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    Oofitism is an ideology based of Oofit, a commenter on the PolCompBall wikis. It is an Egoist LibLeft ideology against rightism and authoritarianism and even states that " poo poo leftism > 99% of rightists". Rather than authoritarianism, Oofitism favors individualism with a strong cooperative collective and disfavors capitalism, markets, and any form of authority. Oofitism is also in favor of insurrectionism. Oofitism is anti-theist, but not anti-being religious so long as it isn't being used to justify authoritarianism or hierarchy. Oofitism is also against other leftist ideologies that are too moderate, too authoritarian, or don't closely match his own ideology, but believes socdems, progressive libs, and some lib-rightists can be pushed over to his side.

    His all time least favorite ideology is Social Darwinism and will never stop shitting on the concept when applied to human society.

    It mostly devolves into saying that other ideologies that are more moderate than him are "cringe" or "cucks". When you really think about it, why not just be an extremist?




    • Crusadism - I'm fine with the Crusades coming back if they destroy the American Empire like they did the Byzantines :D
    • Ego-Capitalism - Thesis: Cringe
      Antithesis: Based
      Synthesis: Cringe and basedpilled
    • Ego-Mutualism - Markets are a spook, let's have the union of egoists democratically decide who gets what fam
    • File:Qtrad.png Queer Traditionalism - Reject progress, be gay and Greek





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