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    "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere."

    "There's no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace and you can have it in the next second. Surrender...The policy of accommodation is appeasement and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender."

    Opkedism is the ideology of Opkeda, and is liberal, technoliberal, socially democratic, interventionist and centralist. It is characterized primarily by strong support for Enlightenment values and therefore liberal internationalism and wishes to establish liberal democracy worldwide at any chance possible, but not necessarily by any means possible.

    Liberal Hawkism
    Third Way
    Social Democratism

    Also use Republicanism as a stand in for Democratic-Republicanism in the context of PCB discord

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with the color blue (hex 3465a4, RGB 52 101 164) to represent liberalism.
    3. Draw a rectangle down the center, taking one third of the width of the ball, colored yellow (hex e6e905, RGB 230 233 5), taken from the liberal democracy flag to represent support for liberal democracy
    4. Draw a four-pointed star in the center that is as wide as the rectangle and as tall as it is wide, and color it white (hex ffffff, RGB 255 255 255).
    5. Copy the four pointed star, rotate it 45 degrees and halve its size and place it in the center, producing a compass, representing the Official Third Way Logo .
    6. Draw eyes
    7. Add sunglasses (optional) and you're done!
    Flag of Opkedism

    Philosophy and Principles

    The meaning of life is to enjoy it ( Hedonism).

    There is no grander meaning of life. Even the finding/accomplishment of a grand purpose is ultimately just a reliever for the stress experienced by electrical impulses in our brains ( Positive Nihilism).

    To this end, a government exists not because it is mandated by God, or the manifestation of a national identity, but to safeguard and promote greater utility. (This is also a misconception of the social contract; it as an analogy. It s not intended as literal contract, but a contract in the sense that it is to aid the citizenry)

    A democracy should exist not because it is "mandated by the people"; the majority of people supporting a policy does not make it a good policy. A democracy exists to rein in the government, to ensure it will serve the people and not itself, by removing officials who serve themselves. Hypothetically, a non-elected government could be perfect, but this will never happen, as a government that is not elected will eventually become self serving and exploitative.

    I agree with the Hobbesian argument for a state, however I require there to be an elected and accountable government with rule of law, rather than an unaccountable leviathan.

    Government and Structure

    The government should be a republic using a proportional representation, parliamentary system.

    Additionally, all services should be digitized as in the Estonian model, and if there is a hung parliament then there should be a second round of voting where the voters combine parties together to form a coalition on their ballots, and the modal result is then used to form the new government.

    There should be two houses similar to Japan where the only difference is length of terms. There should be no houses equivalent to a senate, as this gives undeserved weight to regions with fewer people.

    There should be a written constitution, similar to the US model, guaranteeing all the rights you would expect; freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press. This constitution should only be amended by a two-thirds supermajority in both houses of the legislature.

    The prime minster, appointed by parliament, however, should be granted sweeping powers as commander-in-chief to order the military at will, however any military action should be subject to parliamentary review within 48 hours, and vote on support; if a majority is not reached, then the action is rescinded, and may be subject to a vote of no confidence.

    This is because there are many cases where surprise is needed, such as the 2024 anti-houthi airstrikes, where parliament deliberating on deployment would give ample time for the enemy to prepare.

    The government should also encourage a strong Civic National identity.


    Generally, the economy should be left to the free market, with no price controls. However, regulations should be applied to protect worker rights, as laissez-faire capitalism only leads to abhorrent corruption and human suffering as seen in the American Gilded Age. Extremely stringent regulation should be placed on industries which could easily harm large numbers of people such as the nuclear industry.

    Industries with low elasticity (little change in demand regardless of supply) should be nationalized to ensure prices (albeit taking into account the state of the economy) remain fair. Some of these industries would be healthcare, energy and water. The current network of benefits should be replaced by a UBI (Universal Basic Income), which would provide a safety net to prevent death in case of poverty, and to provide a foundation for unemployed people to build up from. The current benefit system often traps people into unemployment, as benefits are withdrawn as soon as you begin making money, leading to no increase in wages as soon as you begin working. Additionally, the number of people simply living off UBI and doing no work would be negligible, a rounding error. Poverty is not pleasant, and almost all people would work to escape it. There should be a minimum wage, but it should be continuously adjusted by expert advisors taking into account the state of the economy; during recessions it should be lowered, and during booms it should be increased.

