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    "Little Summary"

    Orthodox Integrism, also known as OrthIntegr or Borism for the psycothic offspring of Boris, mixes the ideas of Integrism, the most radical subtype of Carlism, which rejects any doctrinal change in Carlism, as the today's claimant for the throne had been usurpated by the evil red liberalism. Due to that, Orthodox Integirsm rejects the modern "Carlists" doctines and would prefer a king-less monarchy than a king with a republic as it is happening now in the great España. All this doctrine can be resumed as LIBERALISM IS A SIN. Even tho, Borism as an idiot he is he likes to add several other ideologies or subyugate it into the doctrine as Joint-Stock Distributism (an evolution of Neocameralism), Triocracy with its three presidents and Commurexism with its Imperpresident and phylosophy.


    Even when Borism is a very anti-republican ideology, he still believes a republic like it happened in the Roman Times or a monastic republic as in the Holy Mount of Athos would be 1000 times better to any abominations as Liberalism Monarchism me cagaría en sus putas madres a los Isabelinos, but better contain myself and repeat the actions of Ana María Janer and "Republic with a king". OrthIntegr detests modern "democracy" as it allow the burgeoise use the ochlocratic masses for their own purpose (as it happened in España very often) so the best way to make a better system (Absolute Monarchism is also not a good idea) is by returning to the traditional tymocratic Democracy of Aristoteles, democracy where only people who have the idea of what is responability (like in Starship Troopers), or at least, for the modern Borist definition give a larger value of the vote to those who socially helped the nation, all divided in Curieae as in the Russian Duma of 1918 (IT IS NOT A CHASTE SYSTEM) and where instead of one president, you have three presidents (Triocracy) all guided by one imperpresident and state engeneer (Triocracy and Commurexism combined). That is too represent more the country and to eliminate the Bipartidism and other degenerate systems. The government itself would look like as Neocameralism but instead of Joint-Stock Feudalism, Joim-Stock Distributism, basically the government is componed of guilds (ministeries) and cooperatives, where the master itself is the Rey (If there's no rey, then God is the master of the guild-government the regent is the Imperpresident I'm genious ). The parliament instead of individuals, it will be composed of the representants of entities such as families, local government, mayors of granted-fueros and etc... that is what it is called an organic parliament. What it is proposed here it is just the ideal Cathedral proposed by Boris, which would worked on what he would called a "Cooperative Empire".

    External affairs

    The "Cooperative Empire" or Empire of Cooperation, it what it called Boris for a hypothetical reunification with the ex-spanish colonies, as such union will favour more than the already zombie-union EU that asfixiates the economy of the mediterranean countries. That is due to the cultural and religious simililarity, and only if they were together, Latinoamérica would be a paradise again. The only problem that will face is the international powers that will opose to the emergetion of the Holy Blessed Iberian-Hispanidad Empire (The name of the union) as its resources will be able to play Risk in the world table. For that, Borism thinks that the only possibility to survive as an union, it is by making monarchies in the Western World and installing the representants of their guilds (It is called Euroiberianism, shitty name tho), all this to destroy a worser enemy, the Freemasons, which Boris believe it is not an elite group, but ratehr the people who became a sorta pseudo-hive mind, and the only way to destroy the degeneration process to not making real the Immoral State.

    Spain suffered a big social depression in 1898 to the loss of the last colony called Cuba, that quit out the proud of the population and made them indifferent to the social problems and goals to be achieved. To recover the proud of the people, Borisism believes it is necessary not to go back in time (as would fo any Feudalist but rather, pick out the best of our traditions and history and repeat it, but in a S P A C E extension. Basically set up Monasteries in Titan, colonize the Moon and Mars, build up space stations with a rococo style.

    How to Draw

    If you have hands, you must do:

    1. Draw a Ball (basic)
    2. Sing Agni Parthene (very important)
    3. Do an Orthodox Cross with a Burgundy style (as in Carlism)
    4. Draw eyes
    5. Draw a Boina and Fusil
    6. Fight for España and Imperio Cooperativo




    • Nrx - You are not totally lost, but you must know that the Cathedral is good, the problem is in the Freemasonry, which it is basically us.


    • Red Burgeoise & offsprings - Utterly cringe, mato a rojos como rosas en Mayo y Abril
    • Liberalist scum - Father of all the sins (EL liberalismo es pecado), archienemy
    • National Socialist - Ein guter Fritz ist ein besiegter Fritz (Kaiser ist besser)
    • Ultraburgeoise - The free market was good until you obesses came with your shitty stonks, I will destroy your monopolies by law or by force.

    Further Reading

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