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    ÉireannBall does not believe this anymore

    Organs Anarchism is a very libertarian, post-civ, culturally left and economically lib center ideology. She advocates for ideas like individualism, g/acc, free association, radical environmentalism, the abolition of work, post-civilization, counter economics and the use of labor vouchers rather than traditional currency.

    She also is heavily influenced by Egoism but greatly dislikes other egoists. She dislikes them so much infact she regrets ever getting into egoism but cant shake the influence Stirner and Novatore had on her view of the world



    OrgAn believes in free and voluntary trade/bartering between peoples and groups and prefers use of labour vouchers rather than traditional currency although OrgAn is not opposed to crypto but is skeptical over the reliance on technology it would create. OrgAn uses the word Agora instead of market since market has a capitalist connotation and to OrgAn an agora is an inherently non coercive and less civilized system that arises more naturally with people rather than the oppressive idea of capitalist markets. OrgAn also supports unionism and things like the I.W.W pragmatically. She favors coop structures as they are the most natural conclusion to the view OrgAn has on property ownership but not a must for everything. OrgAn is very compatible and adaptive with different forms of anarchism.


    OrgAn rejects the idea of "private" property being defined by her as property with which you can make a passive income/ Where you can make money without doing labor and thinks property claims can only really be justified through labor use. Property ideally shouldn't have an economic value but shouldn't be communally owned either per say. Personal property like oneself and possessions should be respected and can be justified through a respect of personal autonomy although OrgAn isn't necessarily against stealing/robbing but generally thinks social order in a post-civ society will lead to a more communal mindset among peoples and scarcity wont be as much of an issue.

    Religious Views

    OrgAns is a Slavic Pagan and Hermeticist and holds a dualistic view of materialistic things being an inherent bad while the pursuit of inner self improvement through a gaining of knowledge (gnosis) and spiritually stimulation (theurgy) to be held infinitely higher than the material world.


    OrgAn believes people need to live more organically with the world and is in favor living in smaller rural communities or living completely on your own in some cases. These small communities may resemble a solarpunk style fusion of organic technology with nature. Something resembling a non aggression principle would be created but decided and associated upon a local level. Scavenging the wastes of old cities to create new ecological organic technology to promote harmony of people and nature is the ideal

    How to Draw

    File:OrgAn flag.png
    Flag of Organs Anarchism
    1. Draw a black outline of a circle.
    2. Draw the black line going from the bottom left corner up to the top right and fill it in with black.
    3. Draw a grey triangle section at the top.
    4. Draw a green triangle section at the left side .
    5. Draw a hieroglyphic monad symbol in the center.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Hates tankies and pretty much all authoritarians, Cant stand ancoms or ancaps but is pretty chill with agorists, mutualist, individualist anarchists, post-leftists "some" egoists and Bookchinites. Also loves gardening, ecology, permaculture and horticulture

    Stylistic Notes

    Is normally depicted holding a shovel and with a bow in her hair to signify its a she



    • Post-Civilization - Civilization has run its course and only exists as a form of oppression and a dividing of people, It must be abolished!
    • Post-Leftism - Individualism beyond left or right!
    • Agorism - Besides the modern association with capitalism and your civilization rhetoric B-B-BASED!
    • Mutualism - your idea of property is amazing and your co-ops and labor vouchers are also great, We dont claim Proudhon's racism and sexism though right?
    • Eco-Anarchism - Ecologically focused anarchism is based


    • Anarcho-Communism - ANCOOMER ANCOOMER ANCOOOOMER tell me more about your anarcho rules and anarcho prisons and anarcho involuntary democratic commune meetings. I find many of you online to be pretty cringe but if you respect my self determination I have no foul with you
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - EHhhhhhh even if we ignore the terrible control society capitalism and technology creates a universally applied and unquestionable NAP is really strange and why do you conflate the self with private property? This overly materialistic attitude towards everything is really harmful to yourself and your community but voluntary association is voluntary association so your not terrible I guess
    • Left Wing Market Anarchism - Your a little bit to close to ancap for my liking but markets not capitalism is some pretty good rhetoric
    • Social Libertarianism - Libertarianism + welfare is pretty cool and taxing and taking down giant companies is really really based but your just a bit moderate. Pragmatically your okay but not really close to the ideal


    • Hoppeanism - Without even getting into your race realism your idea of property is utterly stupid also you actually support feudalism wtf. Advocating for enslaving your political enemies is not anarchism
    • Tankies - Look up Umberto Eco's Ur Fascism and see how many points apply to you. Also your an authoritarian reductionist who thinks you can solve environmental issues by creating a strong oppressive entity that you just trust not to oppress the environment too?
    • Daveism - I mean you're an absolute monarchist ultranationalist but pan-nationalism is aight

    Further information


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