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    PCBaller World: PCBA Edition/Adalbistan


    How it Works

    Adalbistan works in a Hierarchical system, this list goes from who is at the top to who is at the bottom of it.

    • President: The leader and highest ranked man in the state, the president has the power to command every aspect of the country, including it's constitution. this position is granted through popular vote and elections (in theory).
    • Military: The soldiers and peacekeepers of the nation, their job is to guarantee security and enforce law and order across the nation. They receive some monetary benefits and priorities as a reward for it. This position is voluntarily granted to whoever is the most loyal and capable of defending the Country and the people in it.
    • Subdivisions: The Senates of the 3 regions of the country normally composed of 20 people by region. Their job is to administrate the laws and bureaucracy of their respective state. The regions of Adalbistan cannot abstain from Nation-Wide laws, but they are permitted to have their own laws as long as it doesn't contradict the already existing ones.
    • People: The workers and citizens of the nation, their jobs is to follow the orders by all of the above. The rights of the people are those written in the constitution, they also have the power of choosing their own Senates and President
    • Criminals: The ones that go against the Adalbistani law, in mild crimes they are used on community work and freed when completing their sentence. In extreme cases, they are labeled as "Enemies of the Nation", get subjugated to forced labour, and lose the majority of their civic rights. In very extreme cases, they punished with death or sold as slaves in other countries.


    Last election results:

    Candidate %
    Vitor Sapato (CUP)
    Tachado Beto (NDP)
    Luis Amor (CAP)
    Samuel Silva (NCP)

    Political Parties

    In alphabetical order

    National Communist Party (NCP)
    • Leader: Samuel Silva
    • Number: 14
    • Extra info: WIP

    National Distributist Party (NDP)
    • Leader: Tachado Beto
    • Number: 68
    • Extra info: WIP

    Conservative Unitary Party (CUP)
    • Leader: Vitor Sapato
    • Number: 23
    • Extra info: WIP

    Capitalist Agrarian Party (CAP)
    • Leader: Luis Amor
    • Number: 59
    • Extra info: WIP

    Terrorist Movements

    Former Parties



    During the tensions of the third world war, many African nations were suffering from lack of stability, some of those nations include Angola, Namibia and Zambia. In 2019 the states of the countries mentioned collapsed, but their military did not, the Angolan Military them proceeded to occupy the wasteland left by the chaos, the idea of uniting the three previously existing countries and their territories was desirable, so they came up with the term Adalbistani which was meant to be a label for everyone that lived under the new occupied territory, the precise Origins of the term and what it meant are unknown. the Adalbistani Unity State was later founded in 2020, with it's leader being it's highest ranking general Vitor Sapato, as chosen by the military themselves.

    Abolition of the Indigenous

    Vitor Sapato never hid the fact that the indigenous were not included in the Union as it was only for the "civilized" that previously lived in the 3 countries, he argued that they were predisposed to be undisciplined and uncooperative due to their "Primitivist nature" and they would never get used to advanced ideas like a State, he also claimed that trying to assimilate them would be a waste of resources, as they were too barbaric for the pattern of the average Adalbistani citizen. All this Anti-Native sentiment led to years of persecution and massacres of indigenous people, with the sole objective of "culturally cleaning" the nation, there was even a program made to pay for civilians to destroy or report "indigenous activity". To this day, it's almost impossible to find indigenous land in Adalbistan.

    The agrarian miracle

    It was clear that the immense heat was a major problem for anyone trying to harvest anything in Adalbistan, due to this, most of the crops were planted in northern Angola, since it is the least hot region in the country. To find a solution for that issue, Vitor Sapato hired Luis Amor, an economist with some past at farming, he then implemented some policies which include but aren't limited to: setting goals to the farmers, encouraging the harvest of some really heat tolerant plants such as tomatoes, investing in better equipment for farmers etc. His policies although controversial, worked very well, and in the next decade the amount of people in Adalbistan suffering from lack of food decreased significantly. To this day, Luis Amor is still one of the most respected ministries of Farm and Economy.

    Religious Erasing

    War on faith

    Religion was always oppressed by the Adalbistani State, the government always spread propaganda about how religion was nonsense, how it stagnates a nation and why it should be eliminated from every aspect of society, at first it was applied heavy taxes on churches and other religious organizations, but when it was clear that it wasn't enough, the state tried the same tactics used against the indigenous: killing and persecuting every trace of religion inside the Country.

    The Great Backlash

    The issue is Religious people made up more than 80% of the Adalbistani population, Contrary to the >3% pre-abolition Indigenous. Which lead to a much stronger opposition against the Government, the most notable example being the A.R.A.F., a self-proclaimed Anarchist organization made to fight against the elimination of Religion, their beliefs range from Anarcho-Communists to Religious Anarchists to National Anarchists, they are accused of terrorism by the government and have the Free State of Moldova as main funder. Recently, the A.R.A.F. has calmed down, and no longer exists, and Adalbistan's plan to eradicate religion is now only limited to prohibiting Schools from teaching religious values and impeding religious people to participate in politics.

    The Zambian Rise

    With the oppression suffered by the Adalbistani government the idea of an independent Zambia started to rise as a man named "Muchindu Zulu" wrote a book called "Zambia is not a Military Junta", where he describes how Adalbistan doesn't care about the Zambian people and why Zambia would be better as an independent country rather than a puppet of Vitor Sapato (Which he calls "Angolan Hitler").

    "The sheer degeneracy combined with the genocide of our people carried by Adalbistan is abhorrent, we need to create a Zambian ethnostate to save our people from this Angolan Filth"

    Soon after, the Zambian Insurrectionary Act was created, with the objective of liberating Zambia from the Adalbistani government, as of now, they killed some journalists and diplomats who criticized their ideas, there has also been a couple attempts of killing Vitor Sapato, but both failed.

    Artistical Exports

    Countries that include art made by Real Adalbistani patriots:



    • No big deal
      • there is no News for today, Adalbistan is in peace.

    📝 Citations

    1. Although alot of Languages are officially recognized by the government, Adalbistani is the only one to be teached Nation-Wide, it's basically a constructed language made to unite the Country more efficiently.
    2. Adalbistan holds a lot of Anti-Democratic ideals from it's dictatorial past.
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