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    Disclaimer: My ideological and philosophical ideas are written in a sort of TLDR manner in order to make them more understandable and easier to read.


    Ricardosoc.png Ricardian Socialism (1820s-)
    Radical Republican.png Radical Republicans (1854-1877)
    Georgist.png Georgism (1879-)
    Mandela.png Anti-Apartheid Movement (1948-1994)
    Allende.png Socialist Party of Chile (1952-1973)




    My economic beliefs are overall LeftUnity.png left-wing but Marketsoc.png pro-market, I believe that the economy should be more Humanismpix.png human-driven and not profit-driven, I also believe that Ricardosoc.png labor is the source of all value and that the unimproved value of land should be Georgist.png taxed.

    Cybercom.png Cybersocialism Cybercom.png

    I support the idea of Cybercom.png Cybersocialism, that being the idea that computers are to do economic planning and distribution, believing that they are more efficient than humans at planning and implementing policies in regards to economics, as I believe they are by far better than humans at doing such policies. This is similar to Allende.png Allende's Cybersyn program (9/11/1973 never forget). I believe that there should be a council of 6 Technocracy.png economists, and they will vote on what the best plan is according to their own opinions, with them voting on the plans offered by the computers (mostly ranging from good to very good). The voting is done in an E-Democracy.png e-democratic manner, meaning that the vote is democratic, but done digitally.

    Ricardosoc.png Ricardian Socialism Ricardosoc.png

    I believe in the labor theory of value as proposed by economist Ricardosoc.png David Ricardo, with the assertion that labor is the source of all value, but also the source of all wealth. Now, I also believe in Ricardo's theory where rent is the difference between the produce obtained by the employment of two equal quantities of capital and labour. In the process of economic development, without there being Georgist.png land value taxation, increased land use and all of that would trickle down to landlords.

    Georgist.png Georgism Georgist.png

    I believe in the idea of Georgist.png Georgism and the set of policies advocated by economist Henry George. As such, I support the implementation of a Georgist.png land value tax, a tax on the unimproved value of land will have many benefits: It will allow for a more efficient and more eco-friendly use of the land as to not result in more taxes being paid to the government. This will benefit them and the environment. It will also encourage people who just want to profit off of old land that they don't use to just stop having that land. I also believe that from the revenues of a land value tax the citizens (poorer citizens) receive a Georgist.png citizens dividend.

    Yang2020.png Economic Scorecard Yang2020.png

    I believe that there should be an Yang2020.png economic scorecard, this scorecard will be a much representative indicator of Eudaimonia.png well-being in society that prioritizes human growth rather than the growth of some number, which is exactly what GDP prioritizes. GDP is also flawed because it was made before we landed on the moon, before we understood climate change and before we made internet, thus, This economic scorecard will measure the following things:

    - Envi.png environmental quality

    - Humanismpix.png mental health

    - Edu.png access to education

    - Road.png quality of infrastructure

    - Abort.png infant mortality rates

    - Neoimp.png consumer debt

    By removing gross domestic product from economic well being, we can stop pursuing the myopic idea of infinite GDP growth and instead build an economy that is focused on Humanismpix.png human needs, and human well-being, an economy which prioritizes the people over the rich. The economic scorecard also makes economic measurements more accurate to the actual, overall state of society compared to the gross domestic product.

    Minmut.png Minarcho-Mutualism Minmut.png

    I believe that the government should not have that much of control over the economy, with the means of production being relegated to the Cooperative Socialism.png workers and the means of planning and distribution being relegated to E-Democracy.png AI planning. This is as such would leave the government only being in charge of taxation when it comes to economic manners.

    Cooperative Socialism.png Worker Co-operatives Cooperative Socialism.png

    I believe that businesses and the means of production within those businesses are to be owned by the workers of that said business, with there being a CEO who only gets a wage 10x bigger than the average worker, no more. Although, he is allowed to earn the same wage as his worker if he wants to. This is what I call a Socdem.png maximum wage. These worker co-operatives will also mostly own small-medium businesses, as such, they can end the Ingcap.png big monopolies that have been established thanks to corporatocracy.

