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    This is my old ideology which I no longer believe in. I now follow Bingusian System and go by the name E.M. Bates. Ontarnōv started as a pretty decent ideology. It was a bit long-winded but broadly just a meta-anarchist, proudly schizo, futurist, absurdist, crackpot system. It was the full extent of Camus’ absurdism. But then, it became corrupted. The page is now a shell of the previous ideology. It became this weird, quasi alt-right shitspam. I don’t believe in either form of Ontarnōv anymore. - Ontarnovo/E.M. Bates

    Ontarnōv is an Off-Compass Libertarian Unity ideology. It believes in the violent collapse of current degenerate civilization, and the establishment of a new earth based on the values of chaos, absurdity, art, philosophy, and freedom. It wants to establish an infinite collage of ever-shifting ideas and cultures. Viewing collapse or catastrophe as a catalyst.

    Ontarnōv believes in technological Acceleration and transhumanism, but believes in tribalist, primitive, and traditionalist cultural values. This makes it similar to Technoprimitivism.

    Wider ‘System’

    Ontarnōv believes in no bigger superstructure controlling a plurality of smaller societies and cultures.

    Ontarnōv, believing in collapse as a catalyst, sees a world after catastrophe, where a plurality of societies and cultures are free to develop, with no super-system keeping them down. This model always exists for periods in human history. First, the barbarian tribes in Europe chilled, then the romans came. Then the dark ages, and it happened again. Then, the age fell. So, Ontarnōvians look forward to the next period.


    Philosophically, Ontarnōv believes in Absurdism, a concept that the universe is inherently absurd and meaningless, and humans should embrace it. We should continuously revolt against our own circumstances, and counter the universe’s cold indifference with striking passion.


    The ideal economic conditions for Ontarnōv hold further and further decentralization, with the ultimate goal being a single device which can hold the might of an industrialized economy on one person.

    We were a mobile species, then, agriculture brought staying put. But as technology progresses further, we shall become mobile once again! The optimal human size of relations is a tribal group of under 200 people. With progress, technology tends to become smaller and more compact. So it is not remotely unlikely that we will see a shrink in the amount of external support one human needs to thrive.


    Live in the mountains, do LSD, eat lizards, explore space, read philosophy, spread love.

    i am simply trying to vibe

    Cool Literature

    Works of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

    Works of Julius Evola

    Works of Guillaume Faye

    Works of Theodore Kaczynski

    Personality and Behaviour

    Ontarnōv wants to chill with the tribe and explore space on weekends. He loves chaotic speed and power. He is planning to blow up a moon.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a black (000000) ball
    • Add three upward arrows, the bottom being white (FFFFFF), and the top being blue (1100FF)
    • Add tentacles, making each one a different color in rainbow order.
    • Add glowing two-tone red eyes (7F0000 & FF0000)



    • Absurdism - We must embrace the absurdity of our universe to be happy!
    • Chaosism - Wonderful
    • Technoprimitivism - The tribe is based, but so is space travel.
    • Suavism - Thank you for granting me Chaotic North. An ally in the eternal revolution, you are


    • Authoritarianism - Why the hell are you so obsessed with order
    • Momentism - Why would you stop everything for ultimate order? This is the worst ideology
    • Intelliperium - Extremely cringe, order is like his whole thing
    • Nihilism - My manifesto has a chapter on why you are trash. Submitting to hopelessness and death is akin to abandoning the human spirit. I'd rather die fighting off the grim reaper than rolling over and submitting to him



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