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    PCBaller World: PCBA Edition/Sweden

    The Kingdom of Sweden is a nation in Scandinavia.


    Third World War

    When the third world war broke out, Sweden was on the Western Powers' side. The nation helped supply them with weapons and education, but was never directly involved in the war. This helped Sweden as it came out of the war relatively fine.

    The Age of Nihilism

    Following the war came what would be called "The Age of Nihilism". Although Sweden didn't suffer any direct effects of the war, its population still suffered from the war's indirect consequences. Economic collapse, lack of foreign resources and political instability led people to distrust the Swedish system. A general dissatisfaction with the promises of Liberalism and a feeling of meaninglessness dominated the population.

    Religious Revival

    The Swedish population's feeling of meaninglessness directly contributed to a religious revival in Sweden. When times got hard people searched for God. Christianity became mainstream again and with it came a return to traditional social values. This all culminated in the creation of the Christian Social Front which went on to transform society into a Reactionary Monarchy. The new government became very traditional, religious and communitarian.


    Some time after the religious revival came the Neo-Romantic movement. This movement wanted to reintroduce romanticist values, ideas and aesthetics into Sweden. An idealization of nature, traditional Swedish culture and folklore are central to the movement and sometimes ideas such as Mysticism are also embraced.

    The government became split on the issue of the Neo-Romantics. Some factions believed it to be a great way to counteract the values of Modernity and return to a more traditional culture. Others saw it as something negative, believing the volkish focus of the Neo-Romantics being a form of Humanism.

    Neo-Romanticism also went on to inspire some of the largest anti-establishment movements in the country. National Swede's Party (which later split into the Norse Futurist Party and Green Association) had romanticism as one of its central concepts.




    Ruling Body

    Christian Social Front

    • Political Position: Syncretic

    Governmental Factions


    • Political Position: Right-Wing

    Larsson's Legion

    • Political Position: Right-Wing

    A faction of the government which is led by the Supreme Commander of the Swedish military, Ingvar Larsson. Its main goal is to fight heresy abroad which it believes may corrupt Swedish society and save these nations from their devilish leaders. Larsson has set his sight on the nations of Kotovia and Kusmar as the bastions of Luciferianism.


    • Political Position: Right-Wing

    Revolutionary Groups


    Norse Futurist Party

    • Political Position: Far-Right

    The NFP is a party which follows a wide range of radical, and sometimes contradictory, beliefs. These include, but are not limited to, viking-warrior aristocracy, hyper-militarism, a mystical form of ultranationalism, extreme social and technological progress, Italian futurism, Norse pagan revival, martial industrial and futurist aesthetics and much more. Although it believes in a totalitarian form of government, it has an anarchic view on issues such as violence, drugs and sexual actions.

    Revolutionary Workers' Party

    • Political Position: Far-Right (with Left-Wing elements)

    A revolutionary party which believes in a "revolution from below" with a great revolutionary myth. Although not directly fascist, its ideas are aligned with fascistic thought such as a national revolution, organicism, a strongman leader and ultranationalism. However, it supports a more decentralised and socialistic economy and a more conservative social policy, rejecting fascism's social revolution.

    Green Association

    • Political Position: Far-Right

    A nationalist party which believes in a form of nationalism which is based on the "volksgeist" or "national spirit". It has a holistic and spiritual view of reality, believing that "the folk" and nature are interconnected. Due to this it wants to return to a pre-modern time when people were more connected to nature. A lot of emphasis is also placed on old folklore which it believes is integral to the "volksgeist".


    Restoration of the Swedish Constitution

    • Political Position: Big Tent

    An organization made up of individuals who want to go back to a pre-WW3 Sweden. It has followers from many different political backgrounds, but they are all generally quite moderate. The positions of its members range from right-wing to left-wing.

    Swedish Libertarian Party

    • Political Position: Center

    Disciples of Pelagius

    • Political Position: Syncretic

    Originally a Neo-Pelagian free church which later turned into a Luciferian cult. While it has kept its Christian liturgy and aesthetics, the ideas that it holds are highly anti-Christian. It believes that by using technology, strength and spiritualism, the individual can reach salvation and become just like God.



    • Political Position: Left-Wing to Far-Left

    Swedish Communist Party

    • Political Position: Far-Left

    Union Against Capital

    • Political Position: Far-Left


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