    NatProg.png Trust Busting NatProg.png

    I believe that we need strong Trustbust.png anti-trust legislation in order to make sure that the economy is competitive and is not monopolized, like how it is today, in basically most sectors of the economy. As such, I propose an Orlib.png economic constitution which will constitute what is a big business, small business etc. but also what companies are eligible for being trust busted and how much (keep in mind, previous CEOs cannot own shares of stock in the new companies that came out of the old company):

    - 30% market share (divided into 10 companies)

    - 40% market share (divided into 20 companies)

    - 50% market share and above (divided into 25 companies)

    This is the model that is followed in Cball-Germany.png Germany and this allows them to have a fair and competitive economy where Soccap.png small-medium businesses dominate, the true sources of innovation, and they do not engage in price gouging that benefits them only. It is said that small-medium business generate x15 more innovation than Corp.png big businesses.

    MeritCap.png Passive Wealth Accumulation MeritCap.png

    I believe that MeritCap.png passive wealth accumulation goes against the idea of a meritocracy, and as such, I believe that stuff like inheritance and interest should be completely abolished, however, stuff like debt should be kept to a level as low as possible, this will make it easier to build a Merit.png meritocracy (more on it explained in society section).



    On my views of society, I tend to espouse Radlib.png radical beliefs, beliefs which are at their core meant to fundamentally change the way we view society and how society works. My beliefs strive to be as progressive as the classical radicals were in their own time.

    Gay.png LGBTQ+ Rights Gay.png

    I believe that LGBTQ+ people should have an equal right to marriage and should be treated and should be as culturally accepted as Hetero.png heterosexuals are today, so that the social stigma against them is eroded. I believe that gender should stop being a determining factor in how a person should be treated.

    Acidcomf.png Drugs Acidcomf.png

    I believe that all Acidcomf.png drugs should be legalized as a view drugs in of it themselves as a Univhealth.png public health issue, not a security issue, believing that if alcohol and tobacco are fully legal and are a public health issue why can't the same apply to drugs? I believe that soft drugs like marijuana can only be consumed after 18 while hard drugs can only be consumed after 25. This will also massively reduce the incarcerated population, especially in the United States.

    Merit.png Meritocracy Merit.png

    My main goal in society is to build a Merit.png meritocracy, that being a society which does job hiring based on a person's capability and experience not factors like race, gender, ideology and so on, believing that to be the main reason of the wage gap between races and genders.

    Space.png Space Space.png

    I believe we should explore Space.png space, there should be an Space.png international space agency (ISA), and it should receive lots of funding to fund space exploration innovations like space tourism, moon and mars colonization and even faster than light travel through Neotechnocracy.png quantum entanglement. Exploring space will allow to know more about our universe and to see new frontiers with our very eyes. The universe has a lot of time, and so shall we.

    FDF-Pirate.png Internet FDF-Pirate.png

    I believe that we need to put privacy back on the table when it comes to the internet, as Ingcap.png tech giants have used information and technology to spy on the people who use their services and products, most importantly through advertisements but also through algorithms and behavioral patterns. These shall be replaced with private advertisements, on the internet, you are also fully anonymous, with you not requiring to have a name, and your IP are not to be known I also support VPNs as a tool of resistance against the Ingcap.png tech giants.

    Copyleft.png Copyleft not Copyright Copyleft.png

    I personally support abolishing patent laws and want to mostly abolish copyright (except for some cases), thus allowing for a mass surge in Copyleft.png copyleft, the complete opposite of copyright. It grants freedoms to copies of works that were previously copyrighted and could not be used.

