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    One Nation Libertarianism

    One Nation Libertarianism is an Markets.pngEconomically Right, Trad.png Traditionalist, Minarchist.pngMinarchist, Farm.pngAgrarianist, and Pcb ethnonat icon.pngEthnonationalist ideology. The essence of the ideology is returning to a cultural and political status quo before the Abmon.pngAge of Absolutism so around the earlier 1600s, so it combines Clib.png Classical Liberal ideas with a React.pngReactionary Base. This is combined with heavy amounts of Nation.png Nationalism and opposition to Government interference in personal lives Libertarian.png, as well as opposition to much of modern technology.


    Fiscon.png Economic Views Reactcap.png

    One Nation Libertarianism is economically right-wing to far-right, supporting maximum privatization in most cases, the abolition of most taxes in favor of high tariffs and excise taxes, a national gold standard, a balanced budget, the deregulation of industries, etc. However, ONL is also supportive of a more Reactcap.png Reactionary Capitalism, and entirely abhors the Pinkcap.pngmodern hedonistic of capitalism, wanting to purge several industries that are dedicated to the promotion of hedonism. ONL wishes to return to a mostly Farm.pngagrarian economy, believing that independent farming is superior to paid labor, and that it can shape the correct social values. ONL believes that a tariff of 40% (although not higher) should be imposed on most goods Protect.png believing that it's best for both Farm.pngfarmers and Industrial.pngmanufacturers, while giving the Government more revenue without relying on the taxation of domestic citizens. ONL opposes a Central Bank viewing it as an inherently evil institution, wanting to replace it with an Independent Treasury. ONL mistrusts banks in general, and believes that Bankocracy.png Private Banks should be abolished and replaced with SocCred.pngSocial Credit Unions mantained by the Community. ONL believes the introduction of Fem.pngwomen in the workforce to have been extremely harmful for the working-class due to the stagnation of wages caused by excess competition, and believes that the number of women working should be actually much lower. ONL believes in near-absolute property rights, and wishes to almost entirely abolish the land tax Property.png. ONL opposes trade unionsSynd.png viewing them as organizations that harm both business and workers themselves, therefore supporting measures like ending special rights for unions in the workforce, introducing right-to-work laws and heavy taxation of union bosses, but is against the Central Government using the military or police to crush working strikes. ONL believes that Keynes.pngKeynesian economics to have provided a false sense of security among the people by giving a Central Bank the possibility to print infinite money without a real limit, leading to the great devaluation of money, and fake economic growth by the creation of unneccessary jobs. This leads ONL to support a contractionary monetary approach Hayek.png aimed to heavily reduce inflation. ONL also opposes infrastructure spending.

    React.png Social Views Reactcross.png

    One Nation Libertarianism is a Trad.png traditionalist or Reactcross.png reactionary ideology, although it generally rejects the reactionary label due to its support of some Clib.pngliberal ideas and its support for Humanismpix.png the Renaissance. ONL opposes the Jacobin.pngFrench Revolution and the ProtTheo.pngProtestant Reformation, believing that they have disastrous impacts, and wishes to undo their effects on society. ONL generally doesn't support the Government enforcing cultural values, taking the Paleolib.pngpaleolibertarian approach of supporting social ostracism as a better method to promote cultural conservatism, and believing that the welfare state had a net detrimental effect and helped ruin the family unit in most instances (an infamous example being the Black community in the United States). One Nation Libertarianism opposes Abort.png abortion, believing that it's an act of murder against own children that should be outside of the law, but accepts it in some instances: rape, incest, threat to the life of mother or child and underage pregnancy (but both parents must agree). ONL strongly opposes Gay.png LGBT, supporting the establishment of LGBT-free zones and wanting to repeal all LGBT protections, along with making sodomy a punishable offense. Similiarly, it wants to outlaw several Trans.png transgender behaviors. ONL supports the repeal of no-fault divorce laws, believing that those contributed to the decay of the family in the Modern West. ONL also endorses Anti-Semetic.pngJewish Exclusion, Islamophobia icon.png Burqa Bans, the abolition of women's suffrage, alcohol licensing, theatre censorship, the abolition of all anti-discrimination laws and the adoption of Christy.pngChristianity as a State Religion. ONL also supports heavy restrictions on immigration. However, ONL has some progressive beliefs like the defense of animal rights.

    Minarchist.png Civic Views Liberty.png

    One Nation Libertarianism is a very Liberty.png libertarian ideology that seeks to heavily downsize the power of the State. It supports the Marilegal.pnglegalization of drugs, the abolition of prisons, GRights.png absolutely no gun control, the abolition of prisons and the police (replacing the latter with armed community guards), ending all vaccine mandates, the abolition of conscription Anpacf.png, the legal availability of euthanasia, the the abolition of almost all government licensing, supporting restricting the Central Government to the extent the US Bill of Rights provides, the abolition of government surveillance in any form, the abolition of copyright, abolishing all government restrictions on free speech (except for communists). One Nation Libertarianism also believes that in case the Government turns tyrannical people should have a right to a Revolution to protect their rights. ONL believes freedom of association to be a fundamental right that the Government shouldn't interfere on in any way.