    An LVT (Land Values Tax) should be implemented. Land is a resource that requires no labor to gain wealth from, and therefore belongs to everyone. Anyone who wishes to own land must pay a tax to society as compensation for society no longer being able to use that land. Additionally, landowners gain wealth simply by owning land, with no labor put in. This wealth should therefore be taxed. Additionally, the environment should have a tax for polluting it as this would otherwise lead to a tragedy of the commons scenario. There a progressive income tax to compensate for the very rich doing having a very low work:wealth ratio compared to the very poor. However, having such a tax would kill growth, and as such should be as high as possible without removing the incentive to grow the economy.

    I generally support labor unions, and union membership should be encouraged as it is an effective counterbalance to prevent corporate excesses

    Social Issues

    I generally support a progressive/libertarian social stance.

    For LGB, I fully support marriage and adoption equality, and equality/meritocracy in every way. I am bisexual myself, and I ideally want a future where LGBT people are treated identically to straight people.

    For T people, I support legal recognition to one's gender, including non-binary people, access to HRT from 16 and gender-affirming surgery from 18. These may be provided for free from the health service, but would require a doctor to confirm that the person is in danger from suicide/self-harm if they do not get it.

    I am an equity feminist. I believe that there has been immense strides in equity since the 1970s that has been underestimated by modern feminists and that more people than they think do judge people by merit. I support a fully meritocratic system where people are only judged by their skills and capability, and do not support affirmative action.

    I support Abortion up to the 7th month, and afterwards if the mothers life is at risk.


    I support a hawkish foreign policy, peace through strength and high defense spending.

    It is the duty for all liberal democracies to not sink into isolationism but to always work towards the freedom of those living in unfree countries. Doing so upholds one of our most basic principles; that all humans are equal in moral value, regardless of where they come from. If you believe this, would stop at nothing to liberate your own country from tyranny, but would do nothing for liberation of others, then you are a hypocrite.

    This does not mean a great crusade to liberate the unfree (cough cough) since often spontaneous crusade-like invasions can make the situation worse. But it does mean that liberal democracies around the world should be active in promoting liberalism and defending people from genocide and other atrocities around the world, by the sword if necessary.

    This must be done always-always ,even in times of peace, there are fellow humans across the world, subject to the brutality of unfreedom, and having the right to a prosperous life stolen by tyrants.

    The United Nations is not a legitimate decider of just wars. It gives equal votes between liberal democracies and tyrants. Additionally, the security council can block any resolution. This has led to situations such as China and Russia stopping any attempt to legalize the bombing of Serbia, despite the fact that the bombing stopped a genocide. I would, however, strongly support reform of the UN to remove the security council.
    TLDR: the UN is a bad "government" and is therefore illegitimate, and therefore shouldn't be used to base the morality of foreign policy off.

    I strongly support NATO, as it provides mutual security to the liberal democracies under it's aegis and allows them to standardize militaries and ensures they can operate more freely together, which aligns with my belief that liberal democracies should work together on the world stage for our common, universal values and as a common foreign policy of benevolent interventionism towards the unfree.
    Ideally, however, it should be expanded beyond the specific geographic focus of its name into a truly universal alliance of all liberal democracies, to act as the sword of the free world, a kind of Organisation of Free Nations...

    I strongly support the European Union as it has brought prosperity to Europe through the common market and customs union. It additionally has made peace i Europe by organizing mutual apologies and other atonement rituals by what were once sworn enemies such as France and Germany.
    I am also open to a European Federation and/or a European Army as this would consolidate the military, cultural and economic power of many of the worlds liberal democracies into one superpower, greatly strengthening the cause of liberalism.


    I strongly support Ukraine (what were you expecting lmao). Russia has used false ethnonationalist justifications and claims of Ukraine being dominated by Nazis to try to export its corrupt dictatorship, as well as commit genocide. Its army has committed war crimes, easily preventable by the higher ups, and it is clear that their army is being encouraged to do these crimes.
    If Russia is not stopped, then it will inevitably turn on other neighboring countries, as Hitler did in the 1930s. This is also a golden opportunity to deplete the military of what was once the free world's biggest enemy.

    Aid to Ukraine is therefore both a moral and geopolitical requirement that the free world has not fulfilled. Ukraine must recapture as much land is it can, preferably the Donbass and Crimea, and the post war peace must guarantee EU membership to help it turn into a full Liberal Democracy and NATO membership to ensure Russia will not attack it again. Russia also cannot be trusted to simply stick to a non-aggression agreement, given the number of agreements they've broken over the years.

