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    The DRC is a Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democratic Republic on the national level but utilizes a RefBckchn.png Communalist style of government based on consensus-based decision-making on the local/county level. Economically the DRC has a Regulationism.png Regulated Market with a strong Welf.png Welfare State. To help with regulation and recourse management Colorado has a Cybercom.png Computer program similar to Cybersyn. The economy is made up of mostly Cooperative Socialism.png Cooperatives with some Chesterton.png Small-Medium Sized Private Businesses and a small number of Indlibsoc.png Self-Employed People and some SocRegu.png Nationalized Businesses in some sectors of the economy. It is also important to note that all nationalized and medium-sized private businesses are required to have 50% worker ownership in the form of LibSyndieSam.png Board-Level Employee Representation (BLER), making WPD.png Workplace Democracy a core value in Colorado business and economy. Another core aspect of Colorado's political system is a focus on Ecocent.png Ecology, they've done this by enforcing the Green Party (US).png Green New Deal, nationalizing the recourse extraction industry, instituting a Greensynd2.png Climate Corps to offer easily accessible jobs, having RefBckchn.png Eco-Communalism on the county level to reduce wasteful consumption, and utilizing Techgaia alt.png Ecological Technology.

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