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    Owfed's Random Ideas Page


    World Federalism2.png Gaian Federation World Federalism2.png

    General Assembly

    President: Moder.png Aashita Atwal (Independent)

    General Secretary: NorwayLabor.png Åge Hatlestad (GSDP)


    NorwayLabor.png Gaian Social Democratic Party (244/600)

    Con-t.png Gaian Conservative Party (151/600)

    Lib.png Gaian Democratic Party (87/600)

    Rodt.png Gaian Left Party (46/600)

    Envi.png Gaian Green Party (34/600)

    Libertarian.png Libertarian Party (27/600)

    Moder-e.png Independents (11/600)


    NorwayLabor.png Gaian Social Democratic Party (81/200)

    Con-t.png Gaian Conservative Party (50/200)

    Lib.png Gaian Democratic Party (29/200)

    Rodt.png Gaian Left Party (12/100)

    Envi.png Gaian Green Party (11/100)

    Libertarian.png Gaian Libertarian Party (6/100)

    Moder.png Independents (11/100)


    The Overton Window has shifted (mostly economically) to the left, including socially, but to a lesser degree, however, there is an international consensus on Space.png space exploration and Secular.png secularism. In this timeline, atheism is more prevalent (40% of the world's population is atheist)



    • Earth.png Earth: 10.79 Billion
    • Mar.png Mars: 10.62 Million
    • Mercury.png Moon: 100,186
    • Ven.png Venus: 20-80 (on the Venus Sky Base)



    1 Gaian Dollar = 1 US Dollar
    Q$ - Quadrillion Gaian Dollars
    B$ - Billion Gaian Dollars
    M$ - Million Gaian Dollars

    • World Federalism2.png Gaian Federation: 2.46Q$
      • Earth.png Earth: 2.45Q$
      • Mar.png Mars: 2.11T$
      • Mercury.png Luna: 210B$
      • Ven.png Venus: - 8.4M$


    • Coalition (324/600)

    NorwayLabor.png Gaian Social Democratic Party (244/600)
    Soc-h.png Gaian Left Party (46/100)
    Envi.png Gaian Green Party (34/100)

    • Main Opposition (151/600)

    Con-t.png Gaian Conservative Party (151/600)

    • Other Opposition (114/600)

    Lib.png Gaian Democratic Party (87/600)
    Libertarian.png Gaian Libertarian Party (27/600)
    Moder-e.png Independents (11/600)