    Civlibert.png Stop Watching Us Civlibert.png

    The internet is not the only way tech giants and governments use to spy and survey their own citizens, but also through surveillance cameras and the surveillance state. I want to get rid of the GWB.png PATRIOT Act and also want to curb more pro-surveillance legislations. I believe that Thar.png Assange should be liberated from prison and not extradited to the US. Civlibert.png Whistleblowers should not have to be scared of government intervening and arresting them, their activities should be fully legal in my opinion.

    Laicism.png Religion Laicism.png

    I, like Karl Marx.png Karl Marx, believe that religion is the opium of the masses. It prohibits progress in its tracks and innovation to happen by simply saying that god made it. We would had been much more advanced without it, however, that doesn't mean there isn't time to stop religion. I personally believe that a Religion.png church tax should be levied on all religious churches whether it would be Christian, Islamic or Jewish churches/mosques/synagogues. This would be a big tax and it would disincentivize the continued existence of such institutions, thus making religion a merely personal thing. I believe that there should be no official religion and that government should be Secular.png secular, thus separated from the state and that education should stop being so pro-religion and instead be Secular.png secular and Humanismpix.png humanist instead.

    Anti-Corrupt.png Prison System Anti-Corrupt.png

    On the prison system, I believe that prisons are ought to be Statesoc.png nationalized, as I believe jailing people shouldn't be a Corp.png for-profit venture, and it is proven that private prisons intentionally keep prisoners for longer periods of time to earn more bucks. I believe that the justice system should be more Copyleft.png open and transparent, but also more [[File:Humanismpix.png] humanistic, with me following the Cball-Norway.png Norwegian model of the justice system.

    Urbanism.png Housing Urbanism.png

    Why the hell must homes have a massive cost that is almost x10 their yearly salary when it is considered a human right? How is everyone supposed to have a roof of their heads if an average house costs 200,000 $ while they barely earn 30,000$/year? This is obscene and I believe to be the main cause of homelessness in the world. My solution is to make Urbanism.png housing free, having a house is still a wealth asset, however, buying a house won't require that much income. If everyone is given a home, there wouldn't be homelessness.




    When it comes to metaphysics, my philosophical beliefs are a synthesis of the ideas of Non-Essence.png Nominalism, Existentialism.png Existentialism and Absurd.png Absurdism. When it comes to ontology, I believe in DvPermission.png Metaphysical Libertarianism.

    Non-Essence.png Nominalism Non-Essence.png

    As a nominalist, I believe that Non-Essence.png universals (or general ideas) in of it themselves are just mere names we give with them not having any corresponding reality, no reality of their own. The only things that are grounded and have a corresponding reality are the Earth.png particulars themselves. I also believe that everything is made out of matter, as asserted by Fishe.png Hobbes.

    Existentialism.png Existentialism Existentialism.png

    I believe in Existentialism.png existentialism, the idea that there is no inherent meaning of life given to us by a higher authority (a government) or higher being (God). I believe that the way we find meaning to our life is by creating it ourselves. I am both an existentialist and absurdist, as I do agree with Camus on some things but also hold that we have free will, so I am technically both.

    Absurd.png Absurdism Absurd.png

    I believe in Absurd.png absurdism, and I believe in the Camus.png Camusian interpretation of the Myth of Sisyphus, one must imagine him happy doing the same thing for eternity, as that is technically what most people do every time they are at work, yet they are fine. Camus offers 3 solutions to the discovery that we are in an absurd, the first is suicide, the easy way out, the second is a leap of faith, still believing that there is a true meaning to life. The first two solutions are philosophical suicide. The third is embracing the absurd, that our universe is meaningless and its okay.

    DvPermission.png Metaphysical Libertarianism DvPermission.png

    I believe in DvPermission.png libertarianism, no, not Ron Paul and tax cuts. Free will, the idea that our actions are done independently by us and are not determined by something else. Personally, I believe that we do have free will. Like, how are our actions determined? And if so, what determines them? If something determines our actions, wouldn't that determining factor make us be determined not to think about whether our actions are determined?



