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    Osama bin Laden Thought

    Osama bin Laden Thought is the ideology of islamic terrorist and founder former Al-Qaeda leader during the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden. It is an islamic fundamentalist ideology, very anti-american and largely inspired by the idea that the West was becoming weaker.


    Islamic Fundamentalism

    Al-Qaeda believes that Islam, particularly their type of islam, should be the religion of the Middle East and no other religion should exist in it.


    Al-Qaeda has three official reasons for hating America.

    • American business in Saudi Arabia: Being islamic fundamentalists, Al-Qaeda believes muslim countries should only trade with other muslim countries.
    • American Interventionism: After a couple wars in the Middle East that the US participated in, resulting in hundreds of thousands of muslim deaths, Al-Qaeda had been infuriated at America.
    • American support for Israel: Al-Qaeda hates Israel because it is the only non-islamic nation in the Middle East.


    Years before the 9/11 attack, it had been public knowledge that Al-Qaeda formally declared jihad on America. Al-Qaeda members had received flight training within the United States prior to the attack.

    On September 11th, Al-Qaeda members managed to hijack four planes and crashed two into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City and crashed one into the Pentagon. The final plane was set to crash somewhere in Washington D.C, likely into the White House, but ended up purposely crashed in a Pennsylvanian field after an ongoing insurgency from the passengers.

    Osama bin Laden believed this attack would spawn more islamic extremism.




    • Nation.png Nationalism - Sorry, but I ride for Islam.
    • Gorb.png Gorbachevism - Communism is collapsing. I insist you reject it and embrace islam instead. no? okay



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