    I am technically a Zionist. But I am a reluctant Zionist, and don't like to identify with the term. I support Zionism for one reason, which is that there should be a state for Jews to flee too to prevent another Holocaust. I have no time for arguments about how "Jews are indigenous" or "Its Jewish land" as I am utterly opposed to ethnonationalism. Israel should not have been established in the Levant. Its colonization of the Levant displaced many Palestinians and other minorities and included an act of ethnic cleansing. It should have been established in a place with far fewer people, such as the Alaska or Northeast Australia, where there is such a low population density they could even have lived alongside people already there.
    However, now that the State of Israel has been established, this issue has come and gone. Additionally, the creation of a secular, non-affiliated neutral state would remove the justification for Israel I have outlined: being a place that will always guarantee Jews refuge.
    I therefore support a three-state solution. the Gaza Strip and the West Bank must become a Palestinian state with the Palestinian flag recognizing by Israel, with Palestine in turn recognizing Israeli sovereignty, and open borders between the two, and potentially a road/train tunnel between the West Bank and Gaza. Additionally, Jerusalem plus some territory around it taken equally from Israel and Palestine should be turned into the earlier mentioned secular, non-partisan state, whose sovereignty is also guaranteed by Israel and Palestine. This would also serve as a refuge for any non-muslims or non-jews who are alienated by the Israeli or Palestinian national identity, as well as providing an undivided capital of the Abrahamic religions.
    Pro-Israeli Opinions

    • Much of the attention around the Israel/Palestine issue has been artificially created due to antisemitism by neighboring Arab countries who wished to distract the population from corruption and failing institutions by pointing to Israel.
    • A one-state Israeli solution, with the current form of the Israeli state, would be preferable to a one-state Palestinian solution, with the current form of the Palestinian state. Israel is a liberal democracy, however fragile and anomalous it may be, whereas Palestine is not.
    • Some Anti-Zionists, especially very conservative muslims, are antisemitic.
    • Hamas are evil terrorists and supporting them is tantamount to supporting antisemitism and a genocide of jews.
    Pro-Palestine Opinions
    • The establishment of Israel was colonialism and it committed genocide.
    • Israel's de facto annexation of the west bank has caused much of the backlash against Israel and anti-israeli sentiments would be lower today if it didn't happen.
    • Israel is being apathetic to the safety of Gazan civilians and doing very little to ensure their safety (written in July 2024).
    • Anti-zionism does not necessarily equal antisemitism.

    Taiwan is a Liberal Democracy. China is not. Therefore, I support Taiwan, it's independence should be recognized.


    I'll let you guess who I would have supported

    Whilst the West and America were certainly not angels in their conduct, aiding numerous atrocities, an application of the lesser of two evils principle means I would have supported the West.
    Containing and destroying the totalitarian system of the USSR was a moral requirement, and much of (but not all!) US foreign policy was not atrocity for atrocities sake but a trolley problem choice, one of whose options was allowing the growth of the utility-destroying ideology of Marxism-Leninism.

    Allowing dictators to trample over internationally agreed borders sets a dangerous precedent for other dictators to do the same. Additionally, the right-wing dictatorship of South Korea was preferable to the left-wing dictatorship of North Korea (see how SK has become a liberal democracy but NK hasn't), and therefore should be protected.
    I therefore not only would have supported the UN police action to prevent the annexation of South Korea, but the invasion of North Korea.

    The line in the sand was drawn in the wrong place. Whilst by the time of the (failed) Tet Offensive North Vietnam was on its knees and really would have been defeated by one last push, the war was from a US domestic politics viewpoint, unwinnable and should never have begun.
    Vietnam also embodies the modern anti-american guerrilla strategy-do not win. Simply remain alive, don't lose, avoid major engagements at all cost and also gain an advantage by committing a copious amount of war crimes, and eventually America will tire from all of their soldiers being killed, and vote for a president and government who will withdraw. If America really commits fully to these wars, which would be politically impossible and lead to high civilian casualties, then it would win. However, this strategy only works with ideologically committed insurgents and foreign backing, which is why the Grenada invasion did't lead to an insurgency, nor Panama.

    This removed a Marxist-Leninist government and replaced it with a liberal democracy that remains to this day. Therefore, I support it.

