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    Orwellian Individualism or IngInd for short is an doubleplustotalitarian, culturally and economically ambigous ideology. IngInd is a obscure term with no specific definition having instead various interpretations for it's existence, the only thing not obscure about the ideology is totalitarianism with the mixture of individuality.


    Individuality like totalitarianism

    One of the interpretations of IngInd would be a society or post-society where the individual have so much control that it reaches orwellian levels of authoritarianism, in this society one indiviudal would be able of controling everything to language, history and the concept of reality itself, it is linked to AuthLib with the idea that people can be so free that you come back into authoritarianism.

    Individuality protected by totalitarianism

    This variation of IngInd believes that a totalitarian state could provide unlimited personal freedom to each individual while also protecting them from any threat to their self, like the previous interpretation this form of Orwellian Individualism is a AuthLib ideology, but inverted, with a doubleplus government allowing individuals to do whatever they want therefore turning that society a libertarian or even anarchist like.

    Totalitarian Self-Nationalism

    Variation of IngInd that works in a self-nationatist society, where the single individual is big brother and the government, having total control over the population, itself. This variation may also combine with late stage self-nationalism where the nation is made of clones of the original individual which is still self-nationalist, where the original is seen as big brother while a hierachy of clones govern other clones in a doubleplustotalitarian state, another combination of it may be with hive-bodism, where the single mind governs with total control it's other bodies.



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