    Pcb ethnonat icon.png Diplomatic Views Cultural Nationalism.png

    One Nation Libertarianism is an Ethnic Nationalist Pcb ethnonat icon.png ideology that believes that the Nation should be completely freed from foreign interference, and recognizes the importance of a polycultural World, viewing the adoption of Pcb ethnonat icon.png Ethnonationalist policies to be the best way to preserve different peoples across the Globe. Those would include the massive restrictions on foreign immigration, that would be limited to only a few thousands people a year mostly from neighboring countries. ONL supports ethnic homogeneity in the Old World, but in the New World it supports cultural nationalism Cultural Nationalism.png as it views racial nationalism to be impractical there. Through the concept of Vox Populi, ONL supports the right of self-determination of most peoples, and strongly resents imperialism from any Country. ONL is strongly euroscepticEuroscept.png, believing the EU to be an organization that seeks to amalgamate of Europe whilst forcing them to abandon their individual traditions, along with an unneccessary bureaucracy that comes with it that undermines individual liberty. ONL strongly opposes Necon.png neoconservative foreign policies, viewing foreign intervention to be both immoral and a waste of money, although it isn't necessarily opposed to NATO if it's reformed in a traditionalist way. ONL is also strongly anti-Zionist. One Nation Libertarianism is also strongly Francophobic, viewing the very existence of France as a mistake, and supports the pursuit of anti-French policies (despite supporting France during the Napoleonic Wars and the 100 years war)

    Conmon.png Government Views Arist.png

    One Nation Libertarianism supports a Monarchy as the best way to federate the people and preserve the Nation's culture, however it believes that Monarchs should be checked and balanced by a Parl.pngParliament elected by Timocracy.png landowning Christian men over the age of 25, ONL supports heavy amounts of Urb.pnglocal and regional autonomy, One Nation Libertarianism supports the rights of regional entities to the point of supporting the Nullification of Federal Law, if proven necessary, believing that the Central Government doesn't have an inherent supremacy over regional laws.

    Farm.png Technological Views Envi.png

    One Nation Libertarianism supports returning to the technological status quo before the Industrial Revolution (except for modern medicine), believing that the Industrial Revolution caused long-term decay in the West, promoting a lifestyle of mindless consumerism to the cost of the environment, and traditional values. ONL believes rural life is superior to urban life, that cities should be largely emptied in favor of rural areas and that endless technological progress is not compatible with environmental preservation.



    Cap.png Capitalism - Free Markets, Property Rights and Free Initiative. That's the key to real prosperity.

    Bonaparte.png Bonapartism - Best French leader of all time, one of the few French leaders I genuinely like. A great addition to history, and helped spread Clib.png classical liberal and Nation.png nationalist ideas across Europe. I wish Fr*nce never acquired Corsica so you'd lead Italy instead.

    Natlib.png National Libertarianism - A crown paid to the state is a crown paid towards the deterioration of the fatherland. The interests of the State aren't the same as the interests of the Nation, and in some cases, "treason" is the most patriotic thing to do.

    Noctua.png Noctuaism - Fellow NatBert and long term friend. We might disagree on religion, and economics, but still a very pleasant fellow.

    Jeffersondem2.png Jeffersonian Democracy - Doubled the size of the State, warned against central banks and fired every single tax collector?! You are extremely based

    Fordism.png Fordism - Based businessman with redpilled racial views who spread the truth with the protocols. Your non-interventionist views are absolutely based as well. You're the proof not every businessman is like Pinkcap.pngNeoLiberal-icon.pngStatlib.png them

    Farm.png Agrarianism - A simpler, more fullfilling lifestyle. Agriculture is better than industry and services in many ways.

    Protect.png Protectionism - We must protect our producers and workers from foreign competition, otherwise, we'll force everyone to compete in a low-wage industry

    Conmon.png Constitutional Monarchism - We need a Monarchy to replace our current Republic, but that King mustn't be absolute

    Emon.png Elective Monarchism - Yeah, nobles should choose their King.

    Property.png Propertarianism - Property Rights should be near absolute

    Timocracy.png Timocracy - Preferable alternative to liberal democracy. If voting exists it must be confined to landowning males.

    Bism.png Bismarckism - Absolute chad, you were a great Chancellor and I greatly appreciate you kicking the ass of Austrians and the French, as well as your views on Jews. However, I strongly dislike your Kulturkampf.






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