    This removed a right wing drug fueled dictatorship and replaced it with a liberal democracy that remains to this day. Therefore, I support it.

    This upheld international law and contained Ba'athist Iraq from spreading. It also had UN support, so really there are no reasons to oppose this war.

    In both the 1995 Bosnian bombings and 1999 Kosovo bombings, NATO prevented a genocide. Serbia had been out of control, refusing peace deals, committing many heinous and easily avoidable war crimes, all to establish an ethno-nationalist state. Not only were these interventions justified, but they should have been done sooner, and in fact demonstrates the ability of the West to rapidly dispatch any tinpot dictator with a fraction of its arsenal given there is no external support to provide weapons, supplies etc for a protracted guerrilla campaign.

    Relations with Ideologies

    Liberalism - The GOAT Enlightenment Thought - Brought an end to thousands of years of humanity's suffering under poverty and tyranny, and began the great liberal project.
    Third Way - Literally me lmao
    Social democracy - Essentially the same as above.
    Liberal Hawkism - Also literally me
    Pro-Westernism - History Delda Est
    American Model - I love America, the great Enlightenment experiment and it is the most benevolent superpower out of all the options. I especially like its Civic National identity oly shit you need to get rid of the electoral collage and FPTP already.
    Big Tent Liberalism - There really isn't much difference in policy aims between all our ideologies.
    Civil Libertarianism - The Harm Principle...so trve...
    Constitutionalism - 🔥✍️🔥 We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal 🔥✍️🔥
    Eco-Capitalism - Carbon taxation is the best solution to climate change
    Georgism - Integral to true liberalism.
    Girondism - Best group in the French revolution.
    Globalism - You vill eat ze bugs living in ze metaverse.

    Jeffersonian Democracy - This ideology has been fact-checked by REAL DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN PATRIOTS and found to be TRUE.

    Kemalism - Fighting off colonists, bringing Enlightenment values to and modernizing Turkey, and creating a liberal democracy is all unfathomably based, but your cultural nationalism and oppression of the Kurds is not. Additionally, authoritative Laicism is ineffective at secularizing society and politics.
    Neoconservatism - You have the right ideas on foreign policy, especially on how the UN is useless, but you are a fiscal and social conservative. Also the Second Iraq War was stupid.
    Anti-Fascism - The Tolerance Paradox is real, but some of you can be a little lax in your definition of Fascism, and something of a keyboard warrior.
    Capitalism - The worst form of economic organisation except for all the others.
    Classical Liberalism - Easily the best ideology in the context of the 19th century, however we have welfare and regulations now.
    Islamic Democracy - A useful method to redirect religiosity in the Middle East towards liberalism...when it works.
    Liberal Conservatism - Yawn...I suppose you're all right
    Liberal Socialism - I'm normally against socialism, but most of you seem pretty fine.
    Liberaltarianism - Jared Polis is cool
    Moderatism - Wholesome!

    Zionism - I recognize the sovereignty of the State of Israel within pre-1967 borders, but you have nowhere near as much support from me as you get from most neocons. For more info see my section on Israel and Palestine.
    Chicago School - Supply-Side economics is voodoo economics! At least you support a central bank.
    Horseshoe Centrism - There is some value in the comparison between him and him. But mostly you're just stupid.
    Indigenism - Whilst you absolutely should have not been colonized, land back moments are stupid. An ethnicity does not own land.
    Libertarianism - I can see where you're coming from, but utility is more important than non-aggression.
    Minarchism - See above

    Anarchism - You're not evil by any means, but humans are too self-interested to not have a pacifying state.
    Anarcho-Capitalism - Sorry, but the saving of orphans with stolen billionaire money WILL continue.
    Alt-Lite - Not the worse, but still awful.
    Austrian School - People who support the gold standard do so off vibes not evidence. Because there is no evidence.
    Authoritarian Capitalism - Normally I would refer you to my friend here, but Singapore is unusually well-off. However, most of the time you're corrupt self-serving garbage.
    Bonapartism - In many ways, you are the first iteration of Fascism. At least you destroyed Feudalism
    Chavismo - Errm Venezuela iPhone 100 million dead.
    Conservatism - A policy being old does not justify that policy
    Distributism - Hmm...this would probably shatter economic growth as no one has an incentive to earn more. Also most of you are reactionary.
    Enlightened Absolutism - In theory I would support you, as a decision not supported by the majority can still be a good decision. In reality, a tyrant will eventually take the place of the enlightened despot.
    Hayekism - Errm more regulations and welfare doesn't equal 1984. Also you a Goldbug.
    Independence Anarchism - Nationalism is Nationalism, even if it has a wholesome anti-colonial dressing.
    Jacksonian Democracy - Populist trash and the fake successor to Jeffersonian Democracy.
    Jacobinism - A proto-totalitarian, deeply ideological ideology that would influence the worst regimes of the 20th century immaculate aesthetics tho.
    Left-Wing Nationalism - Nationalism is Nationalism.
    Left-Wing Populism - Populist who doesn't understand how economics works.
    Localism - Sorry, but I prefer the city and its rootless cosmopolitans.
    Longism - Authoritarian, links to America First and a p*pulist. Not as good as many make you out to be.
    Machiavellianism - Not only is realism an immoral foreign policy, it is ineffective.
    Market Socialism - Hmm...this would probably result in workers voting for very high wages, causing mass price increases.
    Monarchism - Inherently illiberal.