    When it comes to epistemology, my philosophical beliefs are built up on the ideas of [File:Existentialism.png]] Epistemic Existentialism and File:Rene Descartes .png Cartesian Anxiety.

    ExistPhenom.png Epistemic Existentialism ExistPhenom.png

    I believe in ExistPhenom.png epistemic existentialism, the idea that what is rational and what is irrational is merely down to the individual themselves, the idea that what is rational for us to believe is in part, up to us. We decide what is rational or not, through DvPermission.png free will.

    Descartes 2.png Cartesian Anxiety Descartes 2.png

    I believe that we cannot really know everything, as the knowledge we have of the things around are constantly changing, it is thus essentially impossible to know every single thing about the things we know and to know the things we don't know. This is called Descartes 2.png Cartesian anxiety. However, you can have a stable foundation of knowledge, and the only alternative is to live in chaos and confusion.



    INTP.png INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)


    Ennea-5w6.png 5w6

    Relations (Self-Inserts)


    Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought (Cybercom.png/Socgeo.png/Ecosoc.png) - Surprisingly, we are actually pretty similar, on economics, we both support market socialism and georgism. De-central computer planning is an interesting concept, socially, we are pretty much the same, however, you should be more libertarian. Civically, we are the same, except for defensive democracy, I don't like that. Although, you should be more internationalist. TLDR: Pretty similar, with some minor differences.

    Chirotesla (new).png (Marketsoc.png/Progconsoc.png/Globnat.png) - Not bad! Especially on economics and a bit on social policy, we are actually in agreement, however you need to be more progressive and more internationalist, otherwise, not bad, as said before.

    MATTball.png Mattism (Social corpratism.png/Statecap.png/Socdem.png) - Not a bad ideology, we are pretty similar, the only difference we have is that you're too protectionist for me and are also in favor of defensive democracy, you are also more economically moderate but other than that, you are a good ideology.

    Cflski.png Celfloskyism (3princ.png/3princLib-left.png/Marketsoc.png) - Pretty nice ideology, and it clearly seems you want not just equality but also freedom for the Chinese people, although I don't really like the ideas of Irredentism, your cycle democracy is not really something I like. You support virtue ethics and existentialism, although I am not that utilitarian though. Otherwise, pretty good!

    Ashley.png AshleyHereism (Socan2.png/Indlibsoc.png/Aneco.png) - Yo, this is actually based for an anarchist, existentialism and absurdism are very based! Oscar Wilde is also based! I don't agree with Diogenes, but he was savage and independent, and I like that. It's nice how you support some Stoicism. Overall, you're mostly an anarchist version of me, which is pretty interesting.

    Uzarashvilism.png Uzarashvilism (Dsa.png/Christsoc.png/Progconf.png) - Economics wise, you are pretty similar to me, as we both believe in a Marketsoc.png socialist market economy, and the fact that we both believe that the Nordics are just (for now) the countries with the best economic model (or rather, least evil) in the world. Not bad, however, our difference comes in social and international issues, first off, you are too conservative, you can at least be more progressive by supporting SJW-Lite. Also on international issues, you can still be a globalist and oppose "economic globalization" (like me). So yea, too isolationist. But yea, pretty good overall.

    Glencoe.png Glencoeism (Minmut.png/Socgeo.png/Steinval.png) - Wow, you are pretty based! I agree with you on PWA, we both stride for a sort of Co-operative, meritocratic society, if only you were more global... BE MORE GLOBAL!

    InexistentIcon.png Inexistent Ideology (Soctrans.png/Ecosoc.png/Leftnat.png) - Not bad, just be less nationalist, more progressive and also more pro-market. Oh and more democratic. In rest pretty good.

    Rocksismicon.png Rocksism (Ecosoc.png/Dsa.png/Bckchn.png) - Not bad, and yes, Camus is based. You may be too communalist and marxist for my liking, but overall, pretty good!

