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    Otherkinism is an ideology that seeks to recognize otherkins as a minority group and the creation of countries for otherkins live, where each country, each otherkin have its own section to live.

    Otherkinism focuses in order to turn people into otherkins rapidly, having a lot of influences of Transh.png Transhumanism.

    Otherkinism is considered sibling of Furry.png Furryocracy and is enemy of Speciesismicon.png Speciesism, Awtok.png Awtokism, Kratos.png Kratosism, Jaffe.png Jaffeism and Popper.png Popperism.

    Otherkin Rights Movement

    The Otherkin Rights Movement is a political and civil movement that advocates otherkins should have rights such as freedom of manifestation, freedom of considering themselves as nonhumans, freedom from mental health oppression and basically the same freedoms as other minorities, such as Gay.png LGBT, actually have. Otherkin Rights Movement also advocates Speciesismicon.png Speciesism should be countered in the same way RacismIcon.png racism is and it advocates otherkins are just like LGBT but about non-human identity.

    The Otherkin Rights Movement was actually created by Leftkin.png Otherkin Leftism, but nowadays it is even advocated by Othercon.png Otherkin Conservatism and other groups related to Otherk.png Otherkinism.

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