source of income. It's main office is in Žytomyr, which further asserted it's identity as "Ukraine's space capital".

    • ATB group

    ATB group is a government-affiliated grocery store corporation centered in Dnipro. ATB is the average Ukrainian's go-to grocery shopping location according to a survey conducted in 2037.

    • Zełena Ukrajina

    Zełena Ukrajina is a government-created company and charity that holds annual tree-planting waves, especially in Polesia. In the company every Karbovaneć donated equals one planted tree. The main office is in Kyjiv.


    Click here for the national culture

    • Television

    An astounding majority of Ukraine's TV channels and programs are completely independent, including news sources. The most popular "All-Ukrainian" TV channels are 1+1, Tet, ICTV and Inter. All the Zemłi have their own, local-language TV institutions, such as "Pôdkarpatśka Ruś TB" in Carpathian Ruthenia and "Piervyj Donbasskij" in the Donbas.

    • Internet

    No surveys on the popularity of internet sites have yet been conducted in Ukraine.

    • Culture surrounding the war

    The Russo-Ukrainian war of 2014-2023 is seen as a tragedy by most citizens of Ukraine. Even though much of the regions that were once warzones were rebuilt, damage can still be seen throughout. The radiation that came from the nuking of Moscow in WW3 still causes a larger percentage of birth defects and chronic diseases in the Sumy and Charkiv obłasts.

    • Nationalism

    The Ukrainian Nationalist Movements have generally moved away from aggressive nationalism and embraced more moderate national heroes like Mykoła Michnovśkyj or Mychajło Drahomanov. The disputes and arguments surrounding the Wołyń massacres with Poland were resolved in the "Act of international remembrance" of 2025. Monuments commemorating the tragic deaths in Volhynia and Chełm land caused by the OUN-UPA and the Armia Krajowa were created in both Poland and Ukraine, and an agreement was reached regarding the teaching of the points of view of both sides in schools regarding the issue.

    • Anime

    Following the Third World War and the subsequent collapse of the USA and Japan, a lot of anime producers relocated to Ukraine due to it's market friendliness and Gubrin being a huge fucking weeb and began production from the business capital of Ukraine, Lviv. Most post-WW3 anime conventions were held in Ukrainian cities.

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