    Brainrust.png BrainRustism (Thar.png/Insarch.png/Agorismf.png) - Some of your stances on education are pretty admirable, yes, you should be able to sell candy at school, it improves competition and prevents a Corp.png school monopoly engaging in unfair price gouging. You're actually not that bad, even if I disagree with you on some things.


    Council.png Post-Councilism (Commie.png/Lacan.png/DepressionMale.png) - I hate vanguard centralism, and I am just generally not really into Communism in general, nor do I agree with Zizek, although you're quite literate in political/philosophical theory, which I admire. I wish to have said more but sadly I am not that literate in the beliefs you have so...

    HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314ism (Ego.png/Meta-Anarchism.png/PostMarxism.png) - Your beliefs are not really beliefs that I tend to agree with, and also, on some parts, your page is unfinished so I don't really know how to rate you, but it is clear you know theory, so that's nice.

    Ultro.png Ultroneism (Stirn.png/PostHegel.png/EgoUnion.png) - You are the most literate user on here on basically anything, now that's something, however, my opinions on your ideolo- I mean philosophy. In rest, my ideology disagrees with your ideologies on many things or I am just too illiterate on some things to give a proper opinion.

    BasedMan.png BasedManism (Ego.png/Kant.png/HegelianPhilosophy.png) - I am just gonna beyond the ideas of based and cringe and just put you in frenemies tier definitely not because of the fact I am too lazy to read your page right now although I don't know, your page doesn't seem to mention ethics for example, only seems like it mentions metaphysics and logic. So, I can't completely judge your philosophical beliefs, so yea, you go here. Also come on at least I have some influence from Kant in epistemology

    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism (Ormarxf.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Guevara.png) - Oh god what is this, this just feels like an SJW Commie in the flesh that right-wingers keep talking about, bruh why do you even sympathize with Juche, they're not even Marxist or progressive. Although, Absurdism and existentialism do bump you up into here though.

    FinalFantasy24ism (Dengf.png/Hujintao.png/SocCap2.png) - Your ideology is literally just Hu Jintao as a self-insert. No really, that's what it is. So you belong here.


    File:Esomao.png Implianium (Polpot.png/Ultranat.png/Psychopath.png) - Its nice how you hate religion, but bruh why state atheism? And come on, why do you support genocide, ultranationalism and anti-urbanism!?! And god dang it you want psychopaths to be their own class, what is this? I really hope this is LARP.


    Test results

    Closest match : Dsa.pngDemocratic Socialism

    Closest match : INTP.pngINTP

    Closest match  : Libsoc.pngLibertarian Socialism

    Closest match : Liberalsoc.pngLiberal Socialism

    Closest match : LeftBert.pngLeft-Libertarianism


    • OwfBall.png Owfism - I need an ideology image (you know, like this: OwfBall.png) but one which actually encompasses my ideological beliefs. The ideologies that would be part of it are to be Geolibertarianism and Libertarian Market Socialism. (Can include 2 other ideologies in the combination, of your personal preference, must be ideologies Owf adheres to)


    OwfBall.png Owfism - Deleted old comments

    Rocksismicon.png Rocksism - Add please (also is that the Limberwisk flag?).

    OwfBall.png Owfism - Yes it is, I thought it was cool since I couldn't think of another thing other than that (and I will add you soon, kinda busy rn)

    • Rocksismicon.png Rocksism - It is cool (if it existed I'd move there too).

    Implianium - Add me

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me? :)

    Chirotesla (new).png Chirotesla (hat).png - Hi, I re-added you. Would you mind adding my ideology again?

    MATTball.png Mattism - Readd me please.

    HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 - Btw, the geolibertarian market socialism page was my very old self insert, idc about it anymore so you can revamp it if you want, kinda like what Aaron did with Bleeding Heart Geolibertarian Market Socialism.

