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    Ottomanism is a term which refers to the political system of the Ottoman Empire as well as implementations of such or similar system of it such as Erdoğanism. The Ottoman system was notable foramong the world's most powerful political entities and the countries of Europe felt threatened by its steady advance through the Balkans and the most advanced fighting forces in the world, being one of the first to use muskets and cannons.

    It was also the concept which developed prior to the 1876-1878 First Constitutional Era of the Ottoman Empire. Its proponents believed that it could create the social cohesion needed to keep nationalism from tearing the empire apart. It promoted equality among the millets. The idea of Ottomanism originated amongst the Young Ottomans in concepts such as the acceptance of all separate ethnicities in the Empire regardless of their religion, i.e., all were to be "Ottomans" with equal rights.

    Historical Recap



    Tanzimat edict; making the reforms permanent, preventing the deterioration in the state order and saving the state from the negative effects of the spreading nationalist movements. The following examples can be given for the substances of the edict: The safety of life, property and honor of all citizens will be ensured. Clarity will be provided in the judgment. No one can be executed without trial (reflects the rule of law.) There will be justice in taxes.

    Young Ottomans

    First Consitutional Era

    WIP about Abdulhamid II

    Young Turks

    Main Article: İttihadism

    Second Consitutional Era

    Main Article: İttihadism

    Turkish War of Independence

    Main Article: Kemalism

    Political System

    National and Ethnic Unity

    Foreign Policy

    Iltizām (Taxes)







    • İttihadism - I appreciate your effort to preserve the empire in WW1, even though you wanted a pan-Turkic state and overthrew Abdul Hadmid.
    • Absolute Monarchism - Best way to rule. But then I had to modernize my ways...
    • Constitutional Monarchism - What I tried to achieve with the Young Turks.
    • Byzantinism - I am your true successor, why do you keep denying that you dirty Gayreek? Cope about 1453
    • Traditionalism - I dislike Mondernization and Secularism, but I made a deal with Germany to modernize my army. And not long before that I've did lots of reforms myself such as the Vilayet Law, 1874 Turkish Constitution, Tanzimat, etc...
    • Habsburgism - Damn you for Vienna! At least we helped each other in WW1...


    • Venizelism - Dirty Gayreek.
    • Metaxism - Another dirty Gayreek.
    • Christian Theocracy (Later) - Dirty Armenian!
    • State Oriental Orthodoxy - Another Dirty Armenian! And screw Ethiopia, we and the Somalis were supposed to destroy you if Portugal didn´t intervene.
    • British Imperialism & Pan-Francoism - Damn you both Britain and France! Because of you all, I lost WW1!
    • Pan-Arabism - Dirty Arabs! Damn you for beating me in the Arab Revolt! Now look at how dysfunctional the Middle East is today! Wait that was Sykes and Picot's fault.
    • Tsarism - Dirty Orthodox pigs! If you minded your business the Balkans wouldn't been a chaotic mess. Also you want to take Constantinople just to make yourself the third Rome???? Not on my sight!

    Further Information




    1. The Ottoman Empire was not ruled by Islamic law, but modern Ottomanists are religious
    2. Janissaries
    3. The majority of Ottoman consorts/concubines were teenage girls of Christian origin like Roxelana as an example. until around the late 1800s when the sultans preferred girls from Circassia
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