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    PCBA Users try to run a country

    This is exactly what it sounds like. People on this wiki that want to participate in the project and try to, well, run a country together, can feel free to do so. All you have to do is either create a party or join an existing one, give some suggestions on the name, flag, anthem, etc. (at the start ofc), and have fun larping.


    • - I propose that the country's name should be Pecebia (Play on "PCBA"), and the government should be a parliamentary monarchy with Pantheon as monarch. Also the motto should be "Viribus units, semper fidelis!" (Through united forces, forever loyal!)
      • Vistulism - I second this.
        • A former PCBA user - To add on to this, there should be a country or at least a resistance movement in opposition to Pecebia called Free Pecebia.
    • Peat Pitish Pew Peft Time
    • I think this should be the anthem lol
      • - Interesting choice. Also this is the third used that makes a suggestion but still only one party, my anxiety is skyrocketing rn.
    • - The TLD should be .pcb, and the calling code should be +512.
    • A former PCBA user - Should we have a Discord server for Pecebia? Also, should this page be renamed to Pecebia?
    • A former PCBA user - Since nobody responded to my suggestion, I decided to make a Discord server anyway. https://discord.gg/4eNHgWBGQC
    • Temujin Leeism - Since the king is enharnatly Boursiase, I will start a revolution here. To achieve no state.
    • Template:Name- - It would be funny if we built a massive cannon and began to launch everyone I don't like communists, anarchists and posties out of it (unless they're not annoying). This will be my campaign slogan; "Vote for Me and I'll Launch Posties into the Sun."
      • - Okay we got the schizo in, this parliament will be full no matter how many people join it.
    • - Needless to say, I'm a parliament member under the party "The Peaceable Minuet."



    NOTE: this is all just a larp Goober did while unable to fall asleep, enjoy this FanFiction. Ancient Pecebia
    While the island of Pecebia Magna in the Atlantic Ocean was inhabited for millennia, as evidenced by the archeological excavations on it, the first mentions of a civilisation on it date back to 69 B.C., when a Roman ship allegedly spotted the island in the distance while trying to explore the vast seas west of the province of Lusitania. The locals sold five apples to the Romans in exchange for three swords. According to Roman sources, nobody believed the sailors.
    Unification under Duy I
    As evidenced by Pecebian historical documents, the period from 43 B.C. to 420 A.D. was a dark age, the island was ripe with inter-tribal conflict, as multiple proto-kingdoms competed for dominance in the island. The locals suffered greatly. In 420 A.D. the main settlement of the island - Basedua was captured by tribal chief Duy, who proclaimed himself "Duy I, sovereign of Pecebia." Nobody knows where the name Pecebia came from, but it most likely derives from the local word Pecebe, which means "Governing Spheroids". This is backed up by Duy I ordering to place two spherical stone statues near his throne. The spheres, allegedly, were his symbol of power, and he believed they backed up his mandate for rule.
    Pecebia during the Age of Discovery
    In the hundreds of years following the "Unification Wars", Pecebia remained an isolated island kingdom, until 1529, when a Portuguese ship found the island. The subsequent trade between Pecebia and the two Iberian monarchies led to the Introduction of gunpowder onto the island.
    This led to multiple noble clans acquiring weapons and hoping to secure power for themselves. The following political strife was taken advantage of by Spain, which supported the Autrigh clan and vassalised the kingdom.
    The Napoleonic Wars and start of British Domination
    As Napoleon's armies marched into Madrid, many colonial and vassal possessions of the Spanish Empire began revolutions to achieve independence. Pecebia was no different. On March 6th 1808 fifty armed men captured and hanged the corrupt Autrigh clan and the Spanish delegates, proclaiming independence.
    Under the restored Duyid dynasty, Pecebia faced rapid modernisation in the 1810's and 1820's. The already imported Spanish machinery and tools allowed for quick industrialisation of the small island.
    In 1834 a British ship with the Duke of Wellington on it landed a small army on the northern coast of Pecebia, forcing the restored king to accept becoming a British protectorate.
    Under British rule, Pecebia became a major Atlantic port on the way to the British Caribbean, and industrialisation continued.
    Pecebia in the 20th century
    With the British protection established, Pecebia was at peace for almost one hundred years, if not for WW1. The island became a major battle ground for submarine warfare between Germany and Britain.
    The island was fairly untouched during WW2, but the already increasing amount of nationalism ever since the Duyid restoration, and the pride of Pecebian troops helping liberate Europe during the war led to a golden age for nationalist parties. In 1958 Pecebia gained independence.
    Pecebia joined the Non-aligned movement in 1967, and made a compromise with the Communist parties, avoiding any conflict.
    The Pecebian Splinter Era
    Due to the British rule, the island became very diverse, with workers from all over the world coming onto it. They were considered a lower class compared to the native Pecebians, but full civil equality was ensured in 1965. This angered some Ultranationalist figures, who teamed up with certain socialists and those hostile to the government and declared the "Revolutionary Council", known in contemporary Pecebia as "Feds", preparing for war. This led to the royal government banning the members of the council from the island. However this specifically meant Pecebia Island, which allowed the Revolutionary Council to flee to an uninhabited de-jure Pecebian island up north, declaring a "Free Pecebian Government". While the tensions were high at first, they mostly died down, resolutions towards positive relations were made, and many Pecebians hold dual citizenship of both countries.
    Currently, Pecebia is a peaceful and well-developed island microstate in the Atlantic, which possesses a high level of human development and the world's highest democracy index. The freedom given to citizens in Pecebia is astonishing, and serves as a role model for some developing nations.
    King Pantheon the 73rd obtained a Nobel peace prize in 2019 for his dedication of Human rights and support for a more competent, more united UN organisation.