    Government Agencies

    • Strato.png Department of Defense
      • StratoHelm.png Department of the Armed Forces (32.16 Million Active Personnel, 12.28 Million Reserve Personnel)
        • Tellur.png Department of the Army (21.19 Million Active Personnel, 98,000 Laser-Tanks, 270,000 LIFVs, 200,000 LAPCs, 10,000 THELs, 16,000 Laser-Artillery, 40,000 Helicopters, 10.38 Million Reserve Personnel)
          • StratoHelm.png Special Operations Taskforce
          • StratoHelm.png International Marines
        • Thalassocracy.png Department of the Navy (486,168 Active Personnel, 2,685 Warships, 203,681 Reserve Personnel)
        • StratoHelm.png International Submarine Service (50 Nuclear-Submarines, 250 HELs Submarines)
        • StratoHelm.png Department of the Air Force ( 6.48 Million Active Personnel, 49,000 Combat Aircraft (Generation IX), 3,500 Support Aircraft (Generation IX), 16,000 Drone Swarms, 4,000 Main Drones 1.03 Million Reserve Personnel)
          • Nuclear Icon.png International Nuclear Program (9,000 warheads - Not to be put to use)
        • StratoHelm.png International Guard (2.03 Million Active Personnel, 20,000 LIFVs, 1,000 Laser-Artillery, 1,000 Helicopters, 500,000 Reserve Personnel)
        • StratoHelm.png War Plans Division (7,000 Personnel)
        • Galactic Imperialism (Real).png Department of the Space Force (1.96 Million Active Personnel, 18,000 Spacecraft, 500 HELWSs, 650,000 Reserve Personnel)
          • Galactic Imperialism (Real).png Planetary Defense Service (8,000 Personnel, 70 Spacecraft)
        • Thalassocracy.png International Coast Guard (70,000 Personnel, 372 Warships, 16,000 Reserve Personnel)
        • Paternalism.png International Catastrophe Relief Auxilliary (500,000 Personnel)
        • Scientocracy Small.png Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (220,000 Personnel)
    • FBI.png Department of International Intelligence
      • FBI.png Bureau of Investigation
        • Anti-Corrupt.png International Anti-Corruption Directorate
        • Posadist.png International UAPs Agency
      • CIA.png Bureau of Intelligence
      • PolState.png Bureau of Security
        • StratoHelm.png Peace Guards
        • StratoHelm.png Parliament Guards
        • StratoHelm.png Presidential Guards
    • Univhealth.png Department of Health
      • Univhealth.png Public Healthcare Service
      • Welf.png Healthcare Moonshot Commission
      • Scientocracy Small.png Committee on Pandemic Preparedness
    • Scientist.png Department of Science & Technology
      • Space.png International Space Agency
        • Extraterres.png Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
        • Xhuman.png Committee on Preparedness for First Contact
        • Blue Environmentalism.png International Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      • Univhealth.png Health Research Agency
    • Edu.png Department of Education
    • Marketsoc.png Department of the Economy
      • Cybercom.png Committee on Economic Policy
      • Ordosocdem.png International Trade Commission
      • Regulationism.png International Revenue Agency
      • Synd.png International Labor Relations Agency'
      • Welf.png International Welfare Agency
      • Urbanism.png International Housing Agency
      • Bankocracy.png Gaian Central Bank
      • Statecap.png Gaian Permanent Fund
    • Cball-Switzerland.png Department of Youth & Sports
      • World Federalism2.png International Football League
      • Blacknat.png International Basketball League
    • Mediastocracy flair.png Department of Media
      • Mediastocracy flair.png Committee on Media Relations
      • Moder.png Committee on the Fairness Doctrine
      • Mediastocracy flair.png Public Broadcasting Service
    • Construction.png Department of Infrastructure
      • Regulationism.png Federal Transport Agency (FTA)
        • Corptism.png Gaian Railway and Passenger Service
        • Cooperative Capitalism.png Air Gaia
        • Regulationism.png Civil Aviation Office
    • Technological Anarchism.png Department of Energy
    • Envi.png Department of the Environment
      • Ecocent.png Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
      • Ecocap.png International Park Service
      • EcoSocdemMarksoc.png Committee on Encouraging Eco-Friendly Business Practices


    Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

    According to the Posadist.png International Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Agency, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon represent things in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or any other known phenomena.

    The history of Posadist.png Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, at least since the creation of the World Federalism2.png Gaian Federation in 2036 as a result of massive global problems (like the climate crisis). The most famous UAP incident in 2036 till today (2100) was the 2047 Virgin Islands UAP incident, where weird lights were seen in the sky by the Thalassocracy.png International Coast Guard, coinciding with an electrical outage in the nearby town Frenchtown, however, even after extensive analysis, there was no other human reason as to why there would be an electrical outage. As such, some people said that Xhuman.png aliens were paying us a visit or that this was staged by the government. Whatever the case, Extraterres.png SETI was incorporated into the Space.png International Space Agency and a committee known as the Xhuman.png Committee on Preparedness for First Contact was created, and generation VI fighter jets (top speeds of 2,800km/h pursued the UAPs, however they couldn't catch up to them). Presumably the same lights were seen in Galicia, Spain (5936 km away) just 1 hour later, indicating that they could maybe travel at 3,700km/h (at least in Earth orbit). This is the most famous UAP incident in history, and also the catalyst for SETI (governmental agency) and CPFC.


    Glencoe13- I get the feeling that the agencies thing was inspired from somewhere

    Owfed - Yea, I also have that feeling

    Glencoe13- what’s the point of a military if the worlds United?

    OwfBall.png Owfed - In this world, there is a big interest on extraterrestrials (seeing as how there is Xhuman.png SETI/COPFC as government agencies), especially seeing the fact that in this TL there has been a resurgence in UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and some of these Posadist.png UAPs have even caused electrical outages and stuff (which have not been explained even after extensive analysis by the Posadist.png IUAPA) but also because of humanity's more interstellar outlook (there are permanent populations on Mars/Moon), because of this, despite more pacifistic talks of abolishing the military, the military is still kept intact to make sure humanity isn't just completely defenseless against possible invading Extraterres.png ETs.

    P.S. There even are conspiracy theorists (coming from Pac.png pacifists mostly) that UAPs are just staged by the government to justify the existence of the military in an united world and/or to spread fear among people.

    • Huh yeah in my timeline my country has a UAP Agency though it is secret and was founded after the Phoenix Lights Incident(which was real UAP incident) where Amfed fighters directly engaged the UAPs over several locations though this classified(this also happened in IRL as well)
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