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    PCBaller World: PCBA Edition

    The Year is 2040. After a catastrophic global collapse following the Third World War, a worldwide conflict between NATO and the Iran-Russia-China axis. The Great War ended with nuclear strikes on Beijing and NYC, and the subsequent overthrow of both sides by their terrified constituents.

    Welcome! This is a new page, the staging ground for a PCBA Edition of PCBaller World! The requirements to be added are to simply add a comment and ask for an unclaimed piece of land.


    The map is being redesigned as we speak!

    List of Nations


    • Neo-Black Nazism | Yo, can i have the rest of Nabibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Estiwani, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique
    • GigaRoman Can you make the New Roman Empire take Corsica and all Italian lands in OTL held by Carthage?
    • Neo-Foggism - If you're still taking requests could I have Nothern South America?
    • Io - Gib all of brazilian northeast
    •  Infastroism - Sorry for updating my flag/countryball late, but can I annex the Benelux and the French land below it?
    • Anthony Bax Thought - Could I get Estonia?
    • DDD Thought- Preety Please could I get this land? In red I marked the borders

    . I'll use this flag and icon. Hanperborea1911 - Can I added in Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Guanzhong(The plain) and Bangladesh.

    • CRT(CPE) - I want the entire Denmark (except Greenland, which is already occupied), the entire region of Lithuania, and all of Poland
    •  Greatism - Give me all of Germany and Prussia. Use my normal icon as the flag for Kusmar.
    • Redloxism - can I get the rest of turkey.
    • User:Phill tchaikovski - Since I am the edgy teen on the discord server who roleplays as Nick Land's wet dream. I can take belarus the region of the Novgorod Princicality
    •  Jarchy - Give all of western Russia. If not, then give Finland. Name the nation “Kotovia” with it being named after me. My flag is my ideology’s flag.
    •  Jarchy - Sorry for the rapid request, but can I annex Karelia and the Russian land that reaches Moscow? Novogrod has not annexed Moscow btw.
    • user:DebsMacielIs this like an RPG or some game where you control the country? INCREDIBLE! I wanted to be the south of Brazil with São Paulo and the central-west region...with Rondônia xD. This is my flag:
    •  Kaulfußism - Question, can you create a war against other nations? This isn’t an add list, but if it is allowed then I am joining. If I end up joining, my nation will be named the Oligarchy of Europe (being the last remains of the European Union) in the area of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast and the surrounding oblasts left.
      •  Kaulfußism - Just found out you can, now may I have a nation that encompasses the lands of the Moscow Oblast and the other small little Oblasts surrounding it?

    The Oligarchal Remains of the European Union  Meadowsin Thought - I want Antarctica. Flag: icon:

    Danielism I would like the rest of the Continental US, or at least Texas and Puerto Rico, as well as Cuba, the European territories in the Caribbean, and the Mexican provinces of Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas. My flag is . I repeat my request. Also, I have no idea what the map looks like, as it doesn’t show up. If there is nothing left of the continental US to take, then replace Texas with the Bahamas, the Windward and Leeward islands, and Trinidad and Tobago. If I can have Texas, my capital will be in Dallas. If Texas is unavailable, then the please place the ball on one of the Caribbean islands in my territory.


    • Luta Hello may I have The British isles, or at least England
    • Afunhumaninter - Would I be okay with the US states of Washington, Montana, the northern half of Wyoming, and the northernmost part of Idaho (all Idaho above 46°N)? Or is that much land too big?
    • Cyberdelic Egoism - can I take Australia?
    • Luís Miguel - Can I have everything that's left of today's Spain?
    •  Infastroism - May I have the entire western half of France? (saving some room for others)
    • A former PCBA user - Can I have British Columbia, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Alaska, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Manitoba please? If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind that most of the land I am claiming is mostly just wilderness and snow.
    • Jefbol Thought - erm give me the southern US and northern mexico
    • Glorified Communism All of the above requests have been accepted! Also, if you'd like make a page and insert it into the 'list of nations' section.
    • Jd2842ism - Can I have Italy (or at least the Northern part of Italy with Rome included)?
    • Meowxism - gib california and nevada plox
    • Neo-Optimateism - Antarctica. Whole.
    • Altemism - Could I get Sweden?
    • Schumacherianism - Vermont, please!
    • Gooberism - Can I get de-jure modern Ukraine? P.S. I won't join the discord because 1.I don't have the app and don't want to 2.I won't do diplomacy (Strict neutrality is based) and will focus on economic/governmental issues.
    •  2x2Master - Hand me switzerland and austria.
    • Stefithought - may i acquire north india?
      May I have Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana?
    • Glorified Communism All of the above requests have been accepted, except for TIIKKETMASTER's requst, as Vermont and the rest of new england were already claimed, as can be seen on the map.
    • MacDeko's thought - Can I have Réunion Island (for obvious reason) , Mauritius and Madagascar,Please ??? Also place me on Réunion Island.
    • Owfism - Can I have Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Northern Greece (Greek Thrace) and Turkish Thrace + Istanbul? Maybe even Serbia and the Marmara region in like Anatolia if it's possible.
    • Serbian Socialism can i get Yugoslavia?
    • Temujin Leeism - Since Ukraine is taken, can you give me Moldova to Revive Makhnovichina.
    • HelloThere314 - Can I get North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania. Delaware, and New Jersey?
    • Armandonian Cooperativism - Hey can I get central america from panama to yucatan?
    • Calculust - Oregon please? And if possible the rest of the US that is west of the east edge of Afunhumaninter’s country?
    • DualPlay - add me to Iceland/Greenland?
    • Gooberism Oh and BTW please put the current year above the map so that everyone knows when this is taking place.
    • Mr_Beast_0f_93 - Can I have West africa, more precisely from Dakar to Burkina Faso.
      • - Yay a neighbourg !
      Since I have a huge socialist state to my bottom, may I, perhaps, annex Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri as well as the territory I already have?
    • LordCompost86 - Could I have an area in Germany (like around Berlin) that is as small as possible (whilst still being visible on the map)?
    • Glorified Communism ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE APPROVED
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