    Thanks to Pecebia's diversity, the culture of the island is very vibrant. In every city there is not only a Chinatown, but also a Polandtown, Germantown, Americatown, etc.
    The Pecebian Language stands in a league of it's own. It is extremely different from "Old Pecebian", spoken before the British protectorate. Overall, the language has many loanwords from many languages of it's minorities, and can be understood by English speakers while listening.

    • Hello-Heło, Ėye
    • Goodbye - Bāye
    • Good/Agree - Bėysd
    • Bad/Disagree - Krìndż
    • Thank you - Thÿx
    • Friend - Phrėñ
    • Yes - Yę
    • No - Nėh

    Parties and Movements

    Workers' and Families' Party "New Course"
    • Ideology:

    WFPNC is a coalition of center-center left movements that focus on the rights of local, mostly Agrarian, communities. The programme of the party involves busting monopolies and providing assistance to small businesses and co-operatives.
    The Cultural stances of most of the party can be described as "syncretic", due to the support of traditional rural lifestyles being combined with the self-proclaimed support of social equality and change.
    WFPNC leadership has also stated their desire for complete diplomatic independence, and some even proposed complete political isolation. These views, however, aren't shared among the entire party, as there are still members that believe Pecebia should be diplomatically active.
    The Youth Wing of the party also advocates for educational reform, some members even proposed a complete overhaul of education in the country
    The party also supports architectural reaction and funding architects that are trying to revive old architectural styles.

    Pecebian Royalist League
    • Ideology:

    The PCL is a party which wishes to give the monarch more power and abolish the current party system. It also rejects popular sovereignity. Most in the party wants to grant this power to the current king, but others don't see him as legitimate.
    It is very conservative on social issues and wants to promote traditional Plebecian culture. The authoritarian tendencies of the party is not something that it is afraid to hide as it sees the state as having a paternal role in society.
    Economics is not something that the party is united on. However, its members generally favor heavy regulations and welfare.

    The Reactionaries are a faction within the PRL. They are characterised by their hard-line monarchist stance and opposition to everything that has to do with the Enlightenment.
    The economics that the faction espouses are highly communitarian and collectivist. Production and control are decentralised to local, homogenous and tight-knit communities where they are controlled through councils. All outcome is shared according to the need of those envolved with a big focus on helping the worst off.
    They are also extremely traditionalist and wishes to "regress" to a time before the Enlightenment. A reintroduction of old values, philosophy and folklore is what they strive for. God, family and tradition are promoted by the faction.
    Where it often comes in conflict with the main party is when discussing the king. The faction believes that Pantheon is a false monarch who was instilled by the state, not by God, due to his "safe" political views. It sees his uncle as the true successor to the throne as he was chosen by God.

