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    Ordosocialism is an ideology from a Hearts of Iron IV mod, The New Order: Last Days of Europe. It combines the ideas of Marxism with strong chauvinistic and xenophobic characteristics. It originates from the Komi Republic and its initial manifesto was written in 1962 by Ivan Serov. A strong belief of Ordosocialism is the existence of "hereditary reactionaries", groups of people and ethnicities being inherently anti-revolutionary. It has a strong emphasis on a command economy and claims to be dedicated to the cause of Communism.

    Within the game, one can strengthen the left-wing communist faction of the party or the right-wing more overtly fascist faction of the part, meaning that the ideology can vary from National Bolshevism, where Communism is reserved for the "pure", to Social Corporatism in an ideology resembling Strasserism with Soviet banners to something akin to Ba'athism in a middle of the road take. Another comparison if one takes the correct decisions is a Russian version of Juche, where Serov commands the Russian economy for the benefit of pure Russians, a take that has gained popularity with the TNO fandom given the irony of Serov hating Koreans as his arbitrary scape goat of why Russian society failed to defeat the Nazis.


    In the days of the Soviet Union's downfall, seeds of doubt planted themselves in Serov's mind, causing him to question his loyalty to his country. These feelings of doubt intensified during his days in Komi. To prevent another downfall, Serov came up with a new theory that could prevent Bukharin's failure. His new theories culminated into the Manifesto of Ordosocialism, socialism with an ultranationalistic fervor with Russians in particular at the top. These ideas have Mikhail Suslov worrying about Serov's heretical views, and it will likely mean the expulsion of Serov from the Communist party.

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    Flag of Ordosocialism




    • Marxism - I am The New Marx! I will finish what you have started!
    • Leninism - The new revolution is now, comrade.
    • Ba'athism - Based comrade fighting against capitalist decadence.
    • Corporatism - You're ok.
    • Welfare Chauvinism - No Welfare for Hereditary Reactionaries!



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