    Marxism - The labor theory of value is WRONG.
    Absolute Monarchism - 🎶🎶 Do you hear the people sing // Sing the song of angry men 🎶🎶
    Jacobitism - Aren't you just him?
    Alt-Right - Racist, need I say more?
    Ba'athism - Literal Axis of Evil, get Neoconned.
    Gaddafism - Axis of Evil, get Neoconned.
    Khomeinism - Another literal Axis of Evil, I hope you get Neoconned I don't actually, that would be a disaster worse than him.
    Ethnopluralism - Social. Construct.
    Fascism - Need I say anything?
    Feudalism - Why are so many people suddenly trying to apologize for this currently?
    Fourth Theory - Someone made an ideology opposing one of my fundamental worldviews, wow.
    Marxism-Leninism - The celebrations of your death are unmatched in history.
    Mercantilism - Bro seriously believes in zero-sum thinking.
    Hoppeanism - No true libertarian would oppose gay people.
    Imperialism - You're bad actually I'm not him I swear.
    Irredentism - The above but pretending there is more moral justification beyond "I want stuff".
    Juche - Doesn't even pretend to be Marxist-Leninist anymore lol.
    Agrarianism - Why did someone make an ideology based around farmers?
    National Agrarianism - And they added nationalism? Great.
    Hamiltonianism - This ideology has been fact-checked by REAL DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN PATRIOTS and found to be FALSE.

    Relations with Users

    Note that this is based on the users ideology, not the actual user.

    CHROMATISM - Wholesome free world supporting liberal sadly doesn't understand the ineffectiveness of Laicism, and isn't left-wing economically enough.  DECBism - Literally just a Democrat, and that's great. Christian Progressive too, which is always nice to see calm down with the Israel support.
    JunoKya Thought - Close to me, just be more hawkish. Also the United States is not even close to being as bad as you make it out to be.
    Hacheonism - This is good. Just a world federalist libertarian.
    Liberal Feudalism - Liberal reformism within the context of 1860s Japanese feudalism is wholesome, since in the modern day you're a social liberal that's good too, but u lose a few points for the slight traditionalism.

    Lilacist Democracy - Based Neoclassical Radical, but u need to take the interventionpill

    Yelviasm - Normally I like liberals, and I am technically Zionist, but you are a touch too zionist imo, especially the blood-and-soil nationalism.
    ILunaticism - Ehhhh. Originally going to put this into "Adversary" but I decided against it. Nationalism and Corporatism is bad but I really can't get too mad at this.
    Left Islamism - IM GONNA DRONE STRIKE U generally my opposite, theocratic, socialist etc. But u do have some..surprisingly tolerable takes on geopolitics and u can also comprehend that some parties in liberal democracies are better than others, ur a homie tho and for that, you get out of the Axis of Evil.
    Hoxism - NATO is GOATed, and you are also an interventionist, but Corporatism is the worse of capitalism and socialism combined, also autarky is the height of economic stupidity.