      • OwfBall.png Owfism - Wow, I actually didn't know that, I just saw the page and just saw how accurate it was to my ideology, so I just adopted that. Yea, I could maybe revamp it.
    • HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 - Also, could you please add me?
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - Monism isn't the principle that mind and body are united in each "individual" human. It is the principle that all of reality is one thing, that there is no body or mind but rather these are modes or aspects of the one thing, as such you and I and every other human are actually one "object" or thing and thus we do not have bodies, but rather each seemingly individual body is actually just a "limb" or part of the whole.
    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - Could I use text of your ideology to my policies?
      • OwfBall.png Owfism - Yes you very much can.
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - "Let's first begin with the definitions of both ideas, first off, rationalism is the practice of basing actions and opinions on reason and knowledge. Then, empiricism is the opposite, with it being the practice of basing actions and opinions on belief or emotional response." WHAT? - Rationalism is the principle that knowledge derives from reasoning, as such logical reasoning. While Empiricism is the epistemological belief that sensory experience such as scientific observation is the source of knowledge - it has nothing to do with belief, emotion, or opinions. What utter dribble, as if Descartes didn't also utilise empirical arguments and Locke didn't use rationalist principles.

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Yo! You're a cybersocialist now too that's based as hell! :D

    - Add me plz

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me Plz

    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - This is definitely me when I confuse conceptualism and nominalism.
      • OwfBall.png Owfism - I never heard of that term before, I had heard of nominalism and I thought that would fit, I will change that.
        • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - "The main problem of metaphysics, which precedes the essence of objects is the problem of universals and particulars." - Essences are univerals so it doesn't precede, but is simultaneous - and if one was taking a purely historical look at the evolution of the problem, essence actually precedes.

          "There is a view however, that asserts that universals don't exist, that being conceptualism" - Neither Conceptualism nor Nominalism assert that universals do not exist. let me go over the quadrants; Platonic or Strong Realism holds that universals are mind independent and transcendent, that is they are abstract and exist as neither material or immaterial objects. Then you have Aristotelian or Immanent realism that holds that the "form" or essence or universal of lets say a cat does not exist in and of itself, but is rather immanent and never seperate from the particular. Then you have a range of Nominalisms which can include conceptual nominalism or conceptualism. Conceptualism holds that the concepts within the mind are univerals, i.e. I imagine a cat as a universal cat that is neither a tabby or a simese or black or tall or etc. While the nominalist holds that the only universal is the actual word cat, and thus the imagined cat is always a particular cat that you have experienced or can mitch-match together.

          "And even if there was a form, what would the perfect form of "cat" be?" Plato's 'Forms' may be perfect (even this is not strictly true, because Plato's Forms are just the absolute form i.e. a cat and nothing else, or the "Good" and nothing else, unlike say a small cat which is both a cat and small) - but universals are just shared properties that all the particulars have, i.e. a tall cat and a small cat are both cats, doesn't make "cat" perfect.

          "In conclusion, I believe that the only thing that actually exists are merely material particulars" Nominalism nor Conceptualism leads to materialism, All nominalists historically have been empiricists, but not materialists. As such Ockham believes in immaterial objects such as God and the Angels, Berkeley was a subject Idealist, but someone like Hobbes thought everything was matter.
    • Duckf.png Duck-Citizen - Am I missing something? Where Neokira supports Juche?
      • OwfBall.png Owfism - When I added Neokira, it said on their page that they are sympathetic to Juche, maybe they have removed that or something, I should probably look. Edit: Yea, they removed that, I will adjust that in my relations soon

    FinalFantasy24-Please Add me:https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/UserWiki:FinalFantasy24 Brainrust.png BrainRustism - Add?

    Ashley.png AshleyHere - Do you have discord?

    Brainrust.png BrainRustism - What is it that you disagree?

    • OwfBall.png Owfism - I don't really agree with an armed insurrection against the school system, and also its not school that is causing us to fail its the un-meritocratic system that we live in, which sadly, school doesn't mention us. The problem with school can be solved through reforms not armed insurrection.