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    Orderly Syndicalism is the ideology of Bman.



    A decentralised guild economy based on community management.

    Sec.pngCivic ViewsSec.png

    I'm authoritarian on the civic axis.


    The government would be a federal Monarchy with local autonomy being respected and different Corptism.png interest groups having a hand in policy making as well with the representatives of these interest groups being chosen based on Merit.png merit.

    Trad.pngCultural ViewsTradcon.png

    Culturally I am a traditionalist.


    I oppose secularization and think that there should be a state religion(Which would be the most populous religion in the country) as well as the clergy having influence over the government however freedom of religion would exist with minority religions being allowed to worship freely(except for pagans and satanists).

    Gay.png LGBT Gay.png

    I am oppossed to Lgbt and seek to have it completely illegalized.

    Abort.png Abortion Antiabort.png

    Abortion will be illegal in most situation except if the mother's life is at risk.


    I support the philosophy of Maternalism and traditional gender roles as both gender have separate but important roles in society.


    Drugs are extremely harmful to society and should be cracked down upon and any and all drug dealing will be illegal.

    Nation.pngDiplomatic ViewsNation.png

    I am a nationalist that supports protectionism to protect the nation's industry as well as a strong military to defend the nation from outside invaders however I am opposed to using the military to intervene in other countries and that we should primarily be focused on our own issues.

    IslamNat.png Pan-Islamism IslamNat.png

    A new caliphate including all of the Middle East and North Africa would be created to unite the ummah.




    • Islamic Marxism.png Islamic Marxism - I appreciate the intent but marxism is incompatible with Islam and religion in general.


    This is purely ideological and not based on personality





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