    Neo-Rosism - Conservative, weird af third position economics and anti-imperialist nationalism? This is a parody of deranged tinpot dictators
    Meowxism - Usually ML's at least pretend that they are a democracy.
    Aploism - Illiberal, populist, nationalist mess.
    Revmirianism - Yet another Marxist-Leninist 🥱 (wtf why do you support Russia's settler-colonialism???)
    Aristocratic Socialism - Reactionaryism? Aristocratism? Anti-individualism? Militarism for the sake of war? Separation based on ethnicity? Theocracy? Monarchism? NATURAL HIERARCHY? My antithesis, sic semper tyrannis, from the Glorious Revolution to American, from French Revolution to Russian have all put this to the sword and spread liberty, equality and fraternity to all corners of the world, and may such a blight upon mankind stay in the grave.
    Midwestern Ba'athism -
    Barbaric Socialism - What is this? *checks page-its anti humanist, neutral on china and opposed to the US* its coal.
    Altemism - The Enlightenment was actually one of the best thing to happen in human history.
    Anarcho-Arkhatranism - A Nationalist Ancap? Ewww
    Energeneralism - Just a fascist yawn (the US Civil War was 100% started by slavery)
     Jadedism - Illiberal democracy, thinks America is filled with subversive british agents, anti-environmentalism because its a "british tool".
    Jesse what the fuck are you talking about.
    Also supports Russia as the cherry on top.
     Neo-Scorpism - Generic af non-marxist socialist nationalist quasi-conservative whose country would be a corrupt shithole, have its entire population trying to flee, and be deepest red on all of those maps of best-to-worst living standards.
    Donutzism - Self-proclaimed anti-democrat, traditionalist, militarist for the sake of militarism etc, deeply illiberal.
    Neo-Nasakomism - Fourth Theorist, need I say more? The opposite of what I stand for on the world stage.

    Folkarchy - Unique, but weird. Sadly you are anti-capitalist, anarchist and do not realize that the value of a culture is a social construct.
    Neo-Folkarchy - Huh!!?? Bad.

    Relations with Policies / One-Issue Ideologies

    Anti-Authoritarianism - Sic Semper Tyrannis! Anti-Radicalism - Based take
    Centralism - One Man, One Vote!
    Civic Nationalism - Give me your tired, your poor // Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free // The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. // Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me // I lift my lamp beside the golden door
    Cosmopolitanism - I love the rootless cosmopolitan urban elite.
    Keynesian School - Great way of getting out of recessions!
    Multiculuralism - The pot WILL melt, sorry!

    Internationalism - Borders have no influence on morality.

    Anti-Fascism - The Tolerance Paradox is real, but some of you can be a little lax in your definition of Fascism, and something of a keyboard warrior.
    Ceremonial Monarchism - I suppose I can tolerate you.
    Constitutional Monarchism - And you too.
    Horseshoe Centrism - There is some value in the comparison between him and him. But mostly you're just stupid.
    Monetarism - There should be a steady, moderate rate of inflation to create an incentive to spend.

    Protectionism - Why do you hate the global poor?

    • Well, why do YOU hate your country’s working class?
      • Protectionism is when there's low consumption, high prices and inflation for everyone, but at least a few steel workers can continue working a menial backbreaking job
        • So, you do not care about workers rights violations in other countries, environmental degradation, and your local industries falling apart? Try writing worker rights and environmental protection into your trade agreements.
    Climate Skepticism - Idiot
    Federalism - One man. One vote.
      • And how will you handle a large country with a centralized government without descending into authoritarian?
    Isolationism - Borders have no influence on morality.
    Fiscal Conservatism - A large debt can be handled even with relatively high spending and low taxes because this creates economic growth. Debt as a % of GDP is all that counts.


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          • - First of all, you don’t need to attend church to be a devout Christian. Second of all, even if you did, that’s rich considering that you’re from Indonesia, a Muslim majority country (and the biggest Muslim country in the world).
          • Energeneralism - Blue Nephalem, Progressivism has always been and will always be anti-Christian because it distances us from the morality of Christians at the time the Bible was written.
            • - Times change, people change, so why should religious beliefs not change to fit with the times? Jesus’ two greatest commandments said to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. Many Christians throughout history have not been following both commandments, especially the second one. If they had, then many younger people wouldn’t be leaving Christianity. And besides, Christianity has been a radical thing in Jesus’ time, it wasn’t until Rome adopted Christianity did it become a reactionary and intolerant religion. To long don’t read, if Christianity wants to have a chance of survival and flourishing in the West, then they should divorce themselves from wealth and power and actually live according to what Jesus Christ did and taught.

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    Neo-Nasakomism - add

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    Hoxism - Add wittle owld mwe?

    • - Completed, so add me back

    Lilacist Democracy - Can I be added pls?

    • - U got it


    1. Anthem of Tony Blair's 1997 general election campaign
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