    • Prominent Members:
      • Altem ( Altemism) - Leader of the "Reactionaries"

    Carlist Percebian Movement
    • Ideology:

    The Carlist Percebian Movement, abbreviated as CPM, is a reactionary and anti-Enlightenment movement that advocates for the clergy to have greater power than the king. The movement was inspired by the Carlist movement that emerged in Spain in 1833. The Carlist Percebian Movement opposes the current system and is against excessive individualism, exaggerated collectivism, egalitarianism, and forms of power centralization. They support an agrarian system, advocate for the return of a feudal system, oppose any form of socialism (except for reactionary socialism or yellow socialism, to which they are nearly neutral). The Carlist Percebian Movement was founded by Emmanuel

    Classical Liberal Association of Pecebia
    • Ideology:

    The Classical Liberal Association of Pecebia, often known as the Classical Liberal Association or just the CLA, is a libertarian-leaning movement in Pecebia, that, you guessed it, advocates for positions aligned with classical liberalism and other types of right-liberal ideologies
    Our platform supports a limited government with increased civil liberties, a deregulated free-market economy, rejection of the culture war and identity politics, ultra-liberalism, and the preservation of the constitution.
    The Cultural stances of most of the Movement can be described as "syncretic" or "mixed", due to modern mainstream conservatism and progressivism being heavily dogmatic and even illogical at times, not to mention that both usually focus on meaningless collective identities at the expense of individuality, although several factions of the movement having different opinions about progressivism and conservatism.
    Economically speaking, the association is an economically liberal one, favoring a free-market economy along many other capitalist-aligned positions. We seek to limit the state's main function to securing liberty, and increase civil liberties. .
    The party is largely decentralized, we have several factions of the association, being: An alliance of Free-Market Capitalists arguing for Laissez-faire and individualism, A Paleo-Minarchist Union of more traditionalist nature whom could be populistic to an extend, A few more moderate and compassionate liberals being more progressive also populist to an extend, And More pragmatic libertarians which are more moderate than the compassionate liberals. All of those factions would agree on several issues but still have differentiating opinions about some stuff.


    Synopsis: It literally does not matter what you believe in. As long as you LOVE technology and ascending past our mortal coils, you're vvelcome here. Execute luddites, curb-stomp reactionaries, beat up your local ultra-environmentalist and throw genetically-modified eggs at goofy ahh posties (unless they're technophiles).

    Prominent Members:

    • File:-flash.gif Lord -: The leader of the Technocapitalist Wing, founder of the movement, and Supreme Technophile.
    • Commander in chief Temujin: Current Prime minister and Frenemy of -, alongside founder of the Entanglist Wing of the party, seeks to use his position of power given through a deus ex machina by the King, he plans to do drugs instill Soulism to unsuspecting masses.

    New Course Youth Redirectionists

    Also known as just the "Redirectionists", the New Course Redirectionists are an entryist movement within the new course party, and more broadly, a socio-political movement to create a genuine left opposition in the Pecebia parliament. Due to their lone position, the redirectionists represent most of the left and far left in parliament. Factions:

    Notable Members:

      • MrNoNonsense: Leader of the Redirectionists, New Course Chairman
      • Yoda: Co-leader of the Redirectionists, Soupist Chairman

    The Minuet

    The Minuet is a grassroots decentralized group of varying factions hellbent on causing chaos in order to disrupt social norms and establish new social order, mainly with the ideas of Communization. The idea of the organization is to build, to destroy, and to cause unrest among the populace. The political party, "The Peaceable Minuet," publicly denounces the smaller factions of violent insurrectionarries and advocates for Left Communism.


    Notable Members: Meadow Versace/Meadowsin, Chairman of the Peaceable Minuet, Organizer of The Heartful Minuet

    LARP section

    Comments and Join requests

    • SAVAGE GRANNY SMITHISM: Ironic that the nation with the highest democracy index is also a monarchy! Sure, it's a parliamentary system that just so happens to have a constitutional monarchy, but still a monarchy, nonetheless! At any rate, I, Savage Granny Smith, would like to stage a coup d'etat and promote my glorious Evangelical reactionary liberal working class dictatorship of the proletariat!
      • The democracy is just a reference how this wiki has no rules. Also the Larp didn't really start yet, we are still deciding some things.
    • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - i wan join
      • I suggest you create a Socialist Party, we really need more parties so we can make a parliament.
    • - Cool project, may I be included
    • A former PCBA user - Can I be included in as well?
    • Altemism - May I join?
      • All the above are accepted. You may start making parties or suggestions for the specifics of the country.
    • - may I join? :)
      • Go ahead
    • - May I join?
      • Yep.
    • - May I join?
      • Yes.
    • - Very nice project, may I join?
      • Yeah.
    • Template:Name- - I'm joining. This is not a request.
    • Afunhumaninter - And what about me?
      • Both of you can join. A parliament can't be full without a schizo and a ultra-rightist.
    • - Can I make a political coalition in opposition to the government and entirely unsanctioned by everyone else with modest numbers and variable illegalism and insurrectionism? i mean can i join
      • Yes, but I am kind of unaware of what's going on, did Temujin